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Poyo was a prize winning cock fighter back on Yamapalu. When Tony Chu helped the local sheriff rescue Poyo, Chu wasn't expecting that the sheriff would in turn thank all of Tony's hard work by keeping the rooster for himself and become a very wealthy man by hosting cock fights. When things didn't go so well for Raymond Kulolo, ex-sherrif of Yamapalu, Poyo ended up being held against his will to fight for another fight promoter. Soon after being freed by Chu, Poyo was seen as a member of the USDA.


The main characters of CHEW
The main characters of CHEW

Poyo is one of the thirteen main characters in the CHEW series. Having originally been just an ordinary cock fighting rooster, writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory eventually altered Poyo's background and made him into a violent killing rooster that isn't afraid of anything.

Major Story Arcs


Poyo dead?
Poyo dead?

After having been used to make people money twice and also having been saved by Tony Chu the same amount of times, Poyo was eventually recruited as a type of "doomsday" weapon by the USDA. When terrorist were threatening to release a bio-weapon that was supposed to kill all of mankind, Poyo was brought along to kill every human in sight if the USDA females and Tony and John could not handle the situation. As things were starting to go bad extremely quick, Tony and John decided to press the button they were given and wait for the end. However, they didn't originally know that Poyo was the weapon of mass destruction. When Poyo was released he killed every terrorist in sight, but eventually was shot himself. Poyo mustered up all the strength he had within him and ripped out the general's heart that shot him, at the closing of Poyo's appearance in the story arc, he was seen to have seemingly died as he was shot multiple times. He was given cybernetic implants, became employed at the USDA and got partnered with John Colby.



After being shot multiple times in the Flambé story arc, Poyo was given implants thanks to the USDA. Though all animal members of the USDA have some sort of bio-mechanical implants to help them out in the field, much of Poyo's implants resembled that of John Colby. As Colby took a hatchet to the face and had his entire left face completely upgraded to look more mechanical. Poyo too has a similar look after running in with a terrorist.


Poyo is one tough rooster
Poyo is one tough rooster

Though it is unknown where Poyo learned how to fight, he is an exceptional fighter when it comes to unarmed combat. Poyo has been seen to have great intelligence in knowing vital areas which will keep humans alive and targets each and every one of them to make sure his opponent is dead. Poyo's shown great speed and has a better durability than normal roosters.

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