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'Space Cakes,' Part One

'Open the door, sir. I'm Toni Chu, Agent of NASA. I'm here to lick your paintings.'

The prologue of this issue sets up the rest of the story's plot. Chow is seen trying to purchase some rare art, though he made numerous efforts trying to bid for it, a guy named Barnabas Cremini, out bided Chow's original bid for the pairing. After Cremini gave Chow the "middle finger", Chow was going to get back at Cremini, but he needed help to do that. Later it is seen that Toni had recently had sex with her boss, Paneer, who is the head of the N.A.S.A. agents. When Toni bit Paneer for some strange reason, Paneer was angered and left. After that occurred, Toni wanted to check on her twin brother to see how he was doing after the encounter he had in the Major League Chew story arc.

You heard the woman!
You heard the woman!

When Amelia mentioned to Toni that Tony may not be able to awaken after his encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Toni wanted to check on him herself, so she tricked Amelia into leaving and bit Tony on the hand to learn of his future and that he would recover and be back as his normal self. Chow came in looking for Toni, and asked her help. Chow tricked Toni that Cremini was a criminal and that she needed to view his paintings for the sake of the world and N.A.S.A. Knowing that it was her duty to uphold the law, she followed her brother to Cremini's house so she can lick the pairings to see if they are real or fake. However, that was not Chow's real plan, as his real plan consisted of finding the recipe book that Cremini stole from him.

Chow burned the book to get back at Cremini and revealed that, he wasn't bothered by Cremini using Chow's genius to make money, however when he started humiliating Chow in public, that really ticked him off. In the end, the original painter of the paintings that Cremini owned was making more art, he heard a knock on his door and found it to be the Vampire Cibopath, who begins to attack him in his own home to cook him and eat his extraordinary abilities.



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Worth A Thousand Flavors 0

Highly Recommended!Duh, its Chew. The.Best.Comic.Ever. So, yeah, I am biased, but why wouldn't I be? In fact, I am sure you would be biased too, if you sat down and consumed all things Chew, to date. Seriously, I haven't met anyone, who could put this series down once they picked it up. Most people think it is better than sliced beets and openly state that it is the best thing ever. I joined the bandwagon a little while back and I do not plan on departing from this stance, ever. Even after the s...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

Hospital Food 0

Wait, I'm confused, wasn't Chew supposed to continually go in 5 issue arcs? Not only that, while I haven't read it myself, as far as I heard the experimentally early released #27 is part of the Space Cakes story arc. So why is this 'Part 1 of 1?'So this is my first time reviewing Chew, because this is the first time I got an issue at the release date. I'd been casually interested in this series for a while, heard some good things, liked the premise, etc. So I got the first trade from the library...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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