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    Tony's criminal brother, master chef.

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    Chow Chu is a master chef and the brother of Tony Chu. He used to be on the Culinary Network with In The Kitchen With Chow Chu, until he went off on a rant about how the government is lying about the bird flu, and it's just a part of their fascist agenda. It got him suspended and his network received a fine of four million dollars, the highest fine in cable network history. He has since become a black market chicken chef.


    Chow was created by John Layman and Rob Guillory. His first appearance was in Image's Chew #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Taster's Choice

    Chow was kidnapped by a criminal organization that thought that he was Tony. It took an FDA raid to save him.

    International Flavor

    Not learning his lesson about getting involved with shady organizations, Chow accepts a job as a chef at the island of Yamapalu. Chow becomes angry at the fact that they didn't set him up with a kitchen containing chicken.


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