John Colby

    Character » John Colby appears in 85 issues.

    Tony Chu's former partner at the Philadelphia Police Department. Now Tony's current partner at the FDA.

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    John Colby was considered to be one of the best cops in the Philadelphia Police Department, especially when it came to vice crimes. His promising future was cut short when he took a butcher knife to the face while pursuing a lead on the black market chicken dealer, D-Bear, with Tony Chu. Colby agreed to take a job with the FDA in exchange for facial reconstruction and enhancements.


    Colby was created by John Layman and Rob Guillory. His first appearance was in Image's Chew #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    International Flavor

    After getting his face fixed, John is partnered up yet again with Tony Chu. Around the FDA offices, John harasses Tony to get on Applebee's good side. When talking to Tony, John refers to Applebee as a "fag," and that his repressed homosexual urges are filling him with rage. John and Tony go off to investigate a bank robbery where the only evidence left behind was a pile of feces. With Tony refusing to eat it, John suggests they solve the crime by actual detective work. John pays D-Bear a visit, and forcefully takes the money the FDA is giving him, stating that it's his fault his face is messed up. Checking the files a bank worker gave him with his cybernetic implants, John and Tony quickly bust the bank robbers.

    With Chu out of the offices and in Yamapalu, Applebee is going ballistic. John calls Tony and tells him that he needs to get over there quick. He also tells him that they found a dead Russian girl from one of Tony's previous missions. To get Applebee to calm down, John sleeps with him, proving that Applebee really was gay.

    Major League Chew

    After being placed at the USDA, Colby sleeps with his new boss Holly Peñya to get her off his back. Afterwards, she is madly in love with Colby.

    Chicken Tenders

    Colby marries his F.D.A. boss Mike Applebee.


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