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    Caesar Valenzano is an agent of the F.D.A. and the ex-partner of both Mason Savoy and Tony Chu. Though Savoy is a fugitive, Caesar has been helping him prepare for a threat that might destroy the world. Caesar is a extremely deadly agent and a valuable asset to the F.D.A.

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    Current Events

    • Working with his ex-partner in the F.D.A., Mason Savoy. Both of them are trying to stop an impending doom that is supposed to destroy the world. Also he and Savoy are training Olive Chu to help in this mission.
    • In The Bad Apples story arc, John Colby has found out that Caesar is still working with Savoy.


    Savoy and Valenzano; best of friends
    Savoy and Valenzano; best of friends

    While most of Valenzano's past is still unknown, he did work with Mason Savoy on numerous missions. He and Savoy made an unbeatable team, as both were highly dangerous as well the best of friends. When the avian flu hit the entire world, a man named Montero, knew exactly when it was going to happen. Savoy suggested that Caesar go undercover as Montero's right hand man and gather intel on how Montero would know of such an event that killed millions of lives.


    Caesar Valenzano is one of thirteen main characters in writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory's hit series CHEW [there are thirteen main characters of the series since issue 15, this is subject to change in the future]. By the time of Caesar's creation (which was in Chew #2 of the series), there were only a few main protagonist and only one antagonist in Chew. While it wasn't until later that John and Roy revealed to readers that Caesar was a undercover agent placed in Montero's organization by the F.D.A.

    Character Evolution

    Caesar Valenzano hasn't changed much; except in hair style to resemble much like Samuel L. Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction. In the beginning of his brief appearances in chew, he was shown to be extremely loyal to Montero. While it was revealed later that Caesar was only working for Montero because of an F.D.A. assignment, the loyalty aspect of Caesar is still present.

    Not the best move mocking the guy with the knife
    Not the best move mocking the guy with the knife

    At one time in the series when Caesar was a undercover agent, he was being badly criticized by Montero. Though Caesar needed to keep a cool head for his mission as a undercover agent and continue to gather information, he was extremely angry and was thinking about killing Montero. Though Caesar doesn't get angry much, he dislikes when people break the rules that the United States Government (and also the rest of the world) have setup (i.e. the rule of no more chicken).

    Although he is a dangerous killer, he did show sympathy for Tony when he was badly injured during the Major League Chew story arc. Greater development of Caesar's character has yet to be seen.

    Major Story Arcs

    International Flavor

    Caesar was in Yamapalu on Montero's orders when he stumbled upon Tony Chu; in which Montero wanted Chu be brought in dead. Though Caesar was just at Yamapalu to destabilize a small nation and burn down the Governor's trees that tasted a lot like chicken, he was ordered by Montero to kill Chu as well. While Caesar successfully destabilized a small nation and destroyed all of the governor's trees, he did not kill Tony Chu. When Caesar realized that he needed to check in with his friend Savoy, he did not know at the time that the F.D.A. branded Savoy a fugitive of the law.

    Just Desserts

    Caesar giving Savoy information
    Caesar giving Savoy information

    During the beginning of this story arc, it was shown that Montero knew a great deal of information on the avian flu; which in turn made the world outlaw chicken. It was seen that an undercover agent was needed to work as Montero's right hand man and gather enough information to arrest Montero. Caesar was chosen by Savoy to go undercover. A year later, Caesar eventually stopped being an undercover agent when Tony Chu and John Colby busted in wanting to arrest Montero. Caesar revealed himself to be a F.D.A. agent and placed in Montero's organization to gain information on the avian flu.

    Near the closing of the story arc, Caesar revealed to Savoy that Tony had been reading tons of files on Savoy and trying to figure out a way to capture him. Caesar continues to work with Savoy to feed him F.D.A. information that might save the human race from an impending threat.


    Not a sign of good health
    Not a sign of good health

    When alien-like writing filled the sky all over the planet, Caesar and Tony were sent to get to the bottom of things. Tony and Caesar were following looking for Daniel Migdalo; whom was a voresophic (which allowed him to gain intelligence from eating food). Caesar knew that he would have the answers they were looking for, but they didn't know the state of Daniel's mind as the two agents found out that he had lots of food delivery trucks parked to his apartment the entire night before the sky-writing. When Caesar and Tony confronted Migdalo, he was rambling equations that didn't answer any of their questions and it eventually got him killed. When the F.D.A. came to clean up Migdalo's blood and body, Caesar swept a sample of Daniel's blood and gave it to Savoy.

    Though Caesar advised his friend not to drink any of Migdalo's blood, Savoy took it in consideration and drunk just a tiny drop of the blood. Savoy ended up getting vast knowledge which he shared with Caesar explaining that the writings in the sky and people that have powers are all connected somehow. Savoy realized that he and Caesar would need more help, help that could only come from people that have "special abilities." This would lead to the recruitment of Olive Chu.

    Major League Chew

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    Near the beginning of the story arc, Caesar was trying to solve a F.D.A. assignment that involved a barista making coffee that brainwashed anyone that drunk it. Though Savoy could not narrow down the identity of the barista, Olive Chu could. With the help of Olive Chu she earned her freedom, but choose to frequently help her new friends. Later Caesar, Savoy and Olive were on a case in which a fugitive xocosalpere named, Hershel Brown, was making and selling chocolate weapons to terrorist. When the team arrived to take care of the situation, Caesar and Savoy naturally tried to keep Hershel alive to possibly join their cause, but unfortunately a terrorist shot the chocolate laser gun and it killed Brown. Caesar provided Olive with the arm of the late Mr. Brown that gave her the power of a xocosalpere.


    Marksmanship and Martial Arts

    Caesar is a extremely deadly agent. His weapon of choice is a knife, but he is very adapt with many types of fire arms such as a sniper rifle. Much of Caesars fighting skills come from training with the F.D.A., which makes him a valuable asset to Savoy's cause as well.


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