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    Toni is a cibovoyant, a telekinetic power that allows her to only see the future of any living organism. Assigned as an agent of N.A.S.A., Toni is striving to be more like her brother.

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    Toni is the paternal twin sister of Tony Chu. Even at a young age she displayed her powers.


    Toni was created by John Layman and Rob Guillory.

    Major Story Arcs


    Toni returns and takes center stage in the story "Space Cakes". After assisting her other brother Chow Chu, Toni goes to visit her comatose paternal twin brother Tony Chu in the hospital. There she encounters Caesar Valenzano, a friend and associate of her brothers. He recalls meeting Antonelle before(which becomes a recurring joke throughout the course of the arc), which Toni lies about saying they've never met(even though they have, multiple times throughout their lives). She then goes and visits her friend, partner, and sometimes lover Paneer Sharma and is visited by an old friend who was robbed by D-Bear. She is able to take down D-Bear with the help of Paneer.

    She later visits Tony again and meets John Colby, Poyo , and Caesar again. She herself is put in the hospital after being bitten by Poyo.

    After teaming up with Colby and Caesar in hopes of saving a woman who appeared to be targeted by the Collector, she returns to Paneer. It is then Paneer proposes to Toni. She accepts and the two embrace, and she bites him. Her expression has now changed to joyful to fearful.

    It's the wedding day. Toni's mother feels the wedding is a disaster, Toni however thinks it to be perfect. Sadly however this wedding was never to happen,it is only a dream. Paneer and Toni prepare for their wedding, as Toni tries on her dress. Paneer tells her she looks beautiful and her "diet" was unneeded. Toni tells him that they need to talk. She tells him that he needs to look after her brother, be his friend, and help him. He is unsure which brother it is she is speaking of, but agrees. She kisses him and heads off to the dressing room.

    Time passes and Toni still hasn't come back. Paneer goes to check on her, she's gone. Hours later Toni is in the base of the Collector. Her legs and one of her arms are gone. The Collector is unable to attain information from her, which is due to her "diet" of beets only. He tells her that it's not to late for her to tell him what he needs to know about her brother. Toni knows better, either way he'll kill her. He asks her to tell her what the future holds. She says she doesn't even have to bite him, to figure that out. Her brother will hunt him down and kill him. The two argue, and the Collector kills Toni.

    Back at Tony's hospital room Caesar and John go to inform the Chu's. There they find a distraught Chu family, they already know. Caesar then has a flashback.

    Decades ago, Chow has taken Toni, and Tony to the park to get ice cream. He gives Toni her ice cream and she walks through the park and meets a young Caesar. She sits next to him and the two eat ice cream. She tells him that she can see the future and he asks if he'll win his next baseball game and what his future holds. She bites him and tells him that one day he'll be a secret agent and save the world. This makes Caesar very happy. Back in the hospital room, Caesar has finally remembered how he first met Toni.


    Bad Apples begins at Toni's funeral. There her family tells Tony that he must make the Collector pay for what he did to Toni. The story then flashes back to the funeral of Min Tso-Chu. There Toni tries to comfort Tony. Toni then asks Rosemary if she can look after Olive, while Tony copes with the loss of Min. Rosemary agrees, and Toni assures her it's only temporary. Back in the present, Tony is filled with anger and guilt for not being able to save Toni.


    Family Recipes starts out flashing back to the week prior to Toni's death. Toni is in the bathroom when she hears a knock at the door, it's her sister Sage. Sage needs Toni's help after getting on the bad side of a mob boss, whom she called a murderer in front of a large group of people after having one of her cipropanthropatic visions.

    Toni agrees and alongside Sage and Paneer Sharma go the restaurant to confront the Biscotti, the mob boss. Toni does and asks Biscotti to apologize to Sage, this enrages Biscotti who tells his Kigyoushun Assassins to attack. Suddenly Toni's NASA associates swoop in and kill the assassins. Biscotti surrenders. Back at Toni's apartment, Toni takes a bite out of Sage and informs her she's to have a happy life. The two hug and Sage leaves, Toni watches from the window as her sister leaves with a happy look which soon changes to that of a sad one and heads back to the bathroom.

    Meanwhile in the present Tony and Olive settle down at the dinner table where Olive accidently takes a bite of Toni's toe. Olive tells Tony that Toni says "hi" and the two switch plates. Tony bites into the toe and suddenly shocked when Toni appears shocking him with a "Boo!".

    The now present Toni tells Tony that she's dead(which he already knows), congratulates him on getting back into the FDA as well as "the other big thing"(that hasn't happened yet), but is sorry about what happens to his friend(which also hasn't happened yet). Chow Chu soon knocks at the door and asks for Tony's help to which agrees to help him.

    Chow was conned by a eroscibopictaros named Ken Keebler and needs Tony's help getting the pictures taken of the food Chow made back, much to the amusement of Toni. The two or rather three(including Toni who Chow doesn't know is present) track down Keebler and Chow destroys the pictures. Toni requests that Tony hug Chow, and Tony does so awkwardly the two agreeing that it's what Antonelle would want. Toni wipes her eyes and begins to fade and tells Tony she has some good news and some bad news.

    Toni informs her brother that he ate too much toe and that there's not enough left for her to tell him everything she needs to. Tony asks her what the good news is and Toni states "Well...We got to see Chow, right? And we had a good time-----didn't we?". Tony screams her name as Toni fades completely. We have not seen the last of Antonelle Chu.


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