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Who are the X-Men and how will they handle the fallout of this universe shattering discovery? Find out in Ultimate Comics X-Men #1 this September, as Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn continues!


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"It's funny what happens when everything changes." 0

Synopsis: The remaining mutants in the Ultimate Universe struggle to survive.What's Good?Ever since Ultimatum, the Ultimate Universe is in a dark place, especially for Mutants. With Magneto and Charles Xavier gone, along with many others, and the world finding out that Mutants were created by the US government, it makes an incredible scenario. And who else but Nick Spencer is suited for telling it?Coming out of Ultimate Fallout, Spencer takes issue #4 and expands it in the first issue. He really...

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"We Found Out We Weren't Special Anymore" 0

With Ultimate X-Men the new Ultimate trifecta has now been completed. Of all the books, even Spider-Man, I'd say this one has had the most extreme philosophy change. For those of you who didn't read Ultimate Origins, the public has now found out that the X-gene, the next step for humanity, was a government experiment gone wrong. Trying to replicate the super soldier serum of WWII, the US government created the first metahuman, Wolverine, but it leaked and spread all over the planet.Frankly, this...

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Not the X-Men I knew as a child 0

I have never read a X-men comic before this one, so all the info I had on the X-Men (of both universes) was gained from cartoons and movies. But I wanted at least 2 ongoing(hopefully) series to read so I wasn't changing my pull list constantly. So since I am reading the Ultimates as well, I decided that X-Men would be the next best choice. I was pleasantly surprised at it. I like how Johnny Storm is an X-Men and holed up with Kitty and Bobby. The most interesting part to me would b finding out t...

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