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    James "Jimmy" Hudson is the son of Wolverine and Magda Lensherr (Ultimate Universe) . After the events of Secret Wars he is now a resident of Earth 616.

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    Jimmy Hudson is the son of James "Wolverine" Howlett. He was raised by James and Heather Hudson after Wolverine showed up on their doorstep one night in the rain. He grew up in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He stayed there until Kitty Pryde delivered him a box from his father and told him what he really was- a mutant. Like Wolverine, he possesses a healing factor and has the ability to coat his bone claws with an organic metal.


    Jimmy Hudson first appeared was created by Jeph Loeb and Art Adams and first appeared in Ultimate X issue 1 (2010).

    Major Story Arcs

    Ultimate X

    The Wolverine hologram reveals Jimmy's origin
    The Wolverine hologram reveals Jimmy's origin

    We first and learn about Jimmy's powers after he wrecks his car in a race. As he climbs from his burning mangled car to show his broken twisted burnt and shattered body, to his surprise as well as others he begins to start healing instantly. His father is the sheriff of the town and arrives on the scene to discover his son healing.

    Returning home he is visited by Kitty Pryde the next morning, who delivers a box containing Dog Tags with "James Howlett" written on them along with a few other belongings in the box. Pulling a hologram projector out, Wolverine appears from it and tells Jimmy that he is his son. He tells him to forget about his mother as she is in the past and he needs to worry about his future and to listen to Kitty and respect his adopted parents.

    Jimmy's claws protracting for the first time
    Jimmy's claws protracting for the first time

    Jimmy wonders about his fathers claws and then "Snikts" them out of his hands. At first, he cries out in pain, but he quickly recovers from it. His claws are made of bone at first but then are quickly covered by a metallic material. After managing to control his claws, Jimmy wondered about Wolverine's character. Kitty described Wolverine as a dangerous, sweet, horny, unpredictable, and a dependable comrade. Jimmy wanted to know about Wolverine's talk about his future when his adoptive parents intervened. James wanted Jimmy to leave as Heather Husdon had some words with Kitty. Jimmy overheard Heather being displeased at Kitty for telling Jimmy, feeling she had no right; Kitty justified her actions as fulfilling the wishes of a dead man and left. At the twilight of the pier, Jimmy wanted to know why James never told him the truth. James said he wanted to tell him, but it was too hard for him even after Wolverine became famous. James comforted Jimmy as he become emotional over recent events.

    Jimmy sought out, and found, Jean Grey, now using the alias of Karen Grant. He broke into her apartment during the night only to be attacked by a drawer-full of kitchen knives that Jean was controlling with her mind. When she confronted him he revealed that he is Wolverine's son.

    Dad's archenemy finds Jimmy
    Dad's archenemy finds Jimmy

    Along side Karen, he travels by train to Chicago after reading the news about a mysterious figure that lurked in the night sky of Chicago. During the train ride Jimmy pretends to be asleep, and leans over Karen's shoulder only to look down her blouse. The two have a short telepathic argument, and Karen defines their relationship as partners on a dangerous mission. They later track down the mysterious vigilante Derek who, while showing his mutant appearance to his brother, gets into a fight and falls from the sky. Jimmy quickly jumps into the water after Derek, and manages to save him, while Karen manipulates his brother's memory. Jimmy and Karen take Derek to the sewers and take care of his wounds. Karen is able to change Derek's mind about trying to tell his brother the truth again, and the three are later seen talking, as Derek realizes he made the right choice by deciding to go with Karen and Jimmy, as trio set out to find the next mutant.

    Later on the trio pick up Liz Allen and the Hulk. The latter joins after Jimmy's first confrontation with Sabretooth nearly gets him killed. They are then contacted by Nick Fury and given a job of tracking down mutants to keep them safe.

    Ultimate Comics X-Men

    Sometime later Val Cooper reveals on television that mutants are not the next step in evolution but the result of an experiment to recreate super soldiers like Captain America. The first being Jimmy's father the now deceased Wolverine. Angered Jimmy leaves Karen's group to get answers on his own. Unfortunately Jimmy gets captured by Purifiers. But using an opportunity he manages to free himself and several other mutants. He ends up taking gunshots but one of the freed mutants brings him to Kitty Pryde, Iceman, and the Human Torch in the Morlock Tunnels where he heals. After hearing about Rogue's supposed mission from God to stop Stryker, Jimmy along with Rogue, Iceman, and the Human Torch go to stop him, much to Kitty's disapproval. Kitty scores the kill on Stryker but Stryker using his mutant ability transfers his consciousness to the Nimrod Sentinel armada, who now have the location of every mutant in the country. After the government leaves the American people to fend for themselves, Jimmy sets out with Kitty, Iceman, and Rogue on a crusade to find, free, and unite the mutant people against the Sentinel and Human Militia threat.

    The makings of a potential romance?
    The makings of a potential romance?

    During a stop at a diner after narrowly avoiding trouble at a checkpoint, militia attack Jimmy, Iceman, and Rogue. Jimmy is shot but thanks to his healing survives, but plays dead till Kitty (whom he has started showing affection towards) gives him the okay to fight back. While Kitty is outraged at how the event turned out Jimmy manages to put things in perspective at what they're now facing.

    While the group continues to gather more mutants to their cause, Jimmy takes a position as a leader of one of the teams in the mutant army. He is present when the Sentinel armada attacks them and they make their last stand. In the aftermath the government allows the mutants to have either a mutant cure they received from the SEAR (Southeast Asian Republic), or residence in their own sovereign land. Jimmy is among the twenty remaining mutants that choose to the latter option. When they group holds an election for their leader, Jimmy chooses Kitty.

    Ultimate Comics Wolverine

    Jimmy may not have been the only one
    Jimmy may not have been the only one

    While going through his father's hologram for yet another time, Black Box walks in on Jimmy. He notices that there's a hidden message in Logan's message to Jimmy that simply says, "Mother is calling her children home". Wanting to get answers Jimmy and Black Box leave Utopia to find out the meaning of the message.

    Jimmy and Black Box manage to find a clue in a maternity clinic in Florida from Logan's hologram. Before heading out to investigate, they make a detour to so Jimmy can see his parents one last time though he doesn't try to make contact with them. Upon arriving they find out about project Mothervine, and that it was an experiment to create mutant sleeper agents. They then get attacked by Wild Child but Jimmy manages to fight him off. When

    Wild Child's squad attempts to attack, they're killed by Quicksilver, who identifies Jimmy as his brother. Pietro then later explains to Jimmy what Mothervine is and activates one of the sleeper agents, whose mutant ability is to create a virus. Jimmy tries to make him stop but Pietro tells him the only to stop is to kill her. Jimmy refuses and Pietro kills the girl and incapacitates Jimmy. When Jimmy comes to he and Black Box are sitting in a cell and plotting their escape. Eventually Jimmy escapes prison, but stays low for anti-mutant growds.

    Meeting the All-New X-Men from Earth 616

    Some months later, Jimmy and the remaining group of his X-men encountered a group of young mutant X-Men from another universe (Earth 616) whom where teleported to his reality by a new mutant from that same Earth. Eventually, with the help of Jimmy and the others, the group of young mutants managed to return back to their own reality. After that, nothing was heard from Jimmy again fro some time.

    Secret Wars and Coming to Earth 616

    After the events of Secret Wars, in which the whole multiverse was destroyed and only one core-reality remained, it was at first unclear what happened to Jimmy Hudson. It turned out that, during the restructering of all realities, Jimmy was sent to Earth 616, where he soon met up with the X-Men Blue Team whom he had encountered months before on his own reality.


    Healing Factor

    Like Wolverine, Jimmy possesses a regenerative healing factor. His powers first appeared when Jimmy crashed his car and it exploded. Jimmy climbed out of the wrecked burned and broken, but healed in a matter of moments.


    Coating his claws in metallic substances
    Coating his claws in metallic substances

    He has inherited Wolverine's famous three claws. His claws are coated in a biological metallic substance in a similar manner to Wolverine's Adamantium and Colossus' flesh-to-steel transmutation. His claws were not bonded with Adamantium like Wolverine, but covered in metallic substance secreted by his body immediately following the first time he protracted his claws. The limits of the durability of his unique claws have yet to be demonstrated.


    James Hudson

    Jimmy's adoptive father. Jimmy seems to have been influenced largely by him though he does have some admiration for his biological father, Wolverine.

    Kitty Pryde

    Kitty revealed to Jimmy that he was a mutant and who his biological father was. Since joining Kitty's group Jimmy has shown loyalty to her as a leader and affection for her. He is currently in a romantic relationship with her.


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