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    Dr. Valerie Cooper is a member of the Commission on Superhuman Affairs and often acts as a liaison between the Government and mutant teams such as the X-Men and X-Factor. She was also responsible for the creation of Freedom Force and choosing John Walker as a replacement Captain America.

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    Dr. Valerie Cooper started her career out as a Special Assistant to the United States President's National Security Advisory, and was among the most vital people in the United States government's continuous efforts to deal with the threat associated with growing numbers of mutants in the country. Dr. Cooper believed the threats posed by mutants was very real, and feared the impact their powers could have if exploited by the wrong people.

    By working as a liaison between mutant groups and the United States government, Dr. Cooper believed she could quell the tensions between the two.


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    Valerie Cooper was created by Chris Claremont and John Romita, Jr. for use in Marvel comics. Her first appearance is in Uncanny X-Men #176 which was released on December, 1983.

    Major Story Arcs


    Valerie Cooper
    Valerie Cooper

    Valerie convinced several members of the X-Men and associates to form a new X-Factor team made up of Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Madrox, Quicksilver, and Strong Guy. This organization replaced the original superhuman group, Freedom Force. Val served as the government liaison for the team and was assisted by the human employee Baldrick. During this time, she was mentally controlled by the Acolytes. She withheld information concerning Project Wideawake, a new Sentinel project being developed by the U.S. Government. Even after she was freed, her relationship with X-Factor was damaged, so she handed the leadership of the team to Forge. When Havok was captured by Fatale, Val recruited Wild Child from Department H to help X-Factor track and rescue Havok.

    Commission on Superhuman Affairs

    It was while a part of this organization she found herself helping the X-Men out on several occasions. She was also responsible for taking Charles Xavier (aka Professor X) away after the horrible Onslaught incident.

    ONE (Office of National Emergency)

    Valerie Cooper was a part of an official government branch, ONE, dedicated to the necessary defense against superhuman threats. She was later named its Deputy Director. Sentinel Squad ONE was called into action after the tragic M-Day to protect the mutant refugee camp established at the X-Mansion. Valerie Cooper often comes in conflict with General Lazer about his tactics in extreme situations. When the X-Men defy the Sentinels to rescue Caliban, Cooper questions Xavier about his actions and his reasoning for it. He fails to answer her with complete truth distressing Cooper.

    Return to X-Factor

    Valerie Cooper also confronts Jamie Madrox (aka Multiple Man) when he becomes involved in the affairs of SHIELD. Dr. Valerie Cooper has currently been working for the independent investigation agency X-Factor Investigations alongside Jaime Madrox, the Multiple Man until it disbanned.

    Personal Information

    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 5' 9"
    • Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Education: Ph. D in Psychology
    • Martial Status: Divorced
    • Known Relatives: Edmond Atkinson (ex-husband)

    Powers and Abilities

    While not having any super powers, Valarie Cooper does have a Ph. D in Psychology, specifically on the subject of the behavioral patterns of mutants, which has aided her throughout her career being around mutants.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth 295 - Age of Apocalypse

    Helping Polaris
    Helping Polaris

    Valarie Cooper appears helping a confused Lorna (aka Polaris) escaping from Sinister´s Breeding Pens aided by Cyclops. She is part of resistance against Apocalypse's tyranny.


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