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    Prepare for the All-New, All-Deadly: DARK MARY-JANE!! Oops, sorry, that's the rest of Marvel's solicits...Actually, in this issue "Red-Headed Stranger" begins just after the surprising events of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #600 with Pete's love life taking a turn for the worse just as his old flame Mary Jane returns to New York City. (FINALLY!! Sheesh. What took us so long?!)


    After his Aunt's wedding Peter wakes up from a horrible hangover. To his surprise he doesn't wake up alone, Michelle Gonzales, his date for the wedding wakes up next to him. Peter barely being able to wake up from his hangover tells Michelle he can't remember anything, so she storms out of his room with nothing but a sheet over her. Peter remembers that there was someone important at the wedding and Mary Jane's picture pops into his head. He remembers talking to her until he was far from sober and remembers making a date with her to meet somewhere, sometime. He was so drunk he forgets those details. Thinking that after the night before Michelle is pretty much going to kick him out of the apartment he tries to meet up with Harry and see if he can stay with him a couple of days. The Parker luck gets to him when he figures out Harry Osborn is MIA and has moved out of his apartment. He tries with Betty Brant but Batty has taken a roommate already, Glory Grant. Then he tries Aunt May's house, since she is on her honeymoon he figures he could stay there a few nights. Again no luck since the Reilley's are staying over. He swings across the city while he tries to remember the place he was supposed to meet MJ at. A fire starts close by and Spider-Man goes over to help once done there his memory comes back and remembers the place where he was going to meet MJ. Peter arrives and waits for her to arrive but this time she doesn't arrive. In Mary Jane's apartment she is barely waking up at 9PM. She realizes she missed her date with Peter and then watches the news. On the news the fire where Spider-Man helped out is announced. and Mary Jane realizes at least Peter found something to keep him busy, hinting that she might know about Spider-Man's real identity.

    Over at the Avengers hideout Jessica Jones and Spider-Man have a talk about his identity. Jessica calls Spider-Man by his real name, Peter Parker, (An event that happens in New Avengers #51) and Peter objects to the fact that the team should keep using his real name. Jessica then explains that there is a connection between them since they went to high school together. Jessica tells him that he left a really huge impact when he fought Sandman in their school. It was him who made her want to be a superhero. Peter explains that her wanting to do the right thing is the words he lives by: "With great power come great responsibility". She asks permission to use this so she can teach it to her

    daughter, and Peter accepts.


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    this is not peter parker... 0

    i'm a huge spider-man fan, i really am. he's definitely my favorite, and ASM has always been my favorite book. but this issue was a little bit of a let down. or maybe not just a little bit. i'm really excited that mary jane is coming back because i love her and i want to see her and pete get back together, but the depiction of her character art-wise was horrible. i mean really look at this:   is that super model face to you? no. its a female pro...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    A new gig already 0

    To be honest I only tracked down this issue because of the somewhat iconic cover.  In the end though it is not surprising that this issue is known for the cover because the inside is not particularly well done.  Despite being only a few years old at this point, the dialogue is sufficiently dated and the action is not much different from what you might expect from one of the 1960s cartoons.  The plot is focusing though around the return of Mary Jane, but the characters are struggling to make a da...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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