Randy Robertson

    Character » Randy Robertson appears in 276 issues.

    Peter Parker's friend since college and Robbie Robertson's son.

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    Unlike his father, Robbie, Randy was always the more hot tempered of the two. When he went off to college at ESU, Robbie suggested Randy try to strike up a friendship with fellow student Peter Parker, who worked with Robbie at the Daily Bugle. Randy did so, and tried to get Peter more involved with politics; something Peter wished he could do, but was always too busy leading a double life as Spider-Man to do so. It was at a social protest that Randy encountered both Spider-Man and the Kingpin; the latter of whom intended to steal an ancient tablet. Randy tried to bravely stop the Kingpin, but was easly defeated. Seeing his friend's son courageously try to stop the Kingpin had a lasting impression Peter, and the two began to hang out more often.

    Upon greaduating from ESU, Randy decided to pursue further studies at Pittsburgh State University, where he met his future wife, Mandy Batavides. It took time for Robbie to accept Mandy as a daughter-in-law, yet he eventually came to do so. Randy and Mandy were there for Robbie during his trial and when he was phsyically crippled by the hitman known as Tombstone, and helped not only Robbie through the pain, but his wife and Randy's mother Martha, as well.

    Eventually, Randy and Mandy made their way to California when Mandy received a job offer, but this would lead to the inevitable end for their marriage.

    After his return to New York, Randy offered to let Peter move in with him following the supposed death of Mary Jane Watson. If not for Randy, Peter would have been homeless, for it was Mary Jane's career that financially supported the couple. It was during this time that Randy had begun dating Pete's co-worker from the Daily Bugle, Glory Grant. Their relationship eventually ended sometime after Mary Jane was revealed alive and Peter had moved out.

    Randy is currently dating another Daily Bugle employee, Norah Winters. However, Phil Urich, nephew to Ben Urich, has his eyes set on Norah, and is trying to get Randy out of the way at any costs. When minions of Alistair Smythe's attacked the Daily Bugle, Phil, during the confusion, tried to kill Randy by dropping a support pillar on him. This attempt failed, but Phil has since vowed to fix that.

    Appearances in other Media

    Rand is seen in the Spectacular Spider-Man (Tv Series) as the jock friend of Flash Thompson and Kong. He is also the boyfriend of Sally Avril and a member of the football team. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.


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