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    The greatest Marvel super hero of all celebrates his 600th issue with the biggest all-original issue of Amazing Spider-Man EVER!

    This one's got it all! The return of Doctor Octopus, Daredevil, a wedding you never predicted, and the return of one of the most important people in Peter Parker's life in a giant-sized lead story by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr. Doc's back in town, but it's only a prelude to darker days ahead as Spidey unknowingly prepares for a gauntlet he can't even see coming.

    On top of all that, witness the return of one of Spider-Man's creators, Smilin' Stan Lee (along with Masticatin' Marcos Martin) as he presents a story of unbridled passion, drama and angst as Spidey reflects over his many, many years of adventures. But that ain't all…as the rest of the Spidey Web-Heads bring you several short features showcasing some rarely explored aspects of both Spidey and Pete's life, drawn by some of the greatest artists in comics.

    Plus, several other surprises and NO REPRINTS! 104 pages of goodness brought to you by some of the best creators that have ever worked on Spidey!

    Once more Spider-Man and Daredevil team up against a bar full of super villains, or at least lesser known rouges. After winning Daredevil and Spidey meet up at a rooftop, where Spider-Man decides to tell Daredevil his secret identity. Daredevil stops him and mentions that somehow his powers are blocking him from knowing so that means he shouldn't really know. Daredevil swings away while Peter enters the offices of Front Line to give the picture of the most recent heroic effort of Spider-Man. Both Robbie Robertson and Norah leave the Front Line to go to J.J.J Sr. and May's Rehearsal Dinner, something that Peter fails to go to because he was at the paper. From various monitors one of May's old flames is watching closely, Doctor Octopus. The next day is the wedding but everything goes wrong, The catering service is shut down, the ceremony performer is no longer certified, and the marriage license record is erased. Jonah Sr. thinks of this as an act of his son and confronts him on a press conference about Swimsuit models. May goes to the cemetery and confronts her husband's grave asking if it is right for her to be married and doubts the fact she has his blessing. Peter tries to invite Carlie Cooper as his "plus one " for the wedding but she tells him she already has an invitation and a plus one. They both agree on meeting up at Jonah Sr.'s apartment after May tell Peter something terrible has happened. As Spider-Man he heads there but is confronted with the city. New York starts attacking Spidey and the man behind it is reveals himself as Doctor Octopus. Carlie goes to the apartment and instead of Peter finds Norah trying to break in. They both enter the apartment to find it trashed completely. Since New York is out to get Spider-Man (or at least Doctor Octopus controlling the New York) and he is endangering innocent people the New Avengers join in the fight to protect him. At the same time the Fantastic Four are trying to stop this their own way. Carlie and Norah are on the investigation on what happened to J.J.J Sr. and get caught during it all. Peter listens through the phone as Carlie and Norah get taken away and heads to the FF for help. Johnny decides to help since he thinks the girls Peter knows are hot. They both track the girls into Doc Ock's lair where it's discovered Doc Ock has four extra arms and his body is no longer functioning, as in Doc Ock is now just a machine. Carlie, Norah and Jonah are made undergo the same process but The Human Torch and Spider-Man free them. After a heated battle between the Doc and Spidey, Octavius flees along with his new machinery. With his brains Spider-Man stops New York from going haywire using Reed Richard's methods before he can apply them himself. The Wedding is back on and even Johnny Storm is going, as Carlie Cooper's "plus one". Back at his apartment Peter is getting ready but has no "plus one" to take with him. Michelle Gonzales, his roommate, offers to be taken with him. The wedding starts and finally J. Jonah Jameson Sr. and May Reily Parker get married. At the bouquet toss an unexpected guest catches the bouquet. Anna Watson's "plus one" arrives, Mary Jane.

    List of Covers And Their Creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverKlaus R. Janson, John Romita Jr. and Dean V. White1, 5
    2nd2nd PrintingKlaus R. Janson, John Romita Jr. and Dean V. White2
    VarVariant CoverJohn Romita Sr.3
    VarVariant CoverMorry Jay Hollowell - MO!, Danny Miki and Joe Quesada4
    VarVariant CoverAlex Ross6
    REDynamic Forces Exclusive VariantAlex RossMissing

    Story Arcs

    none of this issue.

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    Good Times's....... 0

    For 600 issues, I am still a fan... This issue was equivalent to what an Anniversary  issue should due and/or be. New star crossed lover's May and JJ's dad, are really getting married. The wedding is the climax of the issue, but getting there was interesting. Doc Ock  is dying so he, of course, takes over the city! While his brain is wired into the cities computers , his subconscious tries to stop the wedding and kill Spiderman. Ock unaware of   this- thinks he is leaving the world with the gr...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Crawlers, Covers and Cliffhangers 0

    So it's issue #600, oddly Hulk is having #600 coming out today too and Marvel announced Deadpool #900 in the last week. Does anyone find this to be the Marvel year of 100's? Okay, this issue. We open with a rundown of Doc Ock's major head traumas which quickly reveals that Otto was not popular among the Hero and Villain communities. This leads to Otto's doctor giving him 12 to 18 months to live, a diagnosis Ock doesn't take well.Jump ahead four months and Spider-Man and Daredevil are busting The...

    4 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Somewhat Amazing Spiderman Issue 0

         While the stories revolving around Aunt May are excellent, Doc Ock and Spiderman are disappointing in this landmark issue.  A good enough comic but not the best of either this month or of Brand New Day Spiderman, this issue keeps up the standard of having forced issues at number 600 and charging extra for it.  Still, with the sheer quantity of stories there is some good stuff.       The main story is "Last Legs," which is fairly disappointing.  Why?  Well, Dan Slott (the writer) has done an...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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