J. Jonah Jameson, Sr.

    Character » J. Jonah Jameson, Sr. appears in 131 issues.

    The father of the former editor of The Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson, and currently married to Peter Parker's Aunt May.

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    J. Jonah Jameson Sr. is the father of long-time bass of Peter Parker, J. Jonah Jameson. He has not been seen by his son and others since Jonah was still a young boy. He disappeared out of his life without any notice and left his brother with the task of taking care of young Jonah. Jonah junior however blamed his father for this for a long time.


    J. Jonah Jameson Senior was created by Mark Waid and Marcos Martin and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #578 (2009).

    Major Story Arcs

    Return of the Father

    J. Jonah Jameson Sr. met Spider-man for the first time when he was standing as a juror in a trial against a mob boss. The jury was being transported to the courthouse by subway when the train was derailed in an attack by the Shocker. Spider-man took down the bad guy, but structural damage to the tunnel left the group of survivors in a perilous state. At this point Jameson introduced himself to the web-crawler and apologized for the actions of his son, vitriolic newspaperman, J. Jonah Jameson.

    During their escape from the tunnel. JJ Sr. confided that his son's stepfather was the cigar smoking military man that raised him to be who he is today. Quietly he added that JJJ's stepfather was actually JJ Sr's brother. JJJ Sr left the country while JJJ Jr was a child. Upon escaping from the tunnels, JJJ Sr disappeared before his son could get a chance to speak with him. However soon afterwards, Jonah met his son again. At first, Jonah junior was angry beyond believe and wanted nothing to do with his father. Soon hower, the father and son worked out their differences and, although Jonah still had some grudge against his father.

    Marriage with Aunt May

    It was not much later that Jonah met Peter's aunt, May Parker. The two had an instant connection and, although old, the two soon became romantically involved. Eventually Jonah asked May to marry him. She accepted and the two got married, witch caused the hilarious situation that Peter Parker and his boss, J. Jonah Jameson (junior) where now family.

    Living with May

    Jonah and May lived happily for a long time, both feeling as if renewed by their bond. They travelled the world and eventually decided to leave the busy streats of New York to live in the suburbs. While this was hard for May, they both saw their respective sons very often.

    With Parker Industries

    When Peter Parker started his own company, Parker Industries (or PI), Jonah was one of the first persons to finance his endeavers. After a brief hiatus when the original company was destroyed in an attack, the company florised once more. Both Jonah and May activally persued a role in the company, mostly working on projects in Third World countries, in which they brought relieve for the poor population.


    While continuing his work for Parker Industries, Jonah noticed something was wrong with his body. He started cauthing up blood, but did not tell May anything about this. While in New York City, visiting May's nephew Peter Parker and Jonah's son, Jonah colapsed and was soon hospitalized. While showing a brave face to his friends and family, Jonah's condition worsened soon.

    It was then that an organization named New U contacted Peter Parker that they could save Jonah's life with an experimental treatment. (Unbeknown to Peter or the rest, this organization was of the Jackal, and did not cause people to get better, but also making them somewhat of a slave to the Jackal). While Peter Parker was desprerate to save Jonah's life, his Spider-sense kept him from agreeing with the procedure, knowing something was wrong with it. Jonah and his wife May where informed of Peter's doubts and also both agreed not to use the new procedure, but stick to the normal procedure.

    While feeling his life slip away, Jonah asked Peter to collect a heirloom that had been in the family for generations, which Jonah wanted to give to his son. While Peter, as Spider-Man, went of to collect it, his attention was grabbed by a falling crain on a building. While Peter saved the people and eventually brought the heirloom to the hospital, he saw both May and Jonah's son in tears. Peter was too late. Jonah had not survived the procedure.


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