Dexter Bennett

    Character » Dexter Bennett appears in 70 issues.

    Rumor monger and scandal sheet printer, Dexter Bennett became the latest owner of the Daily Bugle after a hostile buyout of long-time owner J. Jonah Jameson.

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    A long time arch rival to J. Jonah Jameson, Dexter Bennett was in the business of printing scandals and rumors over news. When J. Jonah Jameson suffered a heart attack, his wife Marla decided to sell Dexter Bennett the Daily Bugle to reduce his stress levels.

    Bennett immediately renamed the venerable newspaper as "The DB!" (no one was quite sure if it was either a shorter name for the Daily Bugle or after himself) and turned it into a gossip tabloid causing many of it's employees such as Robbie Robertson and Peter Parker to leave in disgust and move to a competitor news outlet, the Front Line. The transformation of his beloved newspaper resulted in Jameson discovering that he actually loathed Bennett more than his long-time nemesis Spider-Man.

    The change in ownership didn't really alter the disdain that Spider-Man suffered in print; in fact they worsened as Bennett held a personal vendetta against the Wallcrawler and his alter ego of Peter Parker.

    During the Secret Invasion, Bennett along with Betty Brant, Vin Gonzales, Robbie Robertson were relentlessly pursued by one of the Super-Skrulls who was attempting to track down and kill Spider-Man. Believing that they were secretly harboring the absent hero, it was only through the intervention of the super heroine known as Jackpot that they were saved from the murderous alien.

    Most recently, Electro stormed the Daily Bugle Building and destroyed it with his enhanced powers. Bennett was said to have his legs crushed by a falling piece of debris as well as been financially ruined by the destruction of the building. It was believed that Bennett would never be able to walk again.

    Shortly afterwards, Marla Jameson would buy back Bennett's shares of the Daily Bugle which she then allowed the Front Line to legally be remade into the Daily Bugle.

    His current condition is unknown.


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