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    Brian Michael Bendis is a comic writer, and former artist. He is well-known for his extended tenure on Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers, and Daredevil for Marvel, as well as for his creator-owned series Powers and Scarlet. Bendis' work has earned him five Eisner Awards.

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    Bendis began his comic book career by writing and doing the art to his independant comics that included Fire, Jinx and A.K.A Goldfish which were originally published for Caliber Comics and then Image.

    Bendis is known for the Marvel event: House of M. He's also written Powers, Alias, The Pulse, and Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. Along with Mark Millar and Bill Jemas, Bendis became one of the main architects of Marvel's Ultimate imprint which began in 2001 with Bendis penned Ultimate Spider-Man. He has also written Ultimate Team Up, Ultimate fantastic Four and Ultimate X-Men. He wrote Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, The New Avengers, The Secret Invasion min-series event, The Dark Avengers, and the Siege. After and extended run writing the New Avengers and Avengers series, Bendis wrote All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, as well as Guardian of the Galaxy as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. As part of All-New, All Different Marvel, Bendis is writing Invincible Iron Man, International Iron Man, and continues to write Guardians of the Galaxy as well as Spider-Man. Bendis is set to write the 2016 event Civil War II.

    In November 2017, there was a major announcement regarding Bendis signing an exclusive contract with DC Comics. In February 2018, DC announced that Bendis would take over both Superman and Action Comics titles. His first debut was a story in Action Comics #1000. Subsequently, he wrote Man of Steel miniseries which was a weekly event in May/June. Starting in July, Bendis' first ongoing books, Superman and Action Comics were released.


    Brian Michael Bendis has been acclaimed for his work in the field of comics and to date has won five Eisner Awards in the following categories:

    In addition to those accolades Bendis has been named 'Best Writer of the Year' numerous times by both Wizard Magazine and the Comics Buyers Guide. The Activision game Ultimate Spider-Man was also written by Bendis and won the E3 Peoples Choice Award.


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    Brian Michael Bendis was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 18, 1967. He was raised in a strict Jewish household and attended a private Orthodox school for boys until adolescence. Even at a young age he yearned for a career in comics and even confided in friends when he was 13 years old that he would be the next " George Perez". Later, his wife Alisa would become involved in his work while running their business, JINXWORLD, through which Bendis publishes both his independent and Marvel Comics work. He now lives with Alisa and their three daughters and son in Portland, Oregon.

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