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    Character » Danielle Cage appears in 385 issues.

    The daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones named after Daniel Rand.

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    Danielle Cage was born out of the romance between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. When Jessica turned out to be pregnant, the two became an unseperable couple. Although the birth of baby Danielle was hard, she came to Earth as a healthy baby. She was named after Luke's best friend Daniel Rand.


    Danielle Cage was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos and was born in the pages of The Pulse issue 13 which is also her first appearance although she was depicted on the cover of the Pulse issue 11.

    Major Story Arcs

    Secret Invasion

    During the great battle in New York Jessica Jones accidentally left her baby with Skrull Jarvis. In the end Jessica Jones notices Jarvis come out of a spaceship from which replaced heroes were being held captive. She begins to scream and flys back to Avengers Tower followed by Luke Cage and Ms. Marvel. The baby is nowhere to be found and Dark Reign soon begins. Luke Cage and the underground New Avengers look for Danielle Cage and when they are unable to find her they go to Norman Osborn leader of H.A.M.M.E.R. for help. Osborn interrogates captured Skrulls until it is revealed the Skrulls met up at a warehouse where the Jarvis Skrull would likely go for transportation off of Earth. Luke waits at the warehouse until the Skrull arrives with Danielle unharmed and gives her to Luke. The Skrull is then killed by Bullseye who snipes him.

    Other Versions

    In another future dimension, a grown-up Danielle Cage became part of the Boss Enforcement Council. She had a son whom became part of the organization as well.

    In Ultron Forever #1, the cover shows Danielle Cage as Captain America.


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