Michele Gonzales

    Character » Michele Gonzales appears in 49 issues.

    Michelle is the sister of Vin Gonzales and Peter Parker's former roommate.

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    Michelle is the younger sister of Officer Vin Gonzales.

    Character Creation

    Michele was created by Mark Waid, and Barry Kitson.

    Character Evolution

    Michele is a very cunning and manipulative woman. Countless times she takes advantage of Peter and often berates him. She is also stubborn and tries hard often to get her way.

    Major Story Arcs

    She was Peter Parker's roommate and was his date to the wedding of J. Jonah Jameson Sr. and May Reilly Parker. During the reception Peter and Michelle both appeared to get very drunk and the two woke up naked in Peter's bed, with Peter having no memory of the events after talking with Mary Jane.

    An irate Michelle marched out of the room and slammed the door. She left Peter a tray of cookies as a peace offering but only after he began eating the cookies did he learn that she had padlocked the refrigerator with a note saying "Sucker".

    Michelle next asks Peter (who has been replaced by the Chameleon) to move out within 2 weeks but "Peter" kisses her, and then proceeds to make out with Michelle on the kitchen floor. When Peter, the real one, returned to his apartment after narrowly escaping death he was greeted by a much more receptive Michelle. He did not understand (at first) what it was that was going on but knew the Chameleon was responsible. Michelle appears to have deep feelings for Peter, something she hides when Peter puts his foot in his mouth (so to speak) around her. When Raptor approaches her he does not harm her but Peter insists she leave the apartment for a few days. She initially refuses but Peter's heart felt insistence that it is for her own good finally convinces her to do so.

    Later Michelle revealed to Peter that he had not had any alcohol that night, that she had given him 11 glasses of Ginger Ale. Due to nerves, he thought that he had a hang over. Peter and Michelle continue to have a touchy "relationship". She requested Peter not return home until 1am on New Years as she had a date. When Peter tried to get some information she informed him it was not his business unless he had a better offer (himself) Peter relented and gave her the apartment.


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