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    Secretary to J. Jonah Jameson.

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    Brief History

    Former model Glory Grant was introduced into Peter Parker's life as his personable neighbor, the two meeting while Peter and Flash were moving his things into the former's new apartment in the Lower West Side of Manhattan. Upon the discovery that Peter was a photographer, Glory grew excited and felt it could only be predestined that the two meet, as she was an out-of-work model at the time. While Peter wasn't keen on the idea of snapping photos of models, there was a vacancy at the Daily Bugle (left by Betty Brant), so Peter suggested she apply as J. Jonah Jameson's secretary. The interview goes swimmingly and Grant gets the job as the administrative assistant.

    Her connection to Peter Parker took a turn for the worst through her job at the Bugle, however, she would not come to recognize this. Mexican crimelord and mutant werewolf Eduardo Lobo charmed Glory for her access to the Daily Bugle's documents on the Kingpin - his enemy. Although the two quickly hit it off, it Glory fell in love with Eduardo and stood by him when an inevitable fight broke out between him and Spider-man. Rushing to her boyfriend's aid, she turned a gun on Spider-man, hoping to shoot him, but given his spider-sense, he was able to dodge the blast - which killed Eduardo instead.

    In Other Media

    • Glory Grant appears in the Spider-Man Animated Series as J.Jonah Jameson 's secretary.
    • Glory Grant appears in the Spectacular Spider-Man (TV Series) voiced by Cree Summers. She attend Midtown High School and is Kong's girlfriend. In "Competition" she breaks up Kong for acting childish towards Harry Osborn and the two have a brief relationship. Later in "Catalysts" she breaks up with Harry and gets back together with Kong which angers Harry.
    • In 2018, Grant will appear in Marvel Rising, voiced by Skai Jackson
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