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    A long-time member of the Enforcers and one of Spider-Man's oldest foes. Montana and his team ususally where hired by criminals to do 'criminal jobs'.

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    Montana has great proficiency with the lariat. He is also a long-time member of the Enforcers. He and the original enforcers, Fancy Dan and Ox make their first appearance under the employ of The Big Man, Frederick Foswell. During this time they have their first run-in with their longtime nemesis Spider-Man. During their first fight against the web-slinger, Montana's lasso skills initially prove successful but in the end Spider-Man defeats the Trio.


    Montana was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kriby (although his first appearance was drawn by Steve Ditko) and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 issue 10 (1964).

    Major Story Arcs

    A Criminal Life

    Over the next couple of years, Montana and the team would be employed by Lightmaster in one of his many schemes, again bringing them into conflict with Spider-Man, with similar results. They would then lend their services to Techmaster in his revenge plot against Harry S. Osgood, only to be defeated by Dazzler. Montana and the team would also go up against the She-Hulk at one point.

    Employed by Mister Fear

    They eventually find themselves under the employ of Larry Cranston, better known as Mister Fear, aiding him in his takeover of Hell's Kitchen. While the Enforcers shake down a local business, Montana is taken out by The Wrecker early on, leaving the Dan and Ox to handle the super criminal. He is later taken to the hospital along with Fancy Dan.

    With the Hood

    After Mr. Fears' defeat by Daredevil the three join up with rival crime lord The Hood. While working for him Montana constantly comments on how creepy it is that The Hood seems to come out of nowhere when he and the other members of the gang are talking about him and asks if he is part ninja. He and other members of the Hoods gang are later mind controlled by Satana to build her new layer under one of the Hood's bases after she is hired as his Magical consultant and, after being released he and the others wonder where they are.

    After the Hood's empire collapses, Montana and the team go back to what they do best. Sadly for the group they pick the wrong time to come back to New York, as Spider-Man takes out any villain he sees believing that Lily Hollister's baby died as a result of a group of villains chasing him through the streets with it. As the Enforcers meet up with Sandman and the Shocker to discuss what to do, Spider-Man shows up and smashes the dock they were meeting on, sending theme all into the river.


    Montana is again seen, although this time on his own, as the Kingpin's new right-hand man. He is immediately distrustful of the new Hobgoblin (Phil Urich), although the latter does warn he and Fisk that Spidey and Black Cat are on their way to steal back the reverbium that the Goblin delivered to Fisk Towers.In the ensuing battle the building is destroyed, and although Fisk is saved by the Hobgoblin, Montana falls to his apparent death.

    Dead no More: The Clone Conspiracy

    Montana is seemingly revived/cloned by the Jackal, alongside a number of other dead villains. He could only 'remain alive' if he received a daily chemical injected by the Jackal.

    Alternate Versions


    In the Ultimate Universe he is a lawyer who works with a criminal organization to kill Spider-Man.

    In Other Media


    Spider-Man (1967)

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    Montana appears in the episode "Blueprint For a Crime." Here, he and Ox are hired by the Plotter to steal blueprints missile blueprints. Inexplicably, his name was changed to Cowboy.

    He was voiced by Bernard Cowan.

    Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)

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    Montana appears in a recurring villain, voiced by Jeff Bennett. Montana appears as the leader of the Enforcers, and is hired by Tombstone to defeat Spider-Man. In a huge departure from the comics, Montana becomes this continuity's version of the Shocker after being given the gauntlets in the episode "Market Forces." He later joined the Sinister Six with Doc Ock,Rhino, Sandman, Vulture and Electro.

    Ultimate Spider-Man (2014)

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    Montana appears in a minor role in the episode "Nightmare on Christmas," voiced by Troy Baker.


    Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

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    Montana appears as one of the villains and a former employee at Adrian Toomes' salvage company. After Toomes and his employees turn to crime, Montana dubs himself "The Shocker" after being given a special vibrational gauntlet by the Tinkerer.

    After an ill-fated attempt to try and sell tech to Aaron Davis, Toomes fires Montana for endangering his business. When Montana implies that he may spill the beans on the operation, Toomes accidentally kills him.

    He was portrayed by Logan Marshall-Green.


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    • Montana (as Shocker) was featured in Hasbro's toyline for The Spectacular Spider-Man.

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