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Zabo first appeared in "Journey Into Mystery" #99 (December, 1963). According to said story he had acquired a reputation for not being able to hold a steady job for several years, apparently due to coming into conflict with his employers. At the same time he was fascinated with the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, secretly contacting experiments on unlocking the powers of human potential through chemistry. His test subject was himself. According to "Secret War" #2 (July, 2004), during his experimentation Zabo became a customer of prostitute Jennifer Johnson. She got pregnant and gave birth to their daughter Daisy Johnson, later known as Quake. His already mutated genome resulted in his daughter developing powers of her own. Said daughter grew up in foster care.

Zabo sought employment with famous physician Dr. Donald Blake. He planned on first gaining Blake's trust and then robbing him. However Blake had already heard of him and had nurse Jane Foster throw Zabo out of his office. Several months later Zabo completed his serum and transformed into Mr. Hyde. Noting that even his finger prints appeared different in this form, Zabo decided to perform crimes in Hyde's form and avoid all criminal activity in Zabo form. Allowing him to use the Zabo identity to escape anyone pursuing him. He chose Blake as his first target, mainly for revenge. Hyde smashed his way into Blake's office, threw the man out of a window and ripped open Blake's safe. He escaped with its contents. He later listened to the radio and was furious to learn that Blake had survived his attack, claiming to be saved by Thor. Selecting Thor as a new target for revenge, Hyde took to performing bank robberies while disguised as Thor. Thor's reputation suffered as New York City believed the Asgardian to be a super villain.

Hyde and Thor first collide
Hyde and Thor first collide

In #100 (January, 1964), Hyde stalked Blake and Foster during one of their dates. He abducted the both of them. He left Blake tied up next to a time-bomb, set to explode in 24 hours, and took Foster with him as a hostage/prospective love interest. He hijacked a military submarine and planned to turn to piracy, with Foster as his "queen". He was however attacked by Thor. Their skills at unarmed combat were about equal as depicted but Thor gained an advantage by creating a small tornado with his powers. Hyde had to escape the fight, leaving Foster behind.

In #105 (June, 1964), Zabo was conducting experiments in his Manhattan apartment when Cobra entered it as a burglar. Zabo transformed into Hyde and rushed to face the intruder. He proved invulnerable to both physical attacks and nerve gas thrown against him by Cobra. However, the two villains soon realized they were both enemies of Thor and entered an alliance against him. They used Zabo's equipment to trace him to Donald Blake's office but failed to deduce Thor and Blake were the same person. They captured Blake easily but Foster distracted them for a few seconds, enough time for Blake to transform to Thor. The battle raged for quite a while but the villains used a hydraulic hoist machine to steal Thor's hammer from him. In #106 (July, 1964), the villains were disappointed to see Thor flee, leaving them with his hammer. Soon Blake approached them, offering to help them locate Thor ... in exchange for his walking stick that had somehow ended up where the hammer should be. They offered Blake the cane and he left, only to see Thor returning moments later. This time Thor outclassed Hyde in battle. Hyde returned to his normal form and escaped, leaving Cobra behind. He stalked Thor for a while and attempted a surprise attack. He managed to separate him from the hammer again but Thor punched him through a wall. Thor kept beating Hyde for a full minute, knocking his opponent out seconds before reverting into Donald Blake.

Mr. Hyde wearing a gas mask
Mr. Hyde wearing a gas mask

In #110 (November, 1964), Hyde and Cobra were bailed out of prison by Loki. They were suspicious on why would a stranger pay 500,000 dollars to have them released. However Loki informed the duo that he only wanted them to perform a relatively simple mission for him, abduct Jane Foster. In exchange, Loki used one of his spells to "double" their powers. The duo was eager to return the favor and proceeded to abduct Foster within less than an hour. They were attacked by Thor but easily evaded him and escaped with their victim. A day later, they contacted Thor and lured him into their headquarters, full of traps for the hero. Thor had to face tear gas attacks, explosions and physical attacks by Hyde (who was wearing a gas mask). However a random explosion had the villains and their opponents separated by rubble. Thor fled with the injured Foster. In #111 (December, 1964), Hyde and Cobra tracked Foster to a hospital room and savagely attacked the visiting Thor. Thor used his winds to preoccupy them and fled with Foster. The duo quickly tracked him down and attacked again. However the villains were irate with each other, severely undermining their teamwork. Failing to defeat Thor through brute strength alone, Hyde tried using a gadget throwing ray blasts against him. However Thor managed to maneuver Hyde into the course of his own blasts, knocking him out.

In "Fantastic Four Annual" #3 (1965), Hyde was one of several villains manipulated by Dr. Doom to attack during the wedding of Reed Richards and Susan Storm of the Fantastic Four. According to a scene of "Marvel Heroes and Legends" #1 (October, 1996), placed during the wedding, Hyde attempted to join the Enchantress and The Executioner in combat against Captain America. But Hawkeye used a lock-arrow to pin Hyde's hands to a wall. Hyde fled the trap but chose to leave the battle altogether.

Cobra attacking Hyde in the dark
Cobra attacking Hyde in the dark

In "Daredevil" vol. 1 #30 (July, 1967), Zabo was in prison when he received a visit from Cobra. The visitor brought him his serum, allowing him to easily escape. The duo went into a crime spree, though constantly bickering on which was the dominant partner in their relationship. They were reluctant to face Thor again but decided to take on Daredevil, in the belief the two heroes were connected (they had noticed the heroes briefly talking to each other). Daredevil proved too agile for Hyde to be able to even touch him in their initial confrontation. However in the second confrontation, Hyde has prepared a chemical intended to blind Daredevil. Daredevil was already blind but the chemical canceled out his radar powers, leaving him powerless. However the duo were too busy escaping a police attack to take advantage of his weakness. In #31 (August, 1967), Hyde had lost his lab to a police raid. Hyde and Cobra were continuing their spree and their bickering. They were surprised to see Daredevil still active and even more so to discover he was truly blind. He was simply trying to adapt to his situation. In #32 (September, 1967), Cobra abducted the powerless Daredevil. He and Hyde drove him to their secret hideout, intending to torture him. However Hyde made the mistake of taunting him with an antidote for his condition. Daredevil managed to turn off the generator in the hideout, depriving the villains from electrical light. In the dark, the villains had trouble distinguishing between themselves and Daredevil, attacking anything that moved. Daredevil managed to reach the antidote before being seriously wounded and his powers returned, giving him a clear advantage in the dark. He knocked out Cobra while Hyde fled the scene.

In #61 (February, 1970), Hyde broke Cobra out of prison. They formed a trio by joining with the Jester/Jonathan Powers. They helped the Jester steal some of the most valuable items in the world from museum collections. The trio then decided to gain revenge against Daredevil. They rented a carnival for a day and placed death traps throughout it. They then lured Daredevil to it. Daredevil managed to hold his own against the villains, evading all attacks by Hyde. Then the police arrived and arrested the trio. The police had been alerted by Karen Page who consequently saved Daredevil's life. In #83-84 (January-February, 1972), robotic duplicates of Hyde and Scorpion were used against Daredevil by Assassin/Mr. Kline. Kline had based them on the actual villains who had been captured by him. Both organic villains were believed to be killed when the duplication was completed.

Mr. Hyde abducting Sharon Carter
Mr. Hyde abducting Sharon Carter

In "Captain America" vol. 1 #151 (June, 1972) , Hyde and Scorpion awoke from suspended animation. Disoriented at just who was responsible for their abduction and several months spend in deathlike-sleep, they strongly suspected SHIELD was behind the entire plot. They decided to investigate the secretive organization. They took to stalking Sharon Carter, an agent whose identity was compromised. They witnessed her contacting Steve Rogers and Nick Fury on different occasions.The duo attacked Rogers on the street, hoping to interrogate him and find what he knew about SHIELD. They were surprised to see him evade their attacks and escape into the streets, failing to realize their opponent was Captain America. They decided to invade Carter's apartment and interrogate her. They instead found Captain America and Falcon waiting for them inside the apartment. The battle began in earnest. Hyde fought Captain America, Scorpion fought the Falcon. Captain America's physical attacks were ineffectual against Hyde while Hyde was too slow to actually strike his agile opponent, essentially a standstill. When Carter herself entered her apartment, Hyde knocked her unconscious and fled into the sewers,with The Scorpion proceeding to follow his example.

In #152 (July, 1972), Hyde hired Mr. Morgan to provide him with a truckload of chemicals needed for his experiments. He and Scorpion still held Carter prisoner. Morgan was defeated by Falcon and revealed the location of the duo's hideout. Hyde and Scorpion were surprised to see Captain America and Falcon arrive at their hideout. He found his strength insufficient to break Captain America's shield and when attempting to engage the man himself in a bear hug, Rogers jabbed Hyde's ribs, breaking some of them. Hyde was in pain and fell to a powerful punch by the Captain.

Hyde's painful transformation
Hyde's painful transformation

In "Daredevil" vol. 1 #142 (February, 1977), Zabo was released from prison. He had taken to corresponding with Cobra in attempt to rekindle their alliance. He waited for Cobra to escape the prison. The duo performed a successful jewel heist and escaped pursuit by Daredevil and the police. They were actually after an emerald needed for a new variation of the Hyde serum. The variation "doubled" Hyde powers but the transformation was considerably painful. They then planned to attack the residence of Bill Rotsler, owner of a rare magic book. The book contained ways to further improve the Hyde serum. Daredevil attempted to stop them but was easily knocked out by the villains.

In #143 (March, 1977), Cobra was supposed to slither his way to the book's location. However, Cobra lost his nerve before actually reaching it and returned without it. Hyde attacked him in a blind rage. Thankfully for Cobra, Daredevil chose to return to battle and Hyde turned his attention to him. He threw the hero off the roof of the building before leaving. The villains returned to Rotsler's residence after calming down. This time they had Rotsler simply hand them the book. They took the book to their new hideout and proceeded to acquire (steal) the chemicals needed for the improved Hyde formula. While Hyde was busy constructing the formula, Daredevil ambushed and defeated Cobra. He was then able to destroy the serum before Hyde had a chance to inject it. Zabo was defeated and captured.

By #153 (July, 1978), Hyde and Cobra were serving their prison terms in Ryker's Island. However the Purple Man took over the guards and turned the prison into his new headquarters. Hyde and Cobra served as his enforcers. They were assigned to wait for Daredevil in Heather Glenn's apartment. When Daredevil did arrive, Hyde attacked him with a berserker charge, ending with his fall out of a window. He fell several stories to the street, knocking himself out in the process. He soon recovered and this time co-operated with Cobra against Daredevil, knocking the hero out with a punch. They took their fallen foe to the Purple Man. In #154 (September, 1978), the Purple Man took direct control of Hyde, Cobra, Jester and the Gladiator/Melvin Potter and used them in a game for the life of Heather Glenn. Paladin arrived in Ryker's and worked with Daredevil in defeating the mind-controlled villains.

Surprising Captain America
Surprising Captain America

In "Spectacular Spider-Man" vol. 2 #46 (September, 1980), Hyde was still in Ryker's island, kept sedated. He was coherent enough to notice Cobra escaping and begged him for help. Cobra declared their partnership dissolved and abandoned him. By "Captain America" vol. 2 #251 (November, 1980), Hyde had managed to pass a message to the criminal underworld, offering 5,000,000 dollars to whoever helped him escape. Batroc the Leaper was interested and led a group of mercenaries in invading the prison and taking the sedated Hyde with them. Hyde recovered on Batroc's boat. Only to inform his savor that he had no money but could help him earn it. Batroc reluctantly accepted an alliance. They hijacked a Roxxon ship full of weaponry. They blackmailed the company for 1,000,000,000 dollars in exchange for the shipment. Batroc also demanded Captain America to be delivered to him.

The Captain soon arrived with the money. Rogers used knock-out gas on Hyde. However Hyde simply held his breath while punching the overconfident Avenger into unconsciousness. He was about to kill him when Batroc convinced him not to. Hyde agreed to just keep Captain America prisoner. In #252 (December, 1980), Hyde tried and failed to break Captain America's shield. Hyde wanted to use the weaponry to cause an explosion of gigantic proportions in the port of New York City, his revenge on the city of his woes. Batroc tried stopping him and was almost killed for his efforts. He was then joined by the Captain America. The two weaker but more agile fighters coordinated their attacks while evading all of Hyde's blows. Their attacks were still rather ineffectual but Hyde accidentally damaged a fuel pipe, dosing himself in natural gas which quickly cooled. He was trapped in frozen form.

Mr. Hyde knocking Cobra out
Mr. Hyde knocking Cobra out

In "Amazing Spider-Man" #231 (August, 1982), Hyde escaped prison and went on a rampage while seeking Cobra for revenge purposes. He discovered his former partner in conflict with Spider-Man and demanded the hero to deliver Cobra to him. By #232 (September, 1982), Spider-Man had a tough time combating both villains at the same time. He did manage to web Cobra and offered him to Hyde. Hyde was glad to take him and leave. Spider-Man had however placed a spider-tracer on Hyde and followed him to his new hideout. He led a surprise attack on the villain, webbing his face and throwing him through a window. Hyde survived falling several stories down but promptly fell unconscious.

In "Captain America" #291 (March, 1984), Hyde was discovered among the victims of insurance fraud by the Guardian Life Insurance Company. The company had several super-villains among its clients, each with life insurances which had their loved ones as beneficiaries. However the family of the original Tumbler discovered that when the clients died the company refused to fulfill the terms of the contracts, claiming that the money received in payment originated from illegal activities. Which did not stop the company from receiving the payments in the first place. The family orchestrated a plan which exposed the fraud. Unknown who were the beneficiaries of Hyde's life insurance.

In "Spectacular Spider-Man" vol. 2 #88 (March, 1984), Hyde and Cobra met in prison. Resulting in Hyde going into a berserker rage. Guards in riot gear used tranquilizer gas on him with no visible effects on the infuriated powerhouse. Special equipment for electroshock was used on him while the guards attempted to transport Cobra to a different prison. Hyde destroyed the helicopter used for the evacuation and knocked the guards aside. He tried to crush Cobra while the latter was encased in a body shackle but only managed to break the shackle, in effect releasing his former partner. Cobra fled into the city with Hyde in pursuit. Spider-Man and Black Cat intervened, striking Hyde and using their agility to evade attacks. He did however managed to capture Felicia and threatened to break her in two. Spider-Man gave him one of his best punches and knocked him right into a wall. The heroes had bought enough time for Cobra to retrieve some of his cobra venom-coated darts and use them on Hyde. The poisoning slowed Hyde down but he kept going and managed to grab hold of Cobra. Then Black Cat knocked him into a wall which collapsed on both villains, finally incapacitating them.

In "Daredevil" vol. 1 #235 (October, 1986), Hyde was back in action, robbing banks, when he run into an unexpected problem. Potion or not he could not revert into Zabo, his normal form. Investigating the causes of the effect, Hyde realized that staying for so long in Hyde's form had allowed its genomes to over-write Zabo's. Stressed and frustrated to find himself stuck in powerful but monstrous form, Hyde contacted experiments to find a serum to return to normal form. He was even contemplating quitting all activities as Hyde if only to maintain a stable human form. Hyde did manage to produce what he believed to be the right serum. He about to ingest it when Daredevil tracked him down. Assuming Hyde was again trying to increase his powers, Murdock attacked him. Hyde realized he had too many enemies to face in Zabo's form and resigned himself to being stuck in monster form. He destroyed his own serum and equipment before following Daredevil outside. Their battle took them to the subway where Daredevil used the third rail to electrocute Hyde.

In "Avengers" vol. 1 #271 (September, 1986), Hyde was in a prison van, transported between prisons when Helmut Zemo, 13th Baron Zemo cut in two and released him. Zemo recruited Hyde into the newest incarnation of the Masters of Evil. In #273 (November, 1986), Hyde had troubled interactions with his new teammates. He physically fought Piledriver while Moonstone ineffectually tried to calm them down. Zemo however used a heavy sedative to stop Hyde from attacking. Hyde was undisturbed to hear Zemo's plan of using the team against the Avengers. The same night he was among the Masters to storm the gates of the Avengers Mansion, gaining entry and taking it over. Edwin Jarvis, its caretaker tried calling for help but Hyde stopped him. In #274 (December, 1986), the Black Knight returned to the mansion, only for Hyde to attack him. He repeatedly punched out his opponent of choice with savage force. He was about to kill Dane when Yellowjacket/Rita DeMara, a reluctant member of the Masters, convinced Hyde to stop. Other Masters captured Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau and Captain America. Hyde later joined the Wrecking Crew, Goliath/Erik Josten and Tiger Shark in beating Hercules into a coma.

Crumpling Cap's World War II shield
Crumpling Cap's World War II shield

In #275 (January, 1987), Hyde was entrusted with guarding the prisoners. He took the time to destroy World War II memorabilia of Captain America right in front of his face. He then tortured Jarvis while Captain America and Black Knight were forced to watch. In #276 (February, 1987), Hyde kept torturing Jarvis when the lights went out in the mansion. An enraged Black Knight attacked Hyde, punching him repeatedly and knocking him into a wall. Surprised by an Avenger not known for physical attacks, Hyde was then attacked by the Wasp. She zapped his eyes and nearly blinded him. Hyde tried to escape ... only to run head first into Thor. He was knocked out. In #277 (March, 1987), Hyde was among the Masters taken way by the police.

In "Iron Man" vol. 1 #228 (March, 1988), Hyde was imprisoned in the Vault, in a cell next to that of Titania. When Iron Man attacked the Vault, intending to disable Stark technology used without permission, Hyde was among the prisoners listening on the sounds of conflict and trying to figure a way to use it to their benefit. In "Captain America" vol. 1 #340 (April, 1988), Iron Man's attack resulted in a blackout throughout the Vault. The technology used in the cells was disabled and various prisoners were able to leave them, including Mr. Hyde and Titania. Hyde knocked out a group of guards while Titania retrieved the keys to the elevator. They used the elevator to escape, failing to stop the Armadillo from joining them. Hyde and Titania next hijacked a prison truck and escaped to the open road. However the duo soon found the Captain/Steve Rogers, Nomad/Jack Monroe and D-Man trailing them on motorcycles. The chase ended when Hyde lost control of the truck and both villains were forced to abandon the vehicle. Hyde correctly suspected the Captain being Captain America using a new alias. He attacked him but Rogers dealt him a rapid series of blows to the jaw, forehead, knee and ribs. Hyde was pushed back to the edge of a cliff and almost fell. The Captain took the time to remind Hyde of his crimes and the temptation to have him fall to his doom, before helping Hyde up. Hyde was winded and chose to surrender. Nomad and D-Man had managed to subdue Titania. Vagabond had managed to convince Armadillo to voluntarily return to prison and finish his sentence. Vagabond drove all three villains back to the Vault.

In "Avengers Spotlight" #26 (December, 1989), Hyde was still in his Vault cell. He noticed fellow prisoner Wizard fighting Guardsman Prime/Frank Ensign. Hyde reached through the bars of his cell and grabbed Frank, holding him in place and giving the Wizard the opportunity to knock out the Guardsman. The Wizard proceeded to open all cells and start a prison riot. In "Captain America" vol. 1 #365 (December, 1989), Hyde had managed to escape, only to discover his various hideouts and laboratories had been systematically destroyed. He entered one of the last hideouts available to him and found the culprit waiting to confront him, his partner-turned-enemy Cobra. In #366 (January, 1990), the two foes engaged in vicious combat but Hyde was surprised when Cobra spit into his mouth. Cobra claimed his own spit was venomous and warned Hyde to beg for the antidote or face the consequences. In #367 (February, 1990), Hyde panicked in fear of dying poisoned. He begged on his knees for an antidote and tolerated Cobra's hits and insults. At last Cobra offered him a supposed antidote, which turned out to be a sedative. The humiliated Hyde fell into a slumber, having never been poisoned. The entire affair was intended for Cobra to test his increased effectiveness and self-confidence prior to accepting the leadership of the Serpent Society.

In "Incredible Hulk" vol. 2 #368 (April, 1990), Hyde had stowed on a train, traveling away from New York City and the majority of his foes there. He relied on stray animals for food. Hyde was at some point joined by another fugitive, Bruce Banner. They had never met before but Hyde recognized him as the alter ego of the Hulk. Introducing himself as "Edward", Hyde started a conversation about the novel "Jekyll and Hyde" and its meaning concerning human nature. Bruce recognized something threatening in the direction of the conversation and attempted to flee. Hyde tossed him a knife and injured the foot of the retreating man. Bruce drew a gun and threatened Hyde, only for the latter to crush it. He proceeded to slam Banner into a wall and kept taunting him. He considered the Hulk another variation of the Hyde theme and he intended to be the only one out there. When Banner transformed into the Grey Hulk and returned the aggression, Hyde was delighted. Their fight damaged the train and threatened the lives of other people on board. When Joe Fixit, supposedly ruthless, rushed to save them, Hyde pointed that the Hulk's care for others was a weakness. One not shared by Hyde, proving him superior to the gray-skinned monster. Hyde was laughing maniacally as he left the train, falling into a long chasm and leaving behind some disturbing food for thought for his foe.

Battered by Ghost Rider's motorcycle
Battered by Ghost Rider's motorcycle

In "Ghost Rider" vol. 3 #4 (August, 1990), Hyde was revealed to have paid a price for his fall into the unknown. A head injury had turned him back to Zabo and prevented him from changing back to Hyde. Powerless and with no money on his person, Zabo was reduced to a common drifter. He made his way back to New York City and was next seen attending a bar. He tried hitting on Gina, a bar maid, only to be rejected as "a dirty old drunk" and slapped away. He was suitably enraged to attack her. However Fraser, leader of a biker gang, took offense at his behavior and attacked Zabo in turn. Zabo was thrown through the window and found himself hunted down by the bikers. The adrenaline rush succeeded in turning him into Hyde again. Fraser tried driving a car into Hyde who effortlessly picked it up. Ghost Rider/Daniel Ketch had witnessed the scene and rushed to protect Fraser. His physical attacks were not enough to take down Hyde but his penance stare spooked the villain. His anger turning to fear, Hyde started turning into Zabo again and tried to run away. The Rider hit Hyde with his bike but this did not stop the retreating villain from escaping.

In "Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers- Deathtrap:The Vault" (1991), Hyde was seen back among the Vault's prison population. During a new prison riot, Hyde took the time to make out with Nekra instead of participating in the infighting among the prisoners. When the Avengers and Freedom Force arrived to attend to the situation, the new couple was captured by She-Hulk and the Blob. The heroes tried interrogating them, seeking information on Venom, the villain responsible for the riot. Hyde offered no information even when Pyro used his flames to threaten him.

Hyde splattered by Sasquatch
Hyde splattered by Sasquatch

In "Alpha Flight" vol. 1 #106 (March, 1992), Hyde was seen free again in Toronto, Canada. He was located and attacked by three members of Alpha Flight, Guardian/Heather McNeil Hudson, Northstar and Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski. They accused Hyde of thinking like a typical American super villain, thinking that crossing the Canadian border is enough to pillage the country to their heart's content. Hyde did not deny it but questioned whether the three of them were up to the task of disproving that notion. He was grabbed by Northstar but managed to knock the speedster to the next alley. Northstar figured Hyde had become used to fighting faster and more agile opponents, meaning his tactics were hardly new to his opponent. Hyde waited for Northstar to return but when the French-Canadian did not (having discovered an abandoned baby in the alley), figured the guy was a coward. Sasquatch took offense and shoved Hyde straight down into the concrete, trapping him.

In "Sleepwalker" #20 (January, 1993), Hyde had a cameo, playing poker in a super villain bar. In "Ghost Rider" vol. 3 #36 (April, 1993), Calvin Zabo was seen sleeping in a homeless shelter. Succubus, an agent of Nightmare, was involved in a nearby fight with Daredevil. She decided she needed to boost her strength by draining someone of his energy and picked Zabo at random. She drained a bit of his energy but woke Zabo up who instinctively turned into Hyde. Confused at who was the woman, Hyde attacked her anyway. The battle was soon joined by Daredevil and Ghost Rider/Daniel Ketch. Daredevil managed to knock out Succubus, and the Rider knocked out Hyde. Both heroes then left the unconscious villains behind. Succubus recovered first and was about to drain the knocked-out Hyde when last seen. Whether her attack was successful or not, Hyde survived it.

In "Incredible Hulk" vol. 2 #418 (June, 1994), Hyde joined Absorbing Man, Living Laser and the Wizard in traveling by airship to Las Vegas, Nevada. They only wanted to attend the wedding of Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler. All four had invitations but whether they were genuine or forgeries was left unclear. In any case they sat peacefully throughout the festivities, keeping a truce with the attending heroes.

In "Ghost Rider" vol. 3 #55 (November, 1994), Zabo was revealed to be a co-founder of the Skin and Bones club, a club catering to people who enjoyed inflicting pain and death for their own pleasure. Zabo had become famous among its members for his "visceral signature", using sharp blades to remove the flesh from a victim's arms or legs till the bones became visible. He then carved his name to one of the bones while keeping the victim alive throughout the entire process. The club was hinted to have been active for quite a while. In the present portion of the issue, Zabo returned to the club after a long leave of absence. He was denied entry until demonstrating a tattoo which was unique to the members. He later started performing his signature move to a homeless man captured by the Club. His show was interrupted by Werewolf by Night who chose that minute to attack the club. Zabo transformed into Hyde and briefly fought against the Werewolf and the arriving Ghost Rider. However he chose to break through the floor and sending everyone falling with it to the ground floor. He fled and left the other club members to meet their fates at the hands of the enraged supernatural heroes.

In "Captain America" vol. 1 #434 (December, 1994), Hyde had settled in Reno, Nevada, living in leisure through unknown means. He received a call from his old partner/enemy Cobra, warning him that Jack Flag was coming to burglarize Hyde's home. Flag was doing it as a dare before joining the Serpent Society. Cobra instead planned to to have Hyde dispose of this prospective recruit. Naturally he failed to inform Hyde that he had sent Jack Flag in the first place. As expected Hyde engaged Jack Flag in battle and managed to unmask the fledgling fighter. However Flag punched Hyde's eardrums and left the powerful villain disoriented. He then stole a painting and fled the home to return to the Society. Hyde quickly recovered and started trailing him.

In #435 (January, 1995), Hyde entered the headquarters of the Serpent Society uninvited. He was attacked by Puff Adder and Anaconda but knocked them both out with minimal effort. He then located Cobra lounging in the pool and demanded explanations. Hyde took the opportunity to strip to his boxers and swim in the pool, while a suitably-worried Cobra attempted to butter him up. Sometime after, Jack Flag (wearing Cobra's costume), Anaconda, Bushmaster, Cottonmouth, Fer-de-Lance, Puff Adder and Rock Python returned with a less successful intruder , Captain America. Hyde kept the Avenger's head under water for two full minutes before the gathered villains started an interrogation process. Free Spirit (disguised as Coachwhip) approached them and had the pool drained, a drainpipe sucking Hyde, Cobra and the Captain. They ended up somewhere in the Nevada desert.

In #436 (February, 1995), Hyde and Cobra jointly attacked Captain America. Their opponent was wounded and exhausted but managed to use knockout gas on Hyde. The gas failed to knock Hyde out but briefly blinded him, causing him to strike Cobra instead of Rogers. Captain America took the opportunity to place restraints on the disoriented Cobra but then collapsed from his own injuries. Left the last man standing, Hyde started pounding the knocked-out Captain. But the vest Rogers was wearing included airbags which cushioned the blows while a second dose of knockout gas proved sufficient to take Hyde down. In #437 (March, 1995), the three incapacitated men were located and transported by Force Works (Century, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman and USAgent). Jack Flag and Free Spirit , both working with Captain America at the time, had called on Force Works against the Serpent Society, the arrests of Cobra and Hyde completing the round-up of all active members and associates.

In "Avengers Unplugged" #4 (April, 1996), the Avengers (Black Widow, Crystal, Deathcry, Giant-Man, Hercules, She-Hulk and Vision) located a large gathering of super villains and attacked to prevent them from completing any "terrorist" attack. Hyde was among the villains and co-operated with Stilt-Man and Wizard in toppling Pym in giant form. Deathcry however came to realize that the villains had gathered for a different reason. The Avengers had crashed the wedding of the Absorbing Man and Titania. Hyde and the others were simply wedding guests. The Avengers were embarrassed and vacated the building, allowing the wedding to be held.

In narration on "Daredevil" vol. 1 #353-357 (June-October, 1996), Hyde was revealed to have bought a warehouse from Green Goblin to use it as his new headquarters. He took in Angela Parrish, a teenage runaway, and helped her kick a drug habit. She later wrote him a letter, thanking him for his kindness. Hyde planned to acquire a number of holdings throughout New York City and found himself rivaled by the Eel and Hyde attempted to hire the Enforcers for added muscle. Unknown to him the Enforcer Snake Marston was impersonated at the time by the Eel. Eel convinced the Enforcers to reject Hyde's offer, earning themselves a new enemy.

Hyde about to perform self-torture
Hyde about to perform self-torture

In the present portion of #353, Hyde returned to his warehouse to find the corpse of Angela. She had been killed by the Eel, partly for revenge against Hyde and partly to frame her former benefactor. Hyde was distraught that even one of his rare acts of kindness ended up with someone dying. He was furious with himself and proceeded to perform acts of physical self-torture. Daredevil tracked him down and hit a nerve cluster on Hyde's body, incapacitating him. Hyde surrendered to the police but dared them to actually investigate the murder. In #354, Hyde hired attorney Rosalind Sharpe to represent him in court. She relegated the task to her junior partner Matthew Murdock (Daredevil) who had recently resumed his career as a lawyer. In #355, Hyde met Murdock, attempting to convince him of his innocence in this particular murder. Hyde noticed the lawyer was reluctant to take the case. In #356, Hyde met Murdock again, this time with fellow partner Franklin "Foggy" Nelson joining them. He was infuriated to learn of also being accused of abducting Angela. He explained that he did not care about the law but was not willing to take the blame for crimes he never performed. He instructed them to locate his correspondence with Angela. In #357, Hyde was put on trial. Nelson arrived in time but Murdock was strangely absent. Hyde quietly let Nelson known that the villain would hold him responsible if he lost the trial. Hyde struggled to maintain his calm demeanor through a parade of prosecution witnesses and Nelson being mostly silent through the trial. But Daredevil turned up with the captured Eel at hand, claiming to have discovered the actual murderer. Hyde was declared innocent and released back on the streets. Daredevil followed Hyde and threatened him to not dare attack any citizen or else the hero would hunt him down. In #358 (November, 1996), Zabo called the "Paige Angel" show hosted by Karen Page and alluded to Daredevil forcing him into hiding.

In "Incredible Hulk" vol. 2 #458 (November, 1997), Hyde was hired by the New World Order to take out the Hulk. Zabo was traveling on a airplane when he realized Hulk had stowed on board, meeting his target earlier than expected. He transformed into Hyde and attacked. He found the Hulk also being under mental attack by Mercy at the time. Hyde considered the Hulk being a direct counterpart of himself and was enraged to find him not responding to his blows. Mercy used her mental powers to have the two men meet on the mind scape. Hyde did anything in his power to have the Hulk actually fight back, insulting him, threatening his loved ones but the Hulk was still sedated by Mercy's influence. He only resisted a would-be-fatal blow by Hyde. Mercy, who typically orchestrates the deaths of desperate people, realized the Hulk was not ready to die yet and withdrew her influence from his mind. Hulk finally struck back against Hyde with powerful blows of his own. Hyde found himself forced onto one of the plane's wings. He tore it loose and rode it down to Earth, leaving the plane damaged and about to fall.

In "Amazing Spider-Man" #433 (April, 1998), Hyde was on the run. His fake identification papers were lost, only allowing him to act under the name of Zabo and hoping nobody would connect him to Hyde. He had tried but failed to contact the New World Order for the payment due to him for his attack on the Hulk. Zabo was hiding in a hotel when he noticed a shadowy figure outside his 14th floor window. Figuring one of his enemies had found him, Zabo transformed to Hyde and attacked. The figure was Peter Parker wearing a hooded sweatshirt. At the time due to a bounty on his head Parker was unable to act as Spider-Man. Parker used his agility to evade Hyde's blows while kicking him repeatedly. Hyde misidentified him as Cobra and presumed his former partner was trying to take him down again. Their battle took them up and down in the hotel but even a thrown piano failed to connect with Parker's body. It instead landed next to Joseph and Martha Robertson who realized they could have been killed. Hyde rushed to the street attempting to flee when the police used gas bombs on him. Surprised but still standing, Hyde escaped into the streets of New York City.

By "Captain America" vol. 3 #15 (March, 1999), Hyde had renewed his alliance with Cobra. The two were robbing a diamond age when confronted by Captain America. The latter easily knocked out Cobra. Hyde and the Captain were attacking each other when Iron Man arrived on the scene. A repulsor ray to the face proved enough to knock out Hyde. In "Iron Man" vol. 3 #43 (August, 2001), Hyde was hired by MODOK to keep Iron Man preoccupied in battle, too busy to notice that MODOK had placed a bomb in his armor. Hyde threw pieces of concrete at the Avenger, hoping they would help the bomb go off sooner. Iron Man's own bombs failed to operate properly. Hyde threw a bus at Stark but the latter's armor magnetically repulsed it. Iron Man then projected illusions of other Avengers approaching, distracting Hyde sufficiently for another repulsor shot to find its target. Again the repulsor ray knocked out Hyde. In "Captain America" vol. 3 #50 (February, 2002), Hyde was in prison when hearing of Captain America dying. He joked about the news, annoying his fellow prisoners.

In "Tangled Web of Spider-Man" #15 (June, 2002), Hyde attended the Bar With No Name, a super villain hangout of New York City. He played pool with Whirlwind and others but grew frustrated and broke a cue over an opponent's head. He was shocked to hear Green Goblin bragging and laughing about the murder of Gwen Stacy. Most attending villains previously had no idea what was the defining moment in the relationship between Norman and Spider-Man. In "Spider-Man:Get Kraven" #1 (August, 2002), Hyde and Cobra robbed a liquor store but their escape was stopped by Spider-Man and Alyosha Kravinoff. Spider-Man webbed Hyde's eyes and he was unable to defend himself against the two weaker opponents. In the second story of the issue, Hyde was back in the Bar, hitting on Timber the waitress. He had no idea Timber was Kraven's girlfriend and was involved in a brief brawl with Kravinoff.

In "Daredevil" vol. 2 #35 (September, 2002), reacted to news of Daredevil identified with Matt Murdock.He attacked Murdock's residence, demanding for Murdock to come out and face him. Instead it was Spider-Man who confronted him. He threw a car at the agile opponent but missed. Daredevil next appeared and the two heroes coordinated their attacks on Hyde. He was knocked out by their combined punches.

By "Avengers" vol. 3 #57 (October, 2002), Zabo was attempting to kick his addiction to the Hyde serum ... by turning to drugs instead. He was buying drugs from his dealer when Captain America, Falcon and Redwing attempted to arrest them. He turned to Hyde but this time he had a sickly green color and was frothing at the mouth. Before having the chance to deal with the two Avengers, other four arrived (Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Warbird). Hyde started fleeing, throwing random vehicles at the pursuing Avengers. In the process, gasoline from the cars stained his clothes. Scarlet Witch used one of her hexes to set Hyde's clothes on fire, Vision partially solidified within Hyde's body and Captain America threw his shield directly to Hyde's face. The combined attacks knocked Hyde out.

In "Alias" #26 (November, 2003), Hyde was mentioned incarcerated in Ryker's Island. In "Captain America" vol. 4 #29 (September, 2004), Hyde had been transported to the Raft but escaped from there. Hyde jumped from rooftop to rooftop with Captain America in pursuit. The Avenger caused Hyde to lose his balance, falling several stories to the pavement below. Hyde survived but was weakened enough for Rogers to take him down with a single blow. In "New Avengers" #1-4 (January - April, 2005), Electro disabled the Raft's security systems, freeing the prisoners from the cells and starting a prison riot. Hyde was among them. They fought against a random group of heroes attempting to recapture them (Captain America, Daredevil, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman). Hyde was particularly furious to see "Murdock" but was knocked back by Cage. He was not among the prisoners who managed to escape.

In "Toxin" #1 (June, 2005), Hyde was wearing an inhibitor collar while interrogated by police officer Pat Mulligan (human identity of Toxin) on the possible whereabouts of Cobra who had managed to escape the Raft. Hyde was angry at Cobra but still refused to cooperate. Instead he discussed with Mulligan about the meaning of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde novel as well as the nature of good and evil. The conversation alluded to the ethics of Mulligan's use of his Symbiote for supposedly ethical purposes.

In "Young Avengers" #7 (October, 2005), Hyde was free again. He was revealed to have been harvesting part of his genome to create Mutant Growth Hormone, an injected drug which gave temporary super-powers to otherwise normal humans. He distributed his drug through a number of dealers. His operation prospered until Patriot started investigating it. He traced the product from the dealers to Hyde's own headquarters. Hyde captured the young hero but was dismayed to find others following Bradley's trail. The other Young Avengers (Kate Bishop, Hulkling, Stature and Wiccan) arrived and Kate wasted no time sending one of her arrows through Hyde's arm. In #8 (November, 2005), the battle continued. Hyde managed to knock Hulkling back with a blow before injecting himself with his own Hormone. He became bulkier and stronger. He threw the giant Stature over his shoulder and withstood a barrage of arrows from Kate with no evident fatigue. In desperation, Kate placed her bow around Hyde's neck in an attempt to choke him. He easily broke the bow and took her hostage. Wiccan retrieved Kate and then attacked Hyde. Meanwhile Patriot had injected himself with the Hormone and used his increased strength to also attack Hyde. Noticing the effect of the Hormone on Hyde, Patriot injected his enemy with an overdose. Hyde's bulk became too much for him to handle, collapsing on the floor and unable to move.

In "New Thunderbolts" #13 (December, 2005), a battle between Hyde and the Thunderbolts (Atlas, Joystick, Radioactive Man, Songbird and Speed Demon) was mentioned but not depicted. In "Sensational Spider-Man" vol. 2 #35-37 (April-June, 2007) it was revealed that when Zabo learned of Spider-Man being Peter Parker, he was sufficiently intrigued to do an in-depth study of the man's background. He learned details about his upbringing and the source of his powers. He was fascinated that a poor youth with added powers could act so heroic. He wondered if youths of similar backgrounds would respond similarly in controlled conditions. He set up a base in the sewers beneath New York City and started an ambitious experiment.

Zabo started taking in young vagrants seeking refuge, granting them powers through his serums, showing them kindness, giving them variations of Spider-Man's costume and then released them on the public. He planned to monitor how his subjects used their newfound powers. He was disappointed to learn his subjects were hunted down, apprehended by the authorities or even killed before being able to actually do much. He decided to escalate his studies. Instead of looking for vagrants, Zabo started abducting young teenagers right out of their schools and subjecting them to the process. The abductions soon had Spider-Man, Black Cat and Lizard/Curtis Connors on his trail. When Parker located his base, Zabo turned to Hyde and prepared to battle the object of his fascination. He took little care of his own health in the battle. When Parker webbed his eyes, Hyde ripped both the webbing and his own eyelids off. Jordan Harrison, one of his latest test subjects, turned against Hyde and threw acid on the face of his captor. The acid severely burned Hyde's face and his eyes, leaving him blind. In severe pain, Hyde was unable to defend himself against a renewed attack by Parker. He was knocked out.

In "Irredeemable Ant-Man" #8 (July, 2007), Hyde was combating She-Hulk when Ant-Man introduced himself as the "Slaying Mantis" and joined the battle on She-Hulk's side. However Hyde only used the distraction to knock both heroes back. She-Hulk recovered and renewed her efforts against Hyde while Ant-Man retreated in haste. In "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" #24 (November, 2007), Hyde was one of various figures approached by Spider-Man and asked to save the life of May Parker, a paternal aunt of the hero. Hyde was either unable or simply unwilling to provide assistance in this case.

In "New Avengers" #35 (December, 2007), Hyde attended a super villain meeting called by the Hood. The Hood offered 25,000 dollars to every villain willing to join his new alliance. Hyde was among those who took the offer. In "Avengers:The Initiative" #13 (July, 2008), Hyde worked with Cobra, Firebrand and Mauler in an assassination mission. The target was the Taskmaster, at the time employed as a trainer at Camp Hammond, Connecticut. They had to fight members of the Initiative (Annex, Batwing, Boulder, Constrictor, Gorilla Girl, Prodigy, Sunstreak, War Machine and Yellowjacket). Hyde was set on fire by Sunstreak but still remained coherent enough to try to spread the fire to the gigantic Yellowjacket. However the giant tossed Hyde away and the would-be assassins were forced to retreat.

In "Thunderbolts:Reason in Madness" #1 (July, 2008), Hyde entered an alliance with Boomerang, Tiger Shark and Whirlwind. Their ultimate goal was acquiring the fortune of Norman Osborn for themselves. Norman at the time led the Thunderbolts whose various operatives were controlled by nanobots. The allies acquired the corpse of Jester/Jody Putt who had been injected with the same strain of nanobots. Hyde started studying for ways of influencing the nanobots. They also orchestrated a crisis to draw the attention of the Thunderbolts elsewhere by liberating Biohazard from Project PEGASUS. Hyde altered the physiology of the radioactive super villain to that of a living nuclear bomb. They figured the weakest link of the Thunderbolts to be Venom.

Never knew what hit them
Never knew what hit them

Hyde and his allies contacted Venom and temporarily disabled his nanobots. They offered him a method to turn the nanobots on-and-off if he agreed to help them. Also presenting a file of blackmail material on him in case he changed his mind. In exchange they wanted Norman delivered to them. Venom did deliver Norman that same night. Hyde and his allies tried to interrogate him for access to his secrets and money. Norman did produce a laptop and pretended to comply with their demands. Until the laptop exploded and took out Boomerang. They realized Norman and Mac had been working together on this occasion. Hyde punched Osborn but the latter tossed a bomb into Hyde's mouth. Hyde was left spitting blood. Osborn defeated them all and warned them to never cross him again or he would first kill everyone they ever loved and proceed to torture all four of them to death.

Alternate Realities

House of M (Earth-58163)

Mr. Hyde in House of M
Mr. Hyde in House of M

Mr Hyde is a member of the Hood's incarnation of the Masters of Evil in this universe. He joined in on all of the Hood's heists such as the first one at the factory for sentinel parts and for various other ones in which the Hood diverts police attention by holding Sapien demonstrations against the House of M as Parker Robbins. He was incarcerated by the Red Guard after one failed heist but was rescued by the Hood shortly after. He was also present at the liberation of Santo Rico from Jeffries brothers. While fighting the mutant forces there, he threw fellow member Nitro at the presidential building, requesting that he does not damage the Jeffries' lab there when he blows up. He was one of the many who decided to leave Santo Rico when Magneto's retaliation was known to become inevitable.

Powers and Abilities

Calvin Zabo is a talented biochemist who has constructed variations of a chemical serum which transforms him into Mr. Hyde. His powers have changed through time, based on the latest variation of the serum he ingested. The original variation was the weakest and only gave him the power of "twelve men ". His strength level evolved to being able to lift 11 tons by the late 1960s, 50 tons by the 1980s and 70 tons in the 1990s and 2000s. Uncertain if he can achieve greater strength. In addition his body generates less fatigue toxins than those of a normal human. He can perform at peak capacity for up to 24 hours without feeling tired.

As Hyde his body is extremely durable, able of withstanding high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, exposure to extreme temperatures and pressure, energy blasts and impact forces with little to no injury. When actually injured, his healing factor allows him to recover in an accelerated pace. Unclear if he can regenerate severed limbs or missing organs.

Hyde is a ruthless and savage but undisciplined fighter. His unarmed combat style resembles that of a street fighter rather than a martial artist. His intelligence level while transformed into Hyde has been inconsistent. He has at times been able to use the scientific brilliance of Zabo. At other times his blind rage degenerates him into an almost bestial state, preventing him from actually using actual thinking. In his normal form, Zabo is more of an intellectual.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 7'6" (Zabo: 5'11)

Weight: 920 lbs. (Zabo: 185lbs)

Hair: Brown (Zabo: Gray)

Eyes: Brown

In Other Media


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Kyle MacLachlan as Calvin Zabo
Kyle MacLachlan as Calvin Zabo

Dr. Calvin Zabo appears as a recurring villain in Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan. This version of the character is a doctor (in fact for most of the first half of the season, he is known as "The Doctor") and the father of Daisy Johnson, who goes by the name Skye. He was married to a Chinese Inhuman who eventually killed by Daniel Whitehall and HYDRA, leading him to believe that Daisy was killed as well. Zabo also begins taking a formula that helps grant him superhuman strength, though he claims the results are inconsistent and make him emotionally volatile.

He joins with HYDRA to defeat Phil Coulson's S.H.I.E.L.D. team in so that he can reunite with Daisy (who has joined S.H.I.E.L.D.), as well as take his revenge on Whitehall when he no longer needs him. After Coulson kills Whitehall and escapes with the now grown Daisy, Zabo shifts his anger to Coulson for stealing both his daughter and his chance at avenging his wife.

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