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    Satana is half-human, half-succubus. She is the daughter of Marduk Kurios, a high level demon who controls multiple hells and sister of Daimon Hellstrom also known as Son of Satan.

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    Satana, with her brother Daimon, was born in Greentown, Massachusetts. Her father told them they were evil and tried to make them go down that path. Daimon rejected being evil and used his abilities for good. Satana on the other hand embraced her abilities and origin. Satana's mother was a human named Victoria Wingate. When she discovered her children were demons and the identity of their father, it drove her insane and she was put into an asylum.


    Satana was created by Roy Thomas and John Romita Senior and first appeared in Vampire Tales #2 in 1973.

    Character Evolution

    Although Satana and Daimon Hellstrom were first introduced as the children of Satan, this origin was later ret-conned to have them instead be the offspring of a demon called Marduk Kurios in Hellstorm: Prince of Lies in 1993.

    Major Story Arcs

    Daughter of the Devil


    Daimon did not want to be like his father and was raised by a foster family. Satana was taken to one of her fathers hell dimensions and taught black magic. Satana trained in demonic martial arts by the former Hell-Lord " Dansker". Though Dansker trained her, he resented her and her father Satan for usurping his position millenia ago. (Later he returned to Earth in an attempt to destroy her.) It was during this training period that her soul was bonded to an arch-demon and agent of destruction know as "The Basilisk." It was a very powerful demon, considered one of the deadliest of the Satanic host. Satana was able to contain and release it at her discretion, knowing that each time she manifested it, it would became more powerful and difficult to control and that it was destined to one day consume her as well. During this time the demon Zannarth was also forced into her service as a resentful slave.

    Satana was banished to earth by a mysterious group of demons know as "The Four". Once on earth she stalked U.S. cities as a bewitching succubus, giving the souls of men she had feasted on to her father. Seducing these men, she would embrace and kiss them, sucking the life from their swiftly withering bodies. The victims "soul" would take the form of a fragile butterfly which she would pluck from their mouths and symbolically eat/destroy with great relish. Satana was traveled about moving to different location of "The Church of the Dark Father. She was a powerful and charismatic figure in these churches. At this time Satan gifted her with a feline formed familiar named "Exiter", to serve her. At one of these "churches" she encountered Kthara (who had possessed Gloria Hefford, Damian's sister from his foster family.) Kthara was a powerful Demon-Mother of the Outer Dark who Gloria had mistakenly tried to summon. Satana was forced to unleash the Basilisk to consume Kthara. For a brief time Satana was transformed into a mortal women named Judith Camber.


    Satana was drafted by Doctor Strange as he, she and Spider-Man fought of an evil creature named the Basilisk-Demon. With little hope of defeating him, Satana spiritually bonded with the creature to stop him. Doctor Strange manage to defeat the evil demon and had it killed. However, due to Satana's spiritual bond with the Basilisk-Demon, so did she die. Satana was sent to one of her father's Hell dimensions.

    After Death and the Witches

    Return from the Dead
    Return from the Dead

    Satana was dead. This however did not stop her from coming into the Earthly reality. There, she was seen taking souls of evil-doers met in the streets of New York City. She eventually joined up with her half-brother Damion Hellstrom (Hellstorm) who had recently lost his wife. Satana had grown more evil during her time in Hell, and seemed to enjoy her brother's struggle with being good. She was however not seen or heard from again after her time with Damion. It was presumed that she returned to Hell once more. It was, however, not many months later that Satana truly returned from the dead when she was brought back to life by Doctor Strange. He wanted her to join the Witches, a team of mystic women, and help him defeat an ancient evil. Satana was furious that he woke her up from her death and asked her help once again, mostly because she had died the last time when Doctor Strange asked her help.

    Satana reluctantly agreed to join the Witches, but she had a extremely different attitude and personality then before she was killed. She was now more evil and kept harassing the other members of the team, Jennifer Kale and Topaz. Satana however started to grow more accustomed to her life as time went by and, after she helped out the Witches and defeated the ancient evil that Doctor Strange had asked them to do, she left the group and started her own life once again.

    Occultist for Hire

    Satana was running an occult giftshop when The Hood showed up looking for help. Satana was suggested to him by Scarecrow when The Hood needed help getting out from under Dormammu’s thumb, but she claimed it was beyond her. Instead, she offered her services as his magical tutor.

    Satana makes an appearance when Paladin (under orders from Misty Knight) is investigating the trade of demonic weapons by Baron Brimstone. She shows Paladin the true nature of the weapons and helps him defeat one of the possessed minions.


    Part of the Thunderbolts
    Part of the Thunderbolts

    After an escaped Man-Thing incident, the Thunderbolts realized they needed a new teammate with magical capabilities. With the help of Dr. Strange, and some trickery, Luke Cage was able to recruit Satana onto their team by putting a collar on her to make her obey orders. They told her that she needed to redeem herself for the crimes she committed when she helped the Hood, although she claimed she was only helping him to monitor his strength.

    Luke Cage seeks out Daimon Hellstrom for the location Satana. She is hiding at her lair in the Himalayas where she has several lines of magical defense. Satana tempts Luke and Dr.Strange with members of her harem but it's no use. She goes along reluctantly before she sees Man-Thing and is happy to join.

    Satana leads the team on a mission to take down Gothenvald Castle, which vanished back in 1911 and has just reappeared. They storm the castle which is armed with zombie nazis as Satana saves the team with a flame of Animus Infernus which also exhausts her temporarily. The team survives the attack but Gothenvald gets away. Satana and the Thunderbolts are sent right to Iraq to stop what appear to be zombie villagers. As they battle Satana discovers that they are not magic based but are spore infected and electronically controlled. They defeat the villagers and are again teleported right away back to the Raft where the Juggernaut has been possessed by a hammer of the Worthy. Satana aids in rounding up and containing escaped prisoners with a Catatonia spells. She then aids in calming down the Man-Thing who is enraged by the affects of Fear Itself. Along with Songbird, Moonstone, Ghost and Mach V; Satana leads the team to Chicago to intercept the Juggernaut. Satana and Moonstone get into a brief fight over Man-Thing's role on the team. Ghost bonds with Satana's magic as the team enters into Juggernaut's mind and soul. They fail to save him and are expelled from his mind. Satana is able to teleport herself back to the what's left of the Raft to escape the strike from Juggernaut's hammer.

    More recently, Satana was part of the band of Thunderbolts that escaped the Raft prison, but unfortunately ended up in the time-stream, visiting many other realities and time periods. Eventually, the team found its way home and parted ways. Many of the Thunderbolts thereby again escaped from the law including Satana.

    Hell on Earth War

    Tier kills Satana
    Tier kills Satana

    Satana was one of six Hell Lords who escaped through a volcano in the middle of New York. They would compete to kill the 7th billion person for the right to rule Hell. That 7th billion person happens to be Tier, the son of Wolfsbane, which puts them into direct confrontation with X-Factor.

    Satana’s plan was to get close to Tier and manipulate him into going quietly. She promised him a seat at her side if he cooperated with her. However, he didn’t fall for it and attacked her. During her retreat, she was captured by Mephisto to take her off the board. Mephisto offered her freedom if she agreed to aid him in his fight against X-Factor and deliver that message to the other Hell Lords he had imprisoned.

    When she found the Hell Lords, their earthly bodies were already killed by Tier, who snuck in the back door and sent her back to Hell as well.

    All New All Different Hell

    After the Hell on Earth War, Satana would return to her own Hell dimension, in order to make it unique, stand out and attract dead souls, she decided to take Doctor Strange as an attraction incapacitating him with cursed bacon. However due to the incompetence of her assistant Master Pandemonium, Strange escaped and Satana was forced to replace him as the top attraction with the soul of Muppets creator Jim Henson.

    War at the Gates of Hell

    Fury of a Hell-lord
    Fury of a Hell-lord

    The Covenant is an ancient rule of engagement in the war between Heaven and Hell. Once every thousand years, a portal is opened as a demilitarized zone, where emissaries from both sides air grievances and discuss terms. Ghost Rider was given a silver bullet (made from the silver given to Judas Iscariot) and told to seek out Hellstrom to investigate a weapon being made to interrupt that peace treaty.

    They needed more intel, so Hellstrom sent Blade into a demon hideout with Satanna to get some answers. Satana got the name of a Nidavellir blacksmith, Ragnar, who was making a weapon from the silver for a mortal sorcerer, Necrodamus. According to Hellstrom and Satana’s father, neither Heaven nor Hell could interfere with The Covenant, but a mortal could. Interference would trigger automatic fail safes that would shut the door to Heaven forever, giving Hell free reign on Earth.

    Hellstrom believes Ghost Rider is the key to stopping the Judas Weapon, so Satana and the other fight off the demon army that is in Blaze's way. Necrodamus fires a silver rocket at Michael the Archangel, but Blaze steps in front of it, taking no damage and saving The Covenant for another thousand years. Before he leaves, Michael says each of them has earned a favor from Heaven.

    The 2nd Circle

    After a very brief stint as a member of Madame Masque’s West Coast Masters of Evil, Satana moved to Las Vegas and opened a club called the 2nd Circle. When her brother showed up and started acting weird, she gave Blade a call. Blade was already working with a new Avengers team, Strikeforce, who were with the real Hellstrom. Her brother’s doppelganger was a member of the Vridai, shapeshifting fairy folk displaced by the War of Realms, who Strikeforce were investigating.

    Blade’s new team showed up and took care of her Vridai problem before continuing their investigation.

    Character Profile

    No Caption Provided
    • Height: 5'7"
    • Weight: 120 lbs
    • Eye Color: Black with red highlights
    • Hair Color: White (previously red)
    • Citizenship: American, Hell
    • Place of Birth: Fire Lake, Greentown, Massachusetts
    • Occupation: Witch, club owner, Hell Lord
    • Known Relatives: Marduk Kurios/Satan (father), Victoria Hellstrom (mother, deceased), Daimon Hellstrom (brother), Gene Camber (false husband), Paul Camber (false son)
    • Distinguishing Features: She occasionally is depicted with large white horns


    No Caption Provided

    As the daughter of Satan, Satana inherits immense magical abilities and has acted as a Main Hell-lord on several occasions. As a succubus (half-succubus lineage), she feeds on the souls of people. Her kiss kills her victims, causing them to shrivel and release the soul in a butterfly like form, Satana would then capture the butterfly to feed on it however the ability does not work on psychic or psionic vampires. Satana originally can release a powerful demon called the Basilisk which returns to her. Through the usage of magic she can levitate as well fly, use astral projection, can fire blasts of hellfire which damages souls of its victims, and control the minds of others alongside various other magical abilities. When she takes people's souls, she it increases her magical powers. Satana can even use a weapon that has killed a person and take energy from that said weapon. As with all Hell-lords, Satana is stronger when in her domain but even when outside of it she can give Doom and Doctor Strange problems with her raw magical strength.

    Satana has superhuman strength, able to lift c. 10 tons with out further mystical enhancement. Her other physical abilities are greater to those of normal humans to an unknown degree.

    Alternate Realities


    In Supernaturals, Satana is a Catholic girl who is possessed by a demon and fights along side of Brother Voodoo, Werewolf by Night, Black Cat, Ghost Rider, and Gargoyle. In this alternate reality Satana had the power of flight and the control over fire.

    Other Media



    Sydney Lemmon as Ana Hellstrom
    Sydney Lemmon as Ana Hellstrom

    Satana (renamed Ana Hellstrom) appears as one of the central characters of Hulu's live-action Hellstrom TV series. The character is portrayed by Sydney Lemmon.


    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Marvel Avengers Alliance
    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Satana was a boss in the game, but later became a playable character in the game, recruitable via Lockboxes (Demonic Collection) founded during Special Operation 11 "Sins of the Father"

    Her "Hero" bio says: While her brother Daimon rejected his demonic parentage, Satana Hellstrom embraced it wholeheartedly. Trained in the black arts by her father's demonic subjects, she preys on unsuspecting men and feeds on their souls. After she discovered Mephisto's plans to harvest her life essence, she fled the infernal realms to seek protection from S.H.I.E.L.D.... though she is anything but repentant.

    Her "Boss" bio says: Satana is the half-succubus daughter of the demon Marduk Kurios. She uses her many supernatural powers to feed on the souls of mortals.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Satana appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Good or Evil] Satana
    • [Succubus] Satana
    • [Recurring Evil] Satana

    Avengers Academy

    Satana in Avengers Academy
    Satana in Avengers Academy

    Sana is a playable character in the game, she was introduced in the Avengers Halloween Event. Her recruitment quest is "Get Satana!". She is voiced by Tessanie Rizvi.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Satana in Marvel Future Flight
    Satana in Marvel Future Flight

    Satana is a playable character in the game. She is an universal type of character.

    Her bio in the game says: Satana is a succubus who, along with her brother Hellstrom, inherited supernatural powers from her demon father. Able to manipulate magical forces and bend them to her will, she can also project powerful bolts of hellfire and hypnotize her victims.

    She has several costumes:

    • Satana - Modern
    • Satana - Marvel Legacy


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Satana was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Bowen Designs produced a Satana bust.
    • Satana was featured in the Marvel Legends line from Hasbro as part of a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Thunderbolts box set.

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