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Harry Osgood was a publicity agent for up and coming music talent. He had his offices in New York City. Despite showbusiness being a tough world, Harry S. Osgood always looked out for his stars in the best possible way, with enough freedom for the stars' own input.


Harry S. Osgood was created by Tom DeFalco and John Romita Jr. and first appeared in Dazzler issue 2 (1981).

Major Story Arcs

Meeting the Mutant

Harry S. Osgood was working on his usual business until he was contacted by a young woman named Allison Blair. She wanted to become a rock-star and showed him what she could do and how she sang. Although Harry was impressed, he wanted to have her do an official audition. This was all wrecked when Allison Blair (whom was also the mutant named Dazzler) was attacked by the Norse Goddess the Enchantress. After the battle, Harry was relunctant to take Dazzler on board, but the appearance and persuasion of a number of super-heroes caused Harry to sign Allison as his star and he became her talent and publicity agent.

Topping the Charts

A slow but steady line of gigs sought out by Harry caused Dazzler to become a true pop-star. When Dazzler moved from New York, she also gave up her contract with Harry S. Osgood, as the two parted ways and would not see eachother for a long time.


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