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After serving time for his crimes as the Big Man, Foswell was given a job at the Daily Bugle. He was able to obtain information on underworld goings-on through the use of his fake identity, "Patch" the stoolie. Quick-witted and intuitive, Foswell, on more than one occasion, came close to discovering Spider-Man's secret identity.

When Spider-Man temporarily hung up his tights, Foswell attempted to take control of the resulting conglomeration of the city's gangs, though to what end, it was unrevealed. Foswell was eventually killed by the Kingpin's henchmen when he took a bullet for J.Jonah Jameson. He said that Jonah was the only one who ever gave him a second chance, and was content to die having finally repaid his debt.

The Big Man

At one point, Foswell took up the identity of the Big Man, who lead a well-organized and powerful network of underworld mobs. In order to hide his identity, he wore special built-up shoes -- an over-sized padded jacket, and a small amplifier to disguise his voice. He took over all the rackets in the city and declared himself as the head of the crime syndicate. He used his Enforcers to make sure that all his orders were carried out. In order to stop him, Peter Parker pretended he knew the identity of the Big Man and said he was going to tell his theory to the police. To make sure Peter couldn't tell the police his identity, the Big Man had him kidnapped and held him captive in a parking garage. Peter then changed into Spider-Man, notified the police, and took out Foswell's mob. The police saw the Foswell's car speed away from the garage and were able to follow him back to the Daily Bugle, where they arrested him.

In Other Media

Foswell in Spectacular Spider-Man
Foswell in Spectacular Spider-Man
In the Spectacular Spider-Man (TV Series) Frederick Foswell was a report and undercover agent for the Daily Bugle. Foswell also took the name Patch as an identity for his undercover work on gang wars for the Daily Bugle. He also embarked on secret missions with Peter Parker. He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

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