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    Lightmaster is able to transform his body into light, and travel at light-speeds. He was also a member of the One World Church.

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    Edward Lansky is the Lightmaster!!
    Edward Lansky is the Lightmaster!!

    Edward Lansky was a professor of physics at Empire State University and designed a body suit that was capable of harnessing all the properties of light. Lansky dubbed himself the Lightmaster and had plans to get rid of Chancellor Gorman and some corrupt officials for denying his department funds to operate. Lansky partnered up with the Tarantula and they kidnapped Gorman. Lanksy would double cross his partner and test his new suit by blasting Tarantula with a beam of solid light. Spider Man discovered the Lightmaster inside City Hall after he laid out the City-Controller named Goldin. Lightmaster attacked Spider Man with various light-based constructs until he knocked the wall-crawler through a window. Peter Parker decided to investigate and got some information regarding the kidnappings with the help of Joe Robertson. Parker recognized an address on Gramercy Park and realized his hunch was true. Spider Man discovered that Dr. Lansky was behind the kidnappings and confronted the Lightmaster. A fight ensued and Spider Man decided to take it outside where his speed was more effective. Spider Man lured the Lightmaster inside the Palace theaters and found the high voltage controls. Spider Man remembered that solid light was a conductor from one of Dr. Lansky's treatises and activated the main switch once the Lightmaster unleashed a powerful blast. A surge of electricity shocked the Lightmaster, causing his uniform to implode. It was lights out for the Lightmaster, Edward Lansky was apprehended by the police and treated for his injuries.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    After the Battle

    Weeks after his defeat, Lansky's body started to change and his atoms began to scatter from him. He turned into a being of living light and had to surround himself with light at all times to stay alive. He blamed Spider Man for his transformation and revenge on the wall-crawler was the only thing he desired. Lightmaster would return and hire the Enforcers to lure out Spider Man. Lansky introduced the new Ox to Montana and Fancy Dan after the original Ox died in battle against Daredevil. The Enforcers took some college students hostage including Flash Thompson, Sha Shan, Holly Gillis and Hector Ayala inside the Coffee Bean shop near the university campus. Spider Man entered the luncheonette through the skylight and fought the Enforcers. Hector Ayala stayed inside the coffee shop and watched Spider Man manhandle the three thugs. Spider Man wanted Hector to tell the cops that it was safe to come in as he left through the skylight. Television crews were filming outside as Hector came out by himself and told the authorities that the Enforcers are ready to be taken to jail, courtesy of Spider Man. Lightmaster saw the events take place on television and believed Spider Man's true identity was Empire State University student, Hector Ayala.

    Lightmaster would ambush Hector on campus as he spoke to Peter Parker and Flash Thompson. Lightmaster placed him inside an energy constructed cell and blasted off his tiger amulet. Peter Parker was able to place a spider-tracer on Hector before he was taken away by Lightmaster. Holly found the tiger amulet on the ground and told Peter that it belonged to Hector. Hours later, Spider Man picked up the signal from his spider-tracer and it led him to the Light Inc warehouse in Long Island City. Lightmaster stocked the warehouse with television cameras and was planning to reveal Spider Man's true identity on all local prime-time broadcast stations. Spider Man was able to lower the tiger amulet to Hector on a thin strand of webbing while the Lightmaster was on television. Lightmaster revealed on television that Spider Man's identity was Hector Ayala but was dumbfounded when he turned around and saw the White Tiger. Spider Man kicked the Lightmaster in the back and a fight ensued. Spider Man wanted to draw the Lightmaster outside but trapped himself inside a giant light bulb apparatus when he went through the access-hatch to the roof. Lightmaster started to turn on the juice and concentrated all his energy into the light bulb apparatus. Spider Man was seconds away from getting fried until New York City blacked out. Apparently, Lightmaster overloaded the city's back-up power system and knocked out the entire metropolitan grid. Lightmaster could no longer hold his molecular structure together because he was no longer surrounded by light and he began to fade away.

    Lighmaster resurrects himself by absorbing Dazzler's powers.
    Lighmaster resurrects himself by absorbing Dazzler's powers.

    Lightmaster was trapped in a light dimension until the mutant known as Dazzler unknowingly helped Lansky escape. Every time Dazzler had a concert, the music increased her light powers and Lightmaster was able to siphon enough power to become a light globe on Earth. Lightmaster chased Dazzler until he was able to enter her body behind a movie theater. Lightmaster absorbed enough of her powers to resurrect himself and had plans to keep Dazzler captive because she would always be a human battery with unlimited energy. Lightmaster demonstrated his powers by blasting the back of the movie theater and alerted Peter Parker who was watching a film inside. Spider Man tried to help Dazzler but he was swatted away and crashed into a water tower. Lightmaster escaped with Dazzler and fled to his hidden laboratory underneath the Empire State campus. Lightmaster strapped Dazzler onto a table mechanism and was planning to absorb more of her energy until Spider Man arrived. Lightmaster activated a switch and the labaoratory exploded. Spider Man created a web shield for himself and Dazzler. Lightmaster was no where in sight but Spider Man realized that the Lightmaster had taken control of Dazzler's body. The possessed Dazzler attacked Spider Man but he managed to escape once he webbed her eyes. Spider Man found Dazzler the next day with his spider-tracer and Lightmaster still had control over the beauty. Spider Man webbed her up and took her back to Lansky's old lab. Spider Man strapped her back to Lightmaster's machine and reversed the switch. Dazzler was back to normal and the Lightmaster returned to the light dimension.

    The Resurrection of Edward Lansky

    Lightmaster would eventually return to the Empire State University campus. Quasar would detect a powerful disturbance in the local electromagnetic field and investigate. Quasar discovers the laboratory underneath the campus lawn and doesn't notice a globule of light from behind. Suddenly his power bracelets are enveloped by this light and they begin to absorb its energy. The energy force takes on a humanoid form and Quasar becomes a helpless prisoner of Lightmaster. Peter Parker was in his Bio-Chem 403 class when his spider-sense starts buzzing. Parker excuses himself and changes into Spider Man. Spider Man sees Lightmaster emerge from the hole in the ground and a fight ensues. Lightmaster reveals to Spider Man that he has taken total control of Quasar's body and his energy bands. Then he constructs three battering rams made out of solid light and knocks Spider Man halfway across campus. Lightmaster returns to one of his old laboratories inside the Light Inc warehouse and discovered that all his machines and equipment are gone. Lightmaster makes a list of all the components he needs to create a resurrection machine so he can convert his energy form back into its original organic state. Lightmaster breaks into a wholesale electronics store and steals the parts needed for his machine. Quasar regains conscious and realized that Lightmaster took control of his body once his energy-bands were taken over. Quasar pushes the surrounding light from his body and bracelets outward but Lightmaster quickly reforms himself. Quasar tries to fight back but Lightmaster just leeches off the energy being expelled from the cosmic crusader's attack. Lightmaster knocks out Quasar and returns to his lair with all the electronic equipment. Lightmaster finishes his machine and places his original costume between two diodes where he was planning to duplicate the accident that transformed him into energy in reverse. Lightmaster would siphon energy from Quasar's bands and direct it into the suit through the diodes. Lightmaster was about to re-enter his suit when Spider Man appears and breaks his machine. Lightmaster is infuriated and creates numerous light duplicates to crush Spider Man. Quasar recovers and helps Spider Man by turning off the transmitter-crystal from each band. Lightmaster's power begins to dwindle and he starts to drift away. The two heroes realized that Lightmaster was trying to regain his humanity and felt somewhat guilty because they prevented him from achieving his goal to be human again. Spider Man helps Quasar find Lansky's precise wavelength and make their calculations with his machine. Quasar bombards the Lightmaster's empty uniform with energy until it starts to swell up like a balloon. Quasar was able to convert Lansky's body from energy to matter with the help of the integrated circuitry inside the suit. Edward Lansky was human again but his joy and happiness was short lived when Spider Man punches him out. Spider Man tells Quasar that his spider-sense warned him of danger and leaves Lansky with the cosmic hero.

    Dark Reign

    Lightmaster is currently working for the Hood and his gang. Lightmaster and other members of the Hood's gang would go to war with Mister Negative over various operations in Chinatown. Lightmaster unleashes a powerful strobe blast down a street laced with businesses owned by Mr. Negative. The strobe blast disrupts their electrical systems, computers and temporarily shuts down some of his operations. Lightmaster and other members of the Hood's gang come knocking on Mister Negative's headquarters and engage his Inner Demons. The fight is fierce until the Spot teleports the Inner Demons away but Mr. Negative comes up with a contingency plan. He corrupts Spider Man and uses him to wipe the floor with Lightmaster and the rest of his teammates.

    A minor villain called the Occultist would cast a spell on Spider Man that magically binds a large bag of money onto his back. The Lightmaster would attack Spider Man with a strobe blast and cause the money to fall to the ground. The Lightmaster approaches Spider Man when the heavy bag of loot suddenly crashes into the villain as it reattaches itself to the wall-crawler. Lightmaster is laid out until the police arrive.

    Powers & Abilities

    Lansky's suit is capable of harnessing all the properties of light and has numerous offensive capabilities. Lightmaster can fire solid beams of light for range attacks, emit a powerful strobe blast that can temporarily blind an opponent and cause disorientation. He can also create various energy based constructs and weapons made out of solid light like axes, hammers, spears and battering rams for example. Lightmaster is capable of flight and can move at the speed of light. He can also absorb different types of energy to make himself stronger and can avoid detection from telepaths when he converts his body into light.


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