Alex Kurtz

    Character » Alex Kurtz appears in 28 issues.

    A police detective and an informant to private investigator Dakota North and ally of Daredevil.

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     Detective Alex Kurtz was created by Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, and Stefano Gaudiano.

    Detective Kurtz was assigned to investigate the explosion of Mr. Fear's home. He called Dakota North with information, who informed him that it was not Mr. Fear who’d been killed in the explosion, and Kurtz learned the body was a teacher from Empire State University who sold drugs to students.  At Dakota’s request, Kurtz met with Daredevil at the crime scene and he said that he thought the Super Hero Registration Act was ridiculous.

    Kurtz realized that that he was dealing with Mr. Fear, and that Fear was causing much of New York’s underworld to go mad from fear-inducing drugs. Kurtz heard word that the Enforcers were fighting the Wrecker and Razor-Fist in the streets. He called Dakota so she could send Daredevil in to help. While the  D.A., Foggy Nelson, and Matt Murdock stood by, Kurtz interviewed Mr. Fear, who admitted to being behind the madness of Gladiator and Milla Donovan in a revenge plot against Daredevil.

    When Murdock was arrested because Daredevil was suspected of murder, Kurtz grew frustrated when he was questioned inappropriately. Dakota soon showed up, claiming she was with Murdock the night before, giving him an alibi, so Kurtz let him go.  Kurtz later summoned Daredevil to talk about what was happening in the city, suspecting the Hand cult and maybe the Owl for being behind it. He was frustrated with Daredevil for not being involved in preventing the gang wars

    Kurtz later spoke out against using excessive force after Norman Osborn, newly in charge of HAMMER, authorized it and started covering up the crimes of certain officers.  Lured to an alleyway under the pretext of meeting his CI, Kurtz was confronted by two of Osborn's cops. He showed no fear and stood up against them.

    When Daredevil and the Hand built Shadowland in Hell's Kitchen, Kurtz was assigned to a different precinct.  Against the wishes of his wife, Kurtz walked the ninja-infested streets of New York, leaving his gun and badge behind so as to avoid notice.  He also gave Dakota North and Foggy Nelson the location of a safe house so they could avoid The Hand.

    Noticing crime back in the streets, Kurtz stopped a few kids from robbing a store by throwing a can of beans at them. When they started to open fire on him, another group of kids dressed as Hand ninjas intervened and one, Jesse, was shot and killed. 
    After Shadowland fell, Kurtz searched New York for Daredevil, similar to what Ben Urich was doing.


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