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    Founder of the Wrecking Crew, Dirk Garthwaite was committing a crime with a crowbar, when he unknowingly robbed a hotel room occupied by a power-stripped Loki, where the villain then accidentally instilled Wrecker and his crowbar with divine Asgardian powers.

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    Dirk Garthwaite's very first appearance was in Thor. He was fired from his job in a demolition crew due to his violent tendencies. Not long after he created the alias the Wrecker, he created a costume and went on a series of robberies leaving a crowbar at the scene of every crime as his signature. He enters a hotel room that was being occupied by Thor's brother Loki and puts on his helmet after knocking him out. The end result of that was his crowbar now being indestructible as well as superhuman strength and endurance.

    With his newfound power he easily defeats Thor who at the time had his power reduced by his father Odin. The Wrecker is then defeated by Sif. The next time the Wrecker fights Thor he is easily defeated.


    The Wrecker was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1968 and first appeared in Thor # 148.

    Story Arcs

    His next appearance is in the title Defenders. This is when he forms the group known as the Wrecking Crew. The other members of the group are Thunderball, Bulldozer and Piledriver. The Wrecking Crew goes on to fight members of the group the Defenders while searching for a Gamma Bomb, only to be defeated. In the aftermath, Dr. Strange through mystical means gets rid of the Wreckers crow bar.

    The Wrecker is reunited with his bar by the Puppet Master and is next in battle with the Fantastic Four consisting of Luke Cage, and he is soon defeated.

    Later, The Wrecker springs his crew from various prisons then returns to New York City seeking a new battle with Thor. Their rampage goes noticed by Iron Fist and Misty Knight. The two attempt to battle the gang only for Misty Knight to be captured by Piledriver, with Iron Fist bargaining with the Wrecker to save her life. Wrecker orders him to infiltrate Avengers mansion killing any who crosses path, then help them gain access into the heroes home in order to ambush Thor. Iron Fist double crosses them, and with the assistance of Captain America defeats The Wrecking Crew. At some point after the heroes and villains arrive from Battleworld; the Wrecker battles Spider-Man and Spider-Woman.

    During Acts of Vengeance, The Wrecker is sent to battle Iron Man and during a very grueling battle where the Wrecker nearly kills the Golden Avenger by attempting to remove his helmet from his body with the crowbar. Iron Man manages to magnetize the Wrecker's crow bar sending tons of vehicles in his direction defeating the villain.

    In the House Of M: Masters Of Evil, the Wrecker along with the other members of the Wrecking Crew make an appearance as part of The Hood's Masters Of Evil.

    The Wrecker along with his Wrecking Crew made an appearance in the Runaways. With the fall of the Pride the Wrecking Crew went to Los Angeles thinking it would be easier to lead a life of crime out there since there aren't and superheroes. They were robbing a bank when the Runaways showed up. They were easily defeated once again.

    The Wrecker made an appearance in the New Avengers. He broke out of the security prison known as the Raft. He went to retrieve his costume and crowbar. The New Avengers showed up to stop him. He told them he had the power of a god and displayed his true power as he beat up on them until finally they were able to overpower him mostly due to Spider-Woman's power to attract males to her allowing the other members of the Avengers to get the upper hand on him.

    I am the Wrecker
    I am the Wrecker

    The Wrecker is currently not in possession of his enchanted crowbar. Luke Cage used his crowbar to beat Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers after they aided him in his search for his kidnapped daughter.

    Birth of the Wrecking Crew
    Birth of the Wrecking Crew

    Wrecker and his crew are currently working for the Hood, they are all are members of the Hood's Gang.

    While in the Hood's Gang, Dirk fought the Enforcers and Daredevil over a power struggle between the two gangs.

    During The initiative, Wrecker and his crew are hired by Jigsaw in order to kill Frank Castle as he is transfered to the Raft by G.W.Bridge. They are supposed to get 50.000.000$ if they kill the Punisher. Eventually, they are defeated by Castle who receives the help of the Rhino sent by Clarke. The Punisher uses Wrecker's crowbar in order to finish off Thunderball.

    During the Secret Invasion he fought the Skrulls next to the heroes to save Earth. He also, has fought the the New Avengers along side his Wrecking Crew and others of the Hood's Gang.

    The Wrecker and the Wrecking crew are still members of the Hood's Gang during both the Dark Reign and the Siege. He and his crew have fought the New Avengers on several occasions during both sagas.


    Courtesy of an Asgardian enchantment on a crowbar, Dirk Garthwaite possesses superhuman strength, stamina and durability (bulletproof). When he initially shares the Norn power with the Wrecking Crew, the Wrecker's abilities were reduced by one-fourth. After training from Ulik the troll, the Wrecker no longer suffers from this handicap, and is now capable of using his powers to their full potential and use the crowbar in the same fashion that Thor can utilize the mystic hammer Mjolnir. He has used the crowbar to demolish entire buildings in minutes and to hold off the thunder god, Thor, in battle. Wrecker primarily uses the crowbar offensively as both a throwing weapon and a blunt weapon.

    The crowbar's secondary abilities include absorbing and projecting energy; creating illusions; generating a force field; creating minor earthquakes; teleportation and returning to the Wrecker when thrown. The Wrecker also shares a mental link with the crowbar, and can mentally control any weak-minded individual touching the object. The Wrecker is the most powerful member of The Wrecking Crew as his crowbar is the source of their powers.

    Crowbar of the Gods

    The Wrecker's Crowbar
    The Wrecker's Crowbar

    The Wrecker carries a 4-foot long steel crowbar that was also affected by Karnilla’s magical enchantment, becoming virtually indestructible. It is able to store and release the Wrecker's enchantment, enabling him to share it among the Wrecker and the rest of his Crew. Wielded by the superhumanly strong Wrecker, the crowbar becomes a weapon of vast destructive potential. The Wrecker has used the crowbar to demolish entire buildings in minutes and to hold off the thunder god Thor in battle; he even once managed to hit the Hulk from behind knocking him out with a single blow. The Wrecker has used the crowbar offensively as both a throwing weapon and a bat.

    In Other Media


    Avengers EMH
    Avengers EMH

    Video Games

    Avengers Alliance
    Avengers Alliance
    • The Wrecker appears as an enemy in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, voiced by Dave Wittenberg.
    • The Wrecker appears as an enemy in Marvel Avengers Alliance.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Bowen Designs produced a Wrecker bust.
    • The Wrecker was included in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Eaglemoss Publications created a lead Wrecker figurine.
    • The Wrecker was featured in Hasbro's super Hero Squad line.
    • The Wrecker was included in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Rocket Raccoon Build-a-Figure wave.
    • The Wrecker was included in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.

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