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    Photon is an alien and member of Youngblood.

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    Concept and Creation

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    Photon is created by Rob Liefeld. Photon was one of the original members of Youngblood since 1987 in Megaton Comics before he reappears in Image Comics in 1992. According to a promo, Photon could have been held a galactic hero by his entire solar system before he joined Youngblood.


    Hailing from the planet Acura, the silver-skinned Photon is bitter rivals with fellow Youngblood member Combat. Crash-landing on Earth aboard the same ship as his Katellan counterpart, Photon was offered sanctuary by the U.S. government in exchange for his knowledge of Acuran technology. Photo is disadvantaged by an inability to master Earth languages and therefore the government knows very little about him, but they do know that he and Combat crash-landed on Earth, either he or Combat was a prisoner on the ship and one or the other was the pilot.

    Lady Photon

    Photon recently returned in the new Youngblood team, but has now become a woman. According to Photon, his/her people switch gender every seven years in order to enjoy all aspects of their true selves.


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