Character » Televillain appears in 24 issues.

    One of Supreme's enemies that has the ability to travel through televisions.

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    Awesome Comics


    The origin of Televillain was never given an issue of it's own to explain but rather through a flash back to an imaginary issue. In the 1960s, TV repairman Reuben Tube liked to tinker with electronics as a hobby...until he invented the astonishing device that would actually allow him to enter the virtual world of on-screen stories, travelling from one TV set to another as the colorful bandit called the Televillain. Televillain became an adversary against Supreme.

    At some point, Televillain was imprisoned in the Hell of Mirrors inside the Citadel Supreme along with other super-villains Korgo the Space Tyrant, Shadow Supreme, The End, Vor-Em, and Slaver Ant for decades.

    By the late-1990s, after Billy Friday was temporarily stayed in the Hell of Mirrors and he left behind his portable communication device. Televillain found it and managed to use it to escape and freed his fellow convicts. Televillain managed to cause some chaos and mischief by attacking 90s television programs. He shot and killed Monica and Rachel from the TV show Friends. He was soon confronted by the fans of the show as the ganged-up and beat him up.

    Image Comics


    Televillain was approached by Mayhem, Inc. to cause trouble against a new Youngblood replacement team when the world thought the previous team was killed in action on live television.


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