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    When Cable reformed the New Mutants, he made them his soldiers. They became a mutant "black ops" team, assigned to kill not just the enemies of the X-Men, but of all mutantkind. Although this team eventually disbanded, the X-Force moniker has persisted in successive iterations of more and more aggressive X-teams.

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    Current Roster

    • Sage
    • Domino
    • Omega Red
    • Colossus
    • Wolverine (Laura)
    • Black Tom Cassidy
    • Wolverine (Logan)


    The original X-Force was formed from members of the New Mutants by Cable, adding in several others he saw fit to carry out his vision of a more forceful interpretation of Professor X's vision for mutantkind. As such the roster included: Cannonball, who later became team leader, Rictor, Sunspot, and Boom Boom, and added Domino (actually Copycat posing as her at first), Feral, Shatterstar, Warpath, Siryn, and Bedlam.


    X-Force was a team created by illustrator Rob Liefeld after he began penciling the comic New Mutants in 1989. As the popularity of Rob Liefeld's art grew, he became the key artist and penciler of the book and he was able to create many characters that were associated with the X-Force like Cable. With help from Fabian Nicieza, Rob turned The New Mutants into the X-Force and launched a new comic entitled X-Force #1 in 1991.

    After a long run, the team disbanded and a new X-Force was formed years later with a completely different roster and purpose. The team was Cyclops' secret hit squad, the series was written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost and the art was handled by Clayton Crain and Mike Choi. The team and the book were extremely popular but were cut due to story telling and the writing team moving on to different things. However, a new team and book was made called Uncanny X-Force, created by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena.

    Team Evolution

    The team's first appearance
    The team's first appearance

    X-Force at first mainly fought the terrorist Mutant Liberation Front, led by Stryfe, who was Cable's archenemy and clone. The team also battled Deadpool, Juggernaut, Black Tom Cassidy, the immortal Externals, Toad's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and the Morlocks.

    Years later, Cable would leave the team and Peter Wisdom became the leader. Soon, the team was thought dead, but had only disbanded and gone underground.

    Then, a media team was formed and usurped the name X-Force, eventually renaming themselves X-Statix. The majority of the former members of X-Force joined the X-Corporation, although briefly Cable reformed X-Force to help combat Skornn, an ancient alien. Several members of X-Force went on to join other teams; however, Domino, Shatterstar and Caliban continued acting as part of the team, especially when they organized an assault on the Xavier Mansion to free the 198.

    X-Statix was eventually canceled, and the only appearance of an X-Force team was in a 4-issue miniseries in 2004. This situation stood until the events of the Messiah Complex storyline when Cyclops authorized Wolverine to form a new mutant team that would secretly operate and use lethal force to deal with threats to the X-Men.

    The new X-Force that Wolverine assembled included Warpath, Wolfsbane, X-23, Hepzibah and Caliban. After Messiah Complex, Caliban was dead and Hepzibah was left out of the line-up. The team was later joined by Angel, Domino, Elixir and Vanisher.

    The conclusion of the Second Coming storyline brought Wolverine's X-Force team to an end as the existence of this deadly team was made known to the other mutants, even resulting in the departure of Beast from the X-Men. Little did Cyclops know that Wolverine had other ideas. Behind Cyclops' back Wolverine formed yet another secret X-Force team, with Psylocke, Fantomex, Angel and Deadpool forming the initial line-up. They are later joined by an alternate reality Nightcrawler as they deal with Apocalypse's heirs.

    After that team disbanded, two teams emerged. Cable ran one as a clandestine group responding to Cable's new premonitions. The other was run by Psylocke under orders from Wolverine to investigate a psychic drug. The two teams would eventually butt heads when Cable's team learns Psylocke's team is protecting Bishop, last seen trying to kill Hope Summers.

    The New Mutant roster would eventually reunite when a younger version of Cable became active in the present, but this was short-lived. Soon after, Pr. X and Magneto would tame Krakoa, creating a nation-state for mutants. The X-Force moniker would be co-opted by Wolverine and Beast's counterintelligence and wetworks team to protect their new home.

    Cable's Team

    The Militaristic Approach

    Arising from the ashes of the too-quickly disbanded New Mutants, Cable’s new team is primed to attack their enemies first so they don’t have to ask questions later. The team’s first base is in the Adirondack Mountains, a former sentinel hub. The team has plenty to do: Cable needs to track down and kill Stryfe, Shatterstar needs to exact revenge on Mojoworld, Warpath needs to find out who whipped out his reservation, and Feral needed asylum from the Morlocks.

    The first order of business is to find Stryfe in a base in Antarctica. The team works well together despite their youthfulness and gets the upper hand. Stryfe and his lackeys escape to fight another day. X-Force returns home and is oblivious to the fact that they have more enemies on the way: S.H.I.E.L.D. An old ally-turned-enemy of Cable’s, G.W. Bridge, wants the renegade group and begins to form a team to capture them.


    Though they fought well in Antarctica, Cable recognizes the need to enhance team unity. He schedules an outside exercise in which the team hunts Feral. The game turns deadly, however, when her unchecked instincts get Cannonball gutted. He is cared for and she is reprimanded (though nowhere near has harsh a reprimand as she deserves). Cannonball heals in record time, which is perfect since the team is called in to help with a very delicate situation; Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut has taken hostages in one of the World Trade Center towers.

    Arriving on the scene, X-Force encounters Siryn taking on the Juggernaut by herself. Cable invites her to the team and splits into two task forces. Cable leads a team inside the building to confront Black Tom and hopefully free the executives (of which they find their old friend Sunspot). The other group is to be the muscle taking out the Juggernaut. Boom Boom, however, is left to man their aircraft. X-Force’s tactics are very harsh and Black Tom has to resort to his back-up plan almost immediately – he blows up the building. This means little to Cable. He still seeks out Black Tom and shoots to kill. Deadpool, who teleports in and snags Black Tom before he can fall to his death, saves the villain from certain death, however. He also snags the Juggernaut. X-Force flees the scene when a S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle shows up.

    Ambushed at Home

    The New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

    The fallout from the World Trade Center fiasco paints X-Force in a very negative light. Boy Scout Cannonball hates the idea of being viewed as a renegade but Cable thinks it advantageous in light of how their enemies will view the team now. With a target on their backs, the team begins training rigorously. Without warning, X-Force is attacked by the newest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and their allies the Morlocks. X-Force is split with some team members above ground and others inside the mountain base. The battle is fierce with neither side really gaining any ground until Sauron stabs Cannonball through the gut, supposedly killing him instantly. Cable races Cannonball’s body to the infirmary while the rest of the team fights. Cable returns and ends the fight and admits that Cannonball has died. Cannonball then wakes up and learns that he is supposed to belong to a select group of immortal mutants called the Externals.

    Cannonball recovers quickly (supposedly because of his immortal make-up). X-Force begins training again and gets transported to another dimension when a wormhole opens up in their base. The world they visit is filled with magic and jumbo cats. They briefly butt heads with the Warheads before making their way back home through a fresh wormhole. The brush-in with the Warheads prompts Cable to personally investigate their employer, MyS-Tech.

    Weapon: PRIME

    X-Force picks up the pieces from its latest battle by casting the bodies of Masque and Thornn at the Morlocks' feet. In their base, however, Deadpool breaks in and delivers a message to Domino that she better get her act back together. When Cable and the others return Domino comes clean about her involvement with Tolliver. Before the team can plan an attack on Tolliver, G.W. Bridge's team Weapon: PRIME attacks the X-Force base. Cable and Domino get separated while Cannonball leads the rest of X-Force into victory over Weapon:PRIME and a SHIELD backup unit. The base is blown up and X-Force steals one of the government issued aircrafts from SHIELD to go in search of a new base. Rictor, a former friend and current Weapon:PRIME member, rejoins the team.

    En route to a new base, Crule attacks the team. He is subdued and cast out of the aircraft, but not before he tells them about Sunspot's position of being experimented on by Gideon. Cannonball leads the team on an assault of the lab in New Mexico and they save Sunspot. They then find a home on Warpath's destroyed reservation at Camp Verde.

    X-Cutioner's Song

    Before X-Force can get to comfortable with their new home they see a man resembling Cable shoot Professor Xavier at a concert during the events of the X-Cutioner's Song. They go to investigate the scene but get attacked by members of X-Factor and the X-Men. X-Force puts up a good fight but ultimately get subdued and arrested. They are held at Xavier's mansion on the suspicion that they are confederates of Cable's. The team is slowly let out and they join the search for the real shooter of Xavier. Their search takes them to the Moon where they learn that Stryfe looks exactly like Cable and must have been the one to shoot Xavier. They can't help but watch as Cable battles Stryfe until the two men are sucked into a time portal.

    Xavier soon heals and X-Force can't help but wonder when they are allowed to leave. Charges still exist against them but they rebel and leave before given clearance. Siryn and Warpath copy the X-Men's files to beef up the X-Force intel. Lila Cheney also joins the team.


    When a Stark Industries satellite uncovers the location of Cable's old space base, X-Force quickly teleports up to salvage whatever then can from their fallen leader. SHIELD and War Machine also want a piece of the pie but get soundly defeated by the young team. Cannonball and Sunspot are able to jettison off most of the weapons and vehicles to their base back on Earth. X-Force narrowly escapes as Cable's sentient computer seemingly destroys the base.

    Freeing Friends

    Upon getting home, X-Force discovers that Warpath, Siryn, and Boomer have been taken captive by the Externals. The team abducts Crule from a hospital and questions him as to the Externals' whereabouts and then discard him in the ocean, bodycast and all. X-Force finds the External base and reclaims their friends.

    Without any time to rest, X-Force learns of old pals Rusty and Skids becoming captives of the Friends of Humanity. They effectively take down the opposition and rescue their friends, though they learn that the two are under mind-controlling technology courtesy of their former master Stryfe.

    Cable Returns

    During the Fatal Attractions story arc, X-Force arrives home from saving Rusty and Skids and gets the sense that someone has been, or still, in their base. They split up and each team gets taken out but Cable. The reunion is short-lived, however, when Camp Verde is visited by Exodus. He invites Cannonball and Sunspot to a mutant heaven. They accept and Cannonball slips Cable a tracking device. X-Force soon follows the signal to Cable's former base of Graymalkin, now transformed into a refuge run by Magneto called Avalon. Cannonball and Sunspot return to Earth with X-Force while Cable extracts the Professor from his former home. Magneto and Cable clash and Magneto shreds Cable's metal parts. Cable barely manages to bodyslide back to the X-Force base and he spends a while recuperating while being hooked up to various machines intent on fixing his parts. He takes time to evaluate the team and realizes that he needs a more personal focus in dealing with his recruits.

    The New Mutant Liberation Front

    When Henry Peter Gyrich, a staunch anti-mutant politician is abducted by a new MLF, Cable puts X-Force into play. They go to Bermuda to an old Magneto base and find the MLF being led by a new villain named Reignfire. They do their best to subdue the terrorist outfit, but Reignfire gets the last laugh when he gets Feral to defect and join the MLF. X-Force also is shocked to learn that one of their past friends Dani Moonstar could be aligned with this new iteration of the MLF. As a result, and even though they save the politician, Cable knows the mission wasn't worth the effort.

    Wolverine's Wetworks Team

    In the middle of the Messiah CompleX storyline, Cyclops assembled a new X-Force, which consist of the X-Men's best trackers. The new team is made out of Wolverine as team leader, X-23, Warpath, Wolfsbane, Caliban and Hepzibah. Their first mission was to track Cable and the newly discovered Baby Mutant, before the Purifiers, Marauders Reavers and Predator X could get them first. They also participated in the final battle against the Marauders on Muir Island. However, after the death of Caliban and injury of Hepzibah, it was believed that X-Force was disbanded.

    Angels and Demons

    The new X-Force
    The new X-Force

    In the aftermath of Messiah Complex, Cyclops reassembled X-Force once again. Wolverine did not want X-23 or Warpath involved, but they refuse to leave when given the opportunity. Wolverine did not press the issue, believing that they had the right to choose their own destiny. Their first mission, after the events of the Messiah Complex, was to infiltrate a SHIELD facility, where a group of Purifiers have stolen valuable technology needed to resurrect a Sentinel named Bastion. Complications arose when that same group captured Wolfsbane, prior to their arrival, and threatened to shoot her. X-23 thought it was a bluff and attacked anyway, by detonating explosive charges that she had placed and armed off panel. Wolfsbane was seemingly shot by Matthew Risman, head of The Purifiers, in the face. It was later revealed that Risman actually shot Wolfsbane in the knee. Risman then took Wolfsbane to Purifier headquarters while the rest of X-force return to Angel's mansion, where Wolverine yelled at X-23 for disobeying his orders. X-23 stated that her mission was never to protect her teammates but to kill Matthew Risman, and Cyclops backed her up. When they were able to save Wolfsbane, they returned to Angel's mansion and summoned Elixir to heal her. When she woke up, she attacked Elixir, X-23 and Angel. During this attack, she had ripped off Angel's wings and took them to the Purifiers, to be used to build an army of angels that will serve to eradicate the remaining mutants. Angel awoke as Archangel ready to kill X-Force but X-23 was prepared to fight off his attacks. Unlike with Wolfsbane, Wolverine had said nothing about dying for Angel. In the middle of the fight, Archangel flew to the location of the Purifiers with the X-Force following him. Meanwhile, the leaders of the Purifiers were having a standoff on who is the rightful leader. Before the argument escalated, Archangel went on a killing spree; targeting the choir and demanding his wings back, while the X-Force went on the attack as well. In another part of the facility, Reverend Craig was hunting down Wolfsbane, saying that she is condemned to be a demon. He was then later attacked by Wolfsbane, presumably killing him. The X-Force managed to defeat the Purifiers but not completely, as Bastion and his resurrected puppets of prominent, former, X-Men enemies were able to escape. As at the end, it is shown that Archangel presumably returned back to normal. Back at Angel's Aerie, they report back to Cyclops on what happened and now decides on who is next in their hit list.

    Old Ghosts

    X-Force #7
    X-Force #7

    Back at home, the X-Force investigates what could have triggered the transformation of Angel and the triggered rage of Wolfsbane. They also thought about what to do with Elixir, since he now knows too much about the X-Force. They thought about killing him, but X-23 called the Stepford Cuckoos to erase Elixir's memories about the X-Force. But before they could do this, the team saw Graydon Creed on TV, saying that the assassination on him was just a cover-up to protect himself. They want to go after him, but Cyclops stop them because that have to go after Vanisher first because he has taken hold of a strain of the Legacy Virus. They all go except for Warpath, who goes home to visit the grave of his brother but was suddenly attacked by the Demon Bear. He was almost killed if it weren't for the intervention of Ghost Rider, who help Warpath escape the creature.

    X-Force tracks down Vanisher in Japan but they also run in with Domino, who tagged along to find the Legacy Virus. When they manage to find Vanisher, they interrogated him through Elixir's powers inducing a brain tumor, which prompted Vanisher to tell them that he had lost the Legacy Virus to a fight with the clones of the Marauders that was awakened when Mister Sinister died. When the X-Force got to the place where Vanisher lost the Legacy Virus, Domino manage to find it, but as they were about to leave with it, but are quickly attacked by The Right who is there to take it into their possession. X-Force fight back, X-23 fighting the Right members with the virus. But as they fight, X-23 drops the virus and is stabbed at the same time, the virus being released into her body. She decides after killing the Right member by popping her claws into his head, to kill herself by jumping into a vat of furnace to destroy the virus along with her. The other members of X-Force cover Elixir as he chases after X-23 hoping to save her. He catches up with her, but she still jumps off. Luckily, Elixir catches her hand, and purges the virus out of her. This however took too much out of him and he drops her. Later, she's revealed to be alive, Josh managing to divert her course slightly, and she caught on fire, burning her hair away and her skin. She took Josh's shirt and left him bare chested.

    Back with Warpath and Ghost Rider, and Ghost Rider tells him the story of the ancient magic invoked by the elders of the Apache, and how he can channel their shamanistic powers to help him fight the Demon Bear which they call it "The Ghost Dance". The two quickly attack the Bear, slashing at it. Suddenly, Ghost Rider notices the Demon Bear had a knife stuck in its hide. He alerts Warpath, who removes it. The Demon Bear then releases totemic spirits, Ghost Rider revealing them to be the Apache gods, corrupted by the knife. The Gods then showed Warpath who they're true enemy was. Back with Wolfsbane, and she's in the forest, searching for someone in the forest. Suddenly, the creature makes an appearance, revealing himself to the Asgardian God of Wolves and her former lover, Hrimhari. All of them meet back at Angel's mansion, the X-Force team from Japan having recaptured the Vanisher and gagged him. They see Warpath on the floor, and ask him what's wrong. He tells them that his entire tribe has been dug up, including his brother Thunderbird. When they all ask who, and Warpath replies: Eli Bard.

    Suicide Leper

    Suicide Mission
    Suicide Mission

    The Friends of Humanity are holding a rally in Iowa, at which they condemn mutants yet again, shouting blasphemy about them and so on. Suddenly, the mutant Beautiful Dreamer runs into the crowd, screaming for help. Suddenly, her mutant powers within her explode, affecting everyone at the rally. Her powers made everyone forget everything, including to keep pumping their own hearts. The Leper Queen had injected Beautiful Dreamer with a different strain of the Legacy Virus that affected her powers, changing them and making them unstable.

    Agent Morales begins to put the puzzle pieces together as she assumes that X-23 is connected to a lot of the previous mysteries still unsolved by SHIELD. Wolfsbane and Hrimhari talk, the latter informing the former of how Ragnarok made him discover that he belonged with her. Dust and Pierce continue to talk and Bastion continues to plan.

    At Greymalkin Industries, and Cyclops have the Stepford Cuckoos searching for Rahne, while he also has Beast working on time machines. He's called away by Angel, who flies him to Alcatraz where the rest of X-Force are. Cyclops arrives to find Domino laughing at a Vanisher who's screaming in pain, X-23 having cut off his ear after he'd tried to persuade Elixir to heal his tumor. Cyclops informs them of the incident with Beautiful Dreamer, and they debate, until Vanisher makes another comment and X-23 offers to torture him some more.

    X-Force split up: Archangel and X-23, Vanisher and Warpath and Domino and Wolverine. Each are at a different Friends of Humanity rally, expecting them yet again to throw a mutant into the rally and kill everyone there. X-23 smells something burning, and Fever Pitch stumbles into the crowd, screaming for help. Wolverine shouts to Vanisher to get X-23 and Archangel out of there, but Fever Pitch explodes, luckily, X-23 and Archangel being on the rim of the explosion.

    One of Leper Queen's henchmen drug Hellion's drink and they take him away in a van after he passes out. After X-Force escapes the explosion, they are discussing what exactly happened and Archangel shows further indications that he is becoming more and more unhinged. He also adds that he saw the Leper Queen there but was unable to get to her in time. This confirms that she is with Bastion.

    Cyclops approves Wolverine's kill order for Leper Queen and gives them another mission: To help Cable and the mutant baby, Hope. He gives them all time travel devices that will give them 33.2 hours in the future before returning them home. The Cuckoos pinpoint were the Leper Queen is and Cyclops has them relay that information to Wolverine. Agents of HAMMER come to the conclusion that X-23 will be in New York because the Leper Queen is there and the United Nations, whom the agents think is X-23's target as well, are going to be there. HAMMER mobilizes two attack squads to intercept X-23.

    Back at Angel's Aerie, Rahne Sinclair confides in Hrimhari while X-Force teleports to New York. At the same time, Leper Queen is injecting both Hellion and Surge with the new Legacy Virus and sends them to cause destruction at the United Nations but keeps an uninfected Boom-Boom for her own plans. X-Force moves against the Leper Queen and kill everyone that is still in her hideout except Leper Queen. She is holding Boom-Boom hostage in hopes that they will kill her to end her suffering. Vanisher knocks Leper Queen away from Boom-Boom and Wolverine jumps on her just as Cyclops gives the order to transport X-Force into the future. Having been denied the death she was hoping for, Leper Queen shoots Boom-Boom in the head, killing her.

    Messiah War

    Messiah War
    Messiah War

    X-Force find themselves having traveled 900 years into the future on their next mission; to protect Cable and the supposedly mutant messiah, Hope. Elixir complained about going back to the present to save their friends that were left behind. Wolverine promised him that they will. Logan then ordered Vanisher to teleport and scout ahead, but Telford claims that his powers are somehow being blocked. Following that, Vanisher was suddenly shot in the neck, causing X-Force to take cover from the unknown sniper. It later turned out to be Deadpool, who was still very much alive as a result of his healing factor. Wade told the X-Force that Cable will be at the old Xavier Institute. Now with some heading, they set out to finish their mission.

    Suddenly, X-23 picked up Cable's scent and began tracking him. When Wolverine was about to face Cable, he instead met up with Hope, with Cable pointing a gun in his temple. Wolverine informed Cable that they were sent to the future by his father (Cyclops) to help him against Bishop. Cable had news of his own, and he updated the other time travelers that Bishop was in league with Stryfe, Cable's clone.

    When X-Force and Cable were attacked by Stryfe's army: Hope, Elixir and Vanisher escaped the skirmish. A division in the ranks occurred when Angel was drawn away by a voice whispering in his mind. When the battle is over, Cable warned Vanisher not to take away Hope from him. They were then attacked by Stryfe directly, who soundly defeated them one by one. Even as Cable detonated a bomb within Stryfe's armor, it was useless. Stryfe captured both Hope and Warpath. Running out of time, the X-Force split up into two teams; X-23, Domino, Vanisher and Deadpool will look for the power source that has been blocking Cable's time traveling and Vanisher's powers, while Cable, Wolverine and Elixir rescue Hope and Warpath.

    When Stryfe brought them to citadel, Bishop makes his move on killing Hope, but he was stopped by Stryfe. He was then able to read his mind and know Hope's significance. Hope removed Stryfe's helmet and she ask if he is Cable. Warpath was able to destroy his restraint and attack Stryfe but he was defeated when Hope distracted him. It was then that Bishop retaliated to Stryfe but he destroyed his cybernetic arm. Stryfe was then attacked by Cable using his psionic power, which supposedly burned out. Stryfe defeated his "brother" but it was a planed distraction for Wolverine and Elixir attack from behind.

    While Domino's team is looking for the source, Deadpool admitted that he has been hearing Stryfe in his mind and he plans to kill the X-Force. When they found the source, Laura was surprise that the source of the block is her friend, Kiden Nixon, who was kidnapped by Bishop and Stryfe from the present and hooked on into a machine that strengthen her powers to block anyone who can manipulate time and space. As time runs out, the X-Force begins to experience the negative effects of their time-traveling armbands. Kiden asks Laura to kill her as it is the only way to prevent them from being killed, but she is hesitating. It wasn't until Domino shot Kiden in the head that the time-space warp had stop. Vanisher wondered why weren't they killed by their armbands but before Domino could come up with an answer, Vanisher pressed the armband and he backtrack in time to the present. Deadpool arrived and blasted Stryfe with a laser cannon but Stryfe ripped him in half. With Deadpool dead and the other team attacking Stryfe still feeling the effects of the armband on their body, Stryfe moves in for Hope, but everyone was surprise that Apocalypse barges in, being accompanied by his horseman of death, Archangel. Together, they defeated Stryfe, with Apocalypse delivering the final blow.

    As this was going on, Bishop takes aim at Hope, but he was too weak to shoot. Apocalypse carried Hope into his arms and was about to kill Bishop, but he time-traveled to escape. Apocalypse took interest on Hope as his potential host, but Cable and X-Force surrounded him, with Logan asking Warren on which side he was on. Warren told Apocalypse that he had owed him his life by sparing his own, and he demanded Hope to be returned to them and Apocalypse agrees to this, but not before Apocalypse warned Cable that he will come back for the child. As X-Force left the citadel, Apocalypse is seen dragging Stryfe's weakened body to become his new host. Wolverine then ordered Cable to time-travel with Hope and X-Force splitting up again with Wolverine, Archangel and Elixir going to the UN, while X-23 prematurely cuts off Warpath and Domino's armband and goes to save Boom Boom alone.

    Not Forgotten

    Not Forgotten
    Not Forgotten

    All members of X-Force came back at the same moment they left to jump forward in time. X-23 was able to kill Leper Queen before she could kill Boom-Boom. Before dying, she thanked X-23 for setting her free from Bastion's control. X-23 then collapsed from the fatigue she experience from time-travel. It that moment that agents of HAMMER storm in and apprehended their primary target, X-23. Boom-Boom was left with two HAMMER agent with one of them about to rape her, when she was saved by Warpath. Meanwhile in the UN, Surge and Hellion tries to escape from their captors but the Legacy Virus within them begins to flare out. Angel and Wolverine came in just in time with Elixir who was able to purge the virus in Hellion's body and barely saved Surge's life, but her powers became out of control and was about to explode. Luckily, Hellion redirected her energy to the sky before passing out. Back in their base, Beast and Dr. Bradley evaluate Hellion and Surge medical condition as normal.

    In an undisclosed location, X-23 is reunited to her old handler from the Facility, Kimura, who begins to torture her by dismembering her arm. In a corridor, Agent Young told Agent Morales that he was a Facility member that infiltrated SHIELD and he also discussed to her about joining the facility. Stating she knew that if her answer were to be no, death would be the final penalty. So without hesitation, Agent Morales took out Young and escapes to rescue X-23. Kimura was about to chop off Laura's second arm, but a bullet was shot in her head, knocking her off and the shot came from Agent Morales' gun. Upon getting X-23 out of the chains, Morales couldn't understand why this child was still standing. Before questions could be answered, Kimura threatened to kill Morales. X-23 told Morales to run and both women fled the scene with Kimura not that far behind. X-23 manage to pin down Kimura into a steel door and she and Morales got locked up into a laboratory where the Facility creates large amounts of trigger scent that forces X-23 to go into a berserker rage.

    X-23 tells Morales to take shelter after giving her adamantium claws and triggering an explosion in the laboratory. Outside the laboratory, facility guards are opening the door when the sprinkler system activates and the trigger scent begins to shower the whole facility. When the doors are opened, X-23 lunges towards the facility guards and begins to kill everyone in a murderous frenzy. Prof Harkin is locked inside of office, calling for Kimura's help. X-23 barges in and was about to kill him but she was knock out by Kimura. She then kills the professor and was about to kill X-23 but Agent Morales threw a Molotov cocktail to her, setting her on fire. Morales then help X-23 to her feet and escapes, but not before placing other Molotov cocktail in all of the flammable and explosive parts of the Facility. Agent Morales and X-23 escapes the destroyed Facility, after which Kimura warned X-23 that she will kill everyone that she loved. It was then that the Stepford Cuckoos found X-23 where Domino and Wolverine pick her up with Magik teleporting them out.


    X-Force was deployed as a rescue team to save other mutants that will be subjected to Dark Beast's experiments. Later, they arrived as reinforcements during the conflict between the original X-Men, the Dark X-Men and the Dark Avengers. With Archangel taking down Hawkeye, and Wolverine defeating Weapon Omega, both of Osborn's team fall back. It is still unknown what will be the consequences now that the X-Men has found out the existence of the X-Force.



    As Beast and Doctor Nemesis assessed on what happened on X-23 while Wolverine wanted to debrief her on what took place in the Facility but Cyclops told him that it could wait. X-23 then picks up a scent of the dead, and so does Wolverine. As this was going on, they were shot down by a lightning bolt and landed near Utopia. It was there that Warpath detected multiple dead mutants closing on to them with Pyro and Berserker, the one that shot them down, welcoming them to their own death. As these events are going on, Emma Frost begins to hear voices in her mind. She thinks that the Void is taking over until Tarot together with her deceased team, the Hellions, told her that she is mistaken.

    They begin to attack Emma and and blame her for their death until she was saved by Cyclops, Domino and Wolverine. As every member of X-Men are all fighting Selene's resurrected minions, Selene orders the Hellions to retrieve Cypher who lost contact with Eli Bard. As the Hellions leaves the X-Men, they were replaced by Banshee, who immediately attacked his former comrades. Vanisher quickly teleports the X-Men to safety, where they received information that Selene is behind the recent resurrections and also witness the massive surge of life coming out of the island of Genosha. As Cyclops formulate a plan for a counterattack, the X-Men find themselves face to face against Selene's Inner Circle. As the Inner Circle dominate over their battle against the X-Men and the X-Force, Eli Bard goes after Warpath, demanding the spirit blade that he got from the Demon Bear. Trusting Eli Bard's word that the attacks on Utopia will stop if he gives up the blade, he gives it, but in return the Inner Circle kidnaps him and took him to Necrosha.

    Meanwhile, Hrimhari takes Wolfsbane to Elixir to have her healed only to find him unconscious Doctor Nemesis pointing a gun at him but he was stopped by X-23. As Doctor Nemesis assess Wolfsbane's condition, he finds out that she is pregnant, and the baby is killing her. Hrimhari runs off to the roof and with a long howl, he summons Hela, the god of death. They both teleport back to Wolfsbane and stops time there. Hrimhari then asks Hela to save both Wolfsbane and their love child but Hela will only save one of them in exchange for his soul. As Hela looses her patience for the Wolf Prince, Hrimhari chose to save Elixir instead, whom he knows is the only one who can save both Wolfsbane and his baby. As soon as Hela cures Elixir, he wakes up disoriented with Hrimhari telling Elixir to give his love to Rahne and he promised he will come back in anyway possible before disappearing.

    As Utopia lies in ruin, Wolverine radios the Cuckoos to find Wither and they tell him that he and the Inner Circle have left the island and took with them Warpath. Cyclops then tells Wolverine that X-Men will defend Utopia from any other attack from Selene's forces while the X-Force will go to Necrosha, find Warpath and stop Selene. Emma changes Cyclops' orders and tells Logan that they must kill Selene. X-Force teleported just outside of Selene's castle, and as the rest of X-Force goes prepares to attack, Vanisher leaves them. Meanwhile, Warpath is being tortured his brother, Thunderbird and Blink, Vanisher suddenly teleports in and saved Warpath but not before losing his arm. As the ritual to turn Selene into a god, a wave of energy destroy every living thing in Necrosha.

    Impersonating the dead
    Impersonating the dead

    When the energy wave was about to hit X-Force, Vanisher teleports the whole team to safety. Warpath confirms that Selene has become a god and that he knows how to defeat her. Warpath painted the X-Force and taught them the Ghost Dance that Ghost Rider thought him to defeat the Demon Bear. The X-Force then teleported inside Selene's castle and each member going after each member of Selene's Inner Circle. Wolverine and X-23 dismembers Senyaka, Archangel wounds Blink, Wolfsbane cuts Mortis' throat, Elixir kills Wither and Warpath snaps Thunderbird's neck. While Blink and Mortis escape, X-Force are confronted by a giant Selene and started to attack them until Warpath stabs her by her own demon blade in chest causing her to explode.

    Two days later, Cyclops debrief Wolverine on the status of X-Force and he told him that Warpath, Elixir, Wolfsbane, and X-23 are no longer on the team. Cyclops then told Wolverine that they may still need the team now more than ever.

    Code Red

    When Domino found out the identity of the Red Hulk, he formed a team called Code Red to eliminate her. Domino then called on her own team to back her up. X-Force then battle with Code Red, saving Domino from being assassinated.

    Second Coming

    The team's last mission
    The team's last mission

    When the Stepford Cuckoos reported to Cyclops that Cable has come back to the present, he had Domino and Vanisher go to San Francisco and Angel, Wolverine and X-23 join the X-Men to look for Cable and Hope. The X-Men was able to catch up to Cable and Hope when they were attacked by the Sapien League and they made their escape. As Wolverine is interrogating one of the league member who is not telling them anything, X-23 kills another member to threaten him, but the league member told them that they are just given instructions inside their brain. Psylocke and Nightcrawler then asked Angel, Wolverine and X-23 what they were hiding and they told the X-Men of the existence of the X-Force and Cyclops involvement, which Cyclops confirmed when asked by Nightcrawler.

    As Bastions attack become more dangerous he decides to isolate the X-Men resulting in the deaths of their teleporters Nightcrawler and Vanisher. Soon his plans are revealed and he traps all of San Francisco in powerful force field. In the center of the bubble is a smaller one connecting them to a future timeline. Bastion begins to send Nimrod Sentinels through the bubble and although the X-Men fight them off they learn that an even larger force waits on the other end. With no other options Cyclops decides to send X-Force, Cypher and Cable to the future timeline so that Cypher and communicate with and shut the Sentinels down ending the threat. However this is revealed as a suicide mission as Cable on had enough power left for one trip. They manage to shut down the Master Mold in the future from sending the Nimrods in to the present timeline but they find out that they can't go through the time tunnel because only inorganic life can go through. Cable then sacrificed himself by releasing the technorganic virus from his arm into his body so that he could open the time portal so that the X-Force can escape safely.

    Uncanny X-Force

    Uncanny X-Force revealed
    Uncanny X-Force revealed

    During Second Coming story arc, many X-Men found out about the existence of the secret X-Force team. This led Cyclops to issue orders that the X-Force will be soon be disbanded. After the death of Cable, Cyclops informed Wolverine that X-Force has been officially and permanently disbanded. Shortly after the meeting between Wolverine and Cyclops, Wolverine returned to X-Force headquarters on Alcatraz Island to inform his new rogue team of X-Men that they cannot let anyone know they formed a new X-Force team. The new rogue X-Force team is lead by Wolverine and consists of Archangel, Deadpool, Fantomex, and Psylocke and operates outside of X-Men and without the knowledge of Cyclops or any other member of the X-Men. Wolverine states that the first rule of the new X-Force is that nobody else should know about them.

    The Apocalypse Solution

    The New Apocalypse
    The New Apocalypse

    The team then starts to operate. Deadpool finds out that a secret society is trying to resurrect Apocalypse, when suddenly a giant Devil statue attacks him. Meanwhile, Psylocke dreams of Archangel's persona threatening her. Betsy wakes up by Warren's side and explains that if she were to remove "Archangel" permanently, it would fracture Warren's mind. Warren says he needs Betsy to keep Archangel from going too far, so he can use it do to some good in X-Force. Psylocke and Angel then join Wolverine and Fantomex, and they all head to the place Deadpool found the Clan Akkaba. When they enter the Clan's temple, Wolverine attacks another giant statue; however he becomes possessed by it. The same happens to Psylocke when she uses her powers on it. Fantomex misdirects the statue's feelings and destroys it, setting Psylocke free. Betsy then frees Wolverine, using her psy-knife. The team find Deadpool, and Warrens explains that Clan Akkaba has found a way to resurrect Apocalypse and that his horsemen have been awoken. They need to kill Apocalypse. Somewhere else, Clan Akkaba is raising a young boy, the new, re-born Apocalypse.

    At Cavern X, Wolverine, Psylocke, Fantomex and Deapool all train in the new Danger Room in a scenario where Apocalypse controls Archangel and Psylocke has to kill him. Warren finds out about it and gets upset. Meanwhile, At the Akkaba Stronghold Ship, kid Apocalypse is being tutored. He's taught that he's a savior to his people and only the stronger shall survive. He aims to bring about the Age of Apocalypse. Back at Cavern X, Warren and Logan talk about what happened earlier and come to an understanding, and Fantomex tracks the Akkaba ship to the Moon. Before going to the Moon, Betsy tells Warren she's there not only to keep Archangel in check, but also because being with him was the last time she felt human, so they make up. Once they arrive on the moon, X-Force is received by the Final Horsemen: War, the Minotaur, Famine, an Army drummer, Death, a Geisha and Pestilence, a sorcerer riding a a magic carpet. The battle is deadly. EVA is decimated, the team scattered, diseased and terribly injured.

    Psylocke finds Apocalypse
    Psylocke finds Apocalypse

    The Horsemen then await word from 'Kid Apocalypse' as to what to do with the fallen heroes. Kid Apocalypse doesn't really want to give the death order, not wanting to kill anyone, showing he is still just a child, so Ozymandias gives the order for him. Luckily for X-Force, that delay gives the team the opportunity to attack. Betsy looks in the minds of the Horsemen, finding out their names, histories and powers. She tells Wolverine that Death's power comes from metal, using his rings to inflict disease on the team. Wolverine then takes on Death, leaving Fantomex and Psylocke to take on the others. Betsy turns off Fantomex's ears, so he can be safe from Famine's bio-sonic consumption. She also disconnects his peripheral and nociceptor nerves in order to turn off his pain. War then knocks out Betsy with a punch to the head and Pestilence takes on Fantomex, he uses his powers of misdirection to make her believe he is her father, then swiftly knocks her out, breaking her jaw in the process. He then begins to use his powers of misdirection to swap Wolverine with Pestilence, infecting her with many diseases, while Fantomex gets the near dead Wolverine away from the fight. Elsewhere Deadpool tries to help Archangel, who was severely affected by Famine's powers. Meanwhile War, who had taken Psylocke and returned with her to his room. There she heals and when she wakes, War tells her he is in love with her. After Fantomex's misdirection wears off, the rest of the Horsemen retreat to their base and prepare to lift-off. Psylocke, who made it inside, flirts with War, and gets close enough to him to drive her psychic knife into his skull, incapacitating him. The ship is about to take off, and Wolverine, Fantomex, Deadpool and Archangel are left behind. With the ship about to take off, Apocalypse is playing with figurines, when the door opens and a sword welding Psylocke approaches the frightened Kid Apocalypse.

    Fantomex kills Apocalypse
    Fantomex kills Apocalypse

    Fantomex and Wolverine dispose of the Horsemen as EVA transports them to a planet far away. Fantomex then uses his powers to trick the ship into believing that it has already teleported. Elsewhere, Deadpool nurses an emaciated Angel back to health by feeding him pieces of himself. Psylocke makes her way to the inner chambers of the child Apocalypse and finds it harder to accomplish her task than ever dreamed of. Betsy protects the child, pretty much stating that she will kill anyone that attempts to harm the boy. Archangel then goes berserk; which forces Betsy to beat him down. X-Force then comes to an agreement that the child can be saved... that's when X-Force members are left shocked looking back at Fantomex who has shot the boy dead with a bullet to the head. Fantomex then closes the child's eyelids. A very stunned team heads back home.

    Return of the Reavers

    Psylocke massacres the Reavers
    Psylocke massacres the Reavers

    Deadpool does a recon on the Outback town, where he learns from Gateway that the Reavers and Lady Deathstrike are back and planning an attack on Utopia. X-Force decides to learn the details of their plot and then kill all of them. Psylocke is especially happy as she will finally make the Reavers pay for what they did to her and the X-Men years ago. The Reavers are blackmailing Gateway to open a portal to Utopia, otherwise they'll kill his family/tribe. X-Force then confronts the Reavers in Australia. Lady Deathstrike plans on making Wolverine suffer; she doesn't want him to die. While Logan and Deathstrike fight, one of the Reavers blows up in front of Fantomex and Deadpool. Psylocke and Archangel are left against the rest of them. Some of the Reavers are seen using Gateway's portal to Utopia, and Psylocke goes after them alone. Pixie is on security duty and spots intruders on the radar on Utopia. Cyclops and Magneto find out they're Reavers, but by the time they find them they're all dead. Psylocke had used her telepathy and stealth to get to the Reavers before the X-Men do and killed them. She leaves their corpses and leaves Utopia unnoticed. Back in the Outback, Wolverine beats Deathstrike and she uploads herself through a computer and escapes. We see Wolverine tell Psylocke she doesn't look so happy about the revenge she just had...

    Deathlok Nation

    The Deathloks attack Fantomex
    The Deathloks attack Fantomex

    Deadpool calls an X-Force meeting without Fantomex. He discussing not feeling right about killing kid Apocalypse and that he didn't sign up to murder kids. Logan disagrees and tells Wade he knew exactly what he signed up for. Deadpool leaves and Logan tells Warren to remove Wade from the team. Warren tells Logan that Deadpool has worked for him for a year and he hasn't cashed any of the checks he paid him. Hinting that Wade just might be there because he wants to be. Fantomex visits his mother at home. She tells him he has a good conscience and that she feels she had a part in making sure he grew up with good ethic in the small amount of time she had to raise him. The two are ambushed by heroes fused with deathlok tech. Spider-Man kills Fantomex's mother, he escapes with EVA, but soon crashes as he makes his way out of his ship he sees Deathlok standing before him.

    Deathlok senses other Deathlok units from another possible future and believes that they are up to no good. The alternate Deathlok units are comprised of superheroes who in the future are hunted, killed, and then reanimated as super-cop Deathlok units, which the government sanctions. The alternate Deathloks have been sent back in time to protect their possible future by obtaining a weapon known as the World. Apparently, after Fantomex killed the child Apocalypse, it caused a disturbance in the time stream sending Deathloks and their controller into phone-booth time machines to fix the glitch. Meanwhile, Psylocke tells Brian Braddock that she aided in the murder of a child. Brian gets angry, but tells her that he can't absolve or condone her, and that he will always love her. His image then disappears, and Warren asks Betsy what she was doing alone in the Danger Room, to which she replies that she was talking to herself. Fantomex and Deathlok manage to escape the other Deathloks with the aid of X-Force. Fantomex then decides that the only way to stop this is by killing the "Father". He then expands the World, X-Force is going in to kill Father and the Future.

    Apocalypse alive
    Apocalypse alive

    X-Force and Deathlok enter The World. Deathlok explains that Deathloks perpetually travel in time to protect the events that ensure a future where all super beings are controlled, and that if they fail to kill Father, this will be almost impossible to stop. X-Force then decide to split up. Fantomex and Deadpool end up arguing with each other over their behavior and attitude. Meanwhile, Logan and Deathlok happen to face Deathlok-Wolverine. Elsewhere, Psylocke argues with Angel. He seems to think of her "mothering" him too much, whereas Betsy is concerned because he hasn't come to her for their psychic exercises. Both are chased by Deathlocks versions of Psylocke/Warren. They fly at high speeds and Psylocke turns around throwing her katana which stabs Deathlok-Psylocke in the head and kills her. Psylocke then tells Warren to go back for her sword. He tells her she has more of those, however she insists that she wants that one. Meanwhile, Deadpool finds the Father who uses his powers on Wade to make him love him like a father, whilst watching Fantomex being beaten by the Deathloks, trying to desperately protect what's hidden in his laboratory. Deadpool breaks free of the control and kills the Father by chopping off his head, making the Deathloks cease to exist. The team re-gather, with Wade triumphantly presenting Father's head and Fantomex tells them their mission is over. However, it is revealed that in the laboratory Fantomex brought baby Apocalypse to the World and has him incubating in a tube back in the Weapon X program. It says that he is 847 days old...

    Unintended Consequences

    The Shadow King strikes
    The Shadow King strikes

    Deadpool snoops around a military base because Betsy had said there were weird physic emanations coming from it. Meanwhile at Cavern-X, Betsy and Warren are having another psychic therapy, where Betsy ends up trapping the "Archangel" persona in one of Warren's first moments of rage. X-Force then decides to head to the military base because they have lost contact with Deadpool. Psylocke tells the others there is a powerful telepath working in that base, and asks them to guard her while she's out to find who is it: she then sees The Shadow King on the astral plane. The Shadow King finds a crack in Betsy's psy shields and starts filling her head with images of her brothers telling her how shocked they are that she's a killer and that their father would be disappointed. Shadow Kings manages to break Psylocke down, but ultimately she escapes. While all of that was happening in the Astral Plane, the Shadow King had taken control over Angel, Wolverine and Deadpool. Fantomex was left alone to protect Betsy's body by misdirecting them. The mind-controlled Archangel tries to launch the missiles at Utopia. Psylocke tries to stop him, but she gets locked out of the missiles launch room, where only Warren and one other mind-controlled employee were. The Shadow King finds the Archangel persona trapped inside Warren's mind, and ends up freeing him. Archangel takes full control of Warren, and cuts Shadow King's in half, to Betsy's surprise. Archangel then casts Betsy out of Warren's mind, telling her, she won't remember his freedom. Warren then snaps out of it, and kills the employee who was about to launch the missiles, even though the employee was also out of the mind control. Wolverine says he hadn't any other option, even unknown to them, he had another option...

    High Art

    Magneto's request
    Magneto's request

    Namor inquires with Dr. Nemesis about a request that was made by Magneto, to which he gets dismissed. Nemesis meets Magneto and asks him if he's certain of what he wants, and gives him all the information he wanted. Meanwhile, X-Force returns from their last mission, stating that the Shadow King is due to return once again. They also console Angel about his actions in said mission. Upon arriving at Carvern X, X-Force meets Magneto who had defeated Deathlok. Warren asks him how he found about them, to which Magneto replies "Remember to whom you are speaking". Magneto gives them the information about a former Nazi he wants to be killed. Wolverine dismisses the rest of X-Force and decides to proceed with the mission by himself. Logan travels to Rio de Janeiro and finds the man he's seeking. Now an elderly man, he has lived a good life, tried to forget the past but he was certain that his past would eventually catch up with him. After this, Logan murders the old man.

    The Dark Angel Saga

    The Fight Between Two Friends
    The Fight Between Two Friends

    The Shadow King meets with Harper Simmons, a struggling news reporter looking for his next big story. The Shadow King gives him security camera footage of Archangel killing the employee who was about to launch the missiles and reveals the entire team in action. Archangel hears about this and leaves to go deal with it. Psylocke notices how much Archangel has changed and decides to tell Logan that Warren is becoming a problem.

    Archangel then meets up with Harper and is about to kill him but Wolverine breaks in and the two fight. Archangel manages to fly away and is about to kill Harper but he struggles to do so since Warren knows it's wrong and is holding Archangel back. Warren is subdued by Psylocke and the team locks Warren up in Cavern X and erases Harper's memory. The team decides that there is only one person in the world who would know what is wrong with Warren. They break Dark Beast out of jail who tells them that since they killed Apocalypse, Archangel now is becoming what he was designed to be: The Heir of Apocalypse. The only way to cleanse Warren of Archangel is to use a "Life Seed" to eliminate the "Death Seed" that is inside of Warren. Unfortunately the only way to get the Life Seed would be to travel to his laboratory in his home dimension: The Age Of Apocalypse.

    The Age Of Apocalypse
    The Age Of Apocalypse

    Using an inter-dimensional portal built by Dark Beast, the gang travels to The Age Of Apocalypse universe and gets the life seed from Dark Beast's lab. Unfortunately the X-Men of this universe interfere, thinking the gang are clones created by Dark Beast to throw them off. The Life Seed is destroyed by Sunfire, while Dark Beast escapes through the portal back into the 616 universe. The portal closes, trapping X-Force in the Age of Apocalypse universe. Wolverine still doesn't trust the Sabretooth of this universe (even though he's a good guy) but is relieved to see Nightcrawler is still alive. The team travels to the X-Men's secret base in Atlantis and Wolverine meets the one person who would hurt him the most if he saw her alive. Jean Grey.

    Deadpool Raises A Good Question
    Deadpool Raises A Good Question

    Wolverine and Jean talk about how much they miss the alternate versions of each other and even think about one of them staying in the others dimension so they could be together. Although Wolverine doesn't like the idea since this isn't his Jean and he isn't Jean's Logan. Although they eventually end up kissing each other. Although their kissing is interrupted by a Sentinel attack. Jean easily takes care of the Sentinel and the team gets together to discuss what's going on. Turns out that the Age of Apocalypse version of MODOK has found the celestial where Dark Beast found the Life Seed and has detected multiple Life Seeds within it. Fantomex suggests splitting into two teams, one will get the Life Seed from the celestial and the other will break the Gateway of this universe out of the Akkaba Prison known as The Sky.

    Fantomex meets up with Psylocke later and the two argue, Psylocke still mad at Fantomex for killing Apocalypse. Although Fantomex really pushes Psylocke's buttons after he says that Warren becoming Archangel was her fault and that she doesn't love Warren she just loves being needed by Warren. Psylocke punches Fantomex and Fantomex says that "That man you loved is gone, but I am here" and the two end up kissing. Although Psylocke leaves refusing to give up on Warren.

    The two teams break off. Fantomex, EVA, Sunfire, Rogue, and Gambit leave to go pick up the Life Seed, while Wolverine, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Deadpool, Iceman, Sabretooth, Wild Child, and Kirika go to break Gateway out of prison. Although once in the prison they run into the Black Legion a group of evil versions of famous heroes and villains from our universe. With no other option but to retreat they run to find Gateway, although things take a turn for the worst when they run into the Age Of Apocalypse version of Wolverine who kills his own daughter Kirika.


    Fantomex manages to grab a life seed but is shocked to find that both the celestial technology is almost exactly like the kind of technology in the World, and that there is only one remaining life seed. Back at The Sky, Jean tries to stop the AOA Wolverine but with no luck. AOA Wolverine knocks Jean out and takes her away to turn her into his bride. It's also revealed that AOA Iceman was a traitor and that he gave the Black Legion information. Gateway manages to teleport the gang to where AOA Wolverine is to save Jean. Fantomex arrives and they hope to give AOA Wolverine the life seed to save the Age of Apocalypse universe, but when they find out that there is only one Life Seed left Jean tells Wolverine to save his universe and not worry about hers. Gateway teleports the X-Force back to the 616 universe only to be confronted by Archangel (who has now become the new Apocalypse), Dark Beast, Genocide, and the Horsemen of Apocalypse.

    Wolverine is the first of the team to go down with Genocide burning him to a crisp. The team is overwhelmed and decides to retreat with Deathlok, but Psylocke decides to stay refusing to give up on Warren. Deadpool and Fantomex discuss what they should do next, at the same time Archangel has Genocide destroy an entire small town and then uses the World to speed up evolution. Deadpool, Fantomex, and Deathlok make their way into the evolved town and are attacked. Deadpool is attacked by Famine and Deathlok decapitates Death. Fantomex tries to stop Archangel but has to retreat after Genocide gets involved. Deathlok interrogates Famine removing both of his eyes. Famine gives the team the location of where Archangel is living and the team flies over there as fast as possible.

    Ready to Rumble
    Ready to Rumble

    The team enters the Akkaba city under the north pole, but Famine escapes destroying EVA and leaving Wolverine's body to burn. The team has to fight both The Blob and Iceman from the AOA universe who have traveled to the 616 universe to serve Archangel. The Blob is taken down after Famine accidentally attacks him instead of Deadpool. Wolverine then appears and slices off Famine's hands. Iceman then freezes Deadpool and shatters him into hundreds of pieces. Meanwhile Psylocke finally gives up on Warren after she sees him kill Genocide's mother and tries to kill him. Archangel wins however and infects Psylocke with the Death seed turning her into the bride of Apocalypse.

    Fantomex flees to Gateway and brings back several members of the x-men from the AOA universe to help stop Archangel. Nightcrawler teleports Psylocke to Fantomex who manages to get her to lower her defenses so Jean Grey can enter her mind and destroy all signs of Apocalypse. Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Sabretooth and Wildchild all lose to Archangel who flies off so he can burn the entire world and then evolve it at super speed although he is greeted at the door to his doomsday machine by both Fantomex and Psylocke, both ready for a fight.

    Deathlok manages to reason his way out of War's spell by learning love. Dark Beast, Pestilence, and War escape from Deathlok and flee so they can protect the child that Archangel put into Pestilence. Psylocke and Fantomex put up a fight, but Angel eventually takes care of them both stabbing Fantomex in one of his brains and knocking Psylocke off a building. Fantomex with no other option decides to release the clone of Apocalypse.

    The Death of Archangel
    The Death of Archangel

    Apocalypse has been living a virtual life as Evan, a teenaged superhero named Genesis who has an origin story very similar to another superhero from an alternate universe. Genesis fights Archangel but loses, although the fight gives Psylocke enough time to gather the courage and stab Archangel with the life-seed. Killing him. Before he dies, Psylocke plants false memories into Archangel's mind. Memories of them growing old together and living a happy life.

    Fantomex grabs Psylocke and meets up with Deathlok who has collected all that remains of Deadpool in a small bag. They gather their fallen comrades and prepare to leave. Before they do Psylocke sees Warren walking towards her in the snow. She kisses him and is happy to see him alive, but eventually realizes that there's one thing wrong with him. Warren has no memory of who she is, or memory of anything else. The Life seed has turned him into a "blank slate".

    Live With This

    The Memory Will Live On
    The Memory Will Live On

    After Archangel is eliminated, Fantomex decides to send Genesis to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning but only if he continues to follow the path of a hero. Meanwhile Wolverine and AOA Jean Grey spend one last night together while Deadpool and Sabretooth talk about their fallen comrades. Jean and Sabretooth eventually travel back to their own universe but AOA Nightcrawler decides to stay behind and join X-force so he can hunt down Bobby Drake, Blob, and Dark Beast so they can pay for the death of his friends.

    Psylocke desperately tries to make the reborn Angel remember who she is, but sadly nothing she does seems to work. Warren really is gone. Meanwhile Wolverine and Fantomex talk about Genesis, Fantomex tells him that he did it to prove to himself that "evil wasn't cooked into the boy's genes." Wolverine decides that Genesis can stay at his school but only if Fantomex doesn't tell the boy that he is actually the clone of Apocalypse. Wolverine then invites Kitty Pryde and Beast over and reveals the existence of X-force, Beast is furious at the idea but Wolverine tells him that X-force is going to continue to exist so that none of the bad guys show up at his school looking for a fight.

    Later that night Fantomex is attacked by Captain Britain who tells him that he has to pay for his crimes.


    Betsy and Fantomex escape Otherworld
    Betsy and Fantomex escape Otherworld

    When Jean expanded Psylocke’s psyche, her psychic connection to her brother, Brian, was briefly reestablished. He saw her memories of her time with X-Force and used them against Fantomex, an anomaly who doesn’t exist in any other timeline, in a trial in Otherworld. He was found guilty and the team needed to go save him.

    X-Force finds themselves stuck between the Captain Britain Corps and demonic invaders, but Psylocke is able to free Fantomex by herself. The two are ultimately caught by The Skinless Man, a Weapon Plus subject who had his elastic skin stolen by Fantomex years previous. Psylocke was able to incapacitate The Skinless Man and reunite her team with the Corps to take down the demonic invaders.

    Psylocke reaches into the Goat Monk, the leader of the demons, and finds that he is a version of her brother, Jamie, from the future. So she killed the present version of him. At Jamie’s funeral, Brian gave in to the idea that some situations need an ugly solution and regretfully dismisses Fantomex’s charges.

    The Final Execution

    New Brotherhood
    New Brotherhood

    The team took a big hit. Angel regressed and was removed from the team. A guilt-ridden Psylocke quit, and without Angel’s backing, Fantomex left too. This meant Wolverine and AOA Nightcrawler were Deadpool’s only backup when his recon of a corporate assassin outfit called White Sky went south. White Sky specialized in genetic alterations and implanted memories that give their assassins a personal vendetta against the targets. Their most effective killers, The Omega Clan, have been hired to go after X-Force.

    They were hired by a new Brotherhood, run by Daken. While the Omega Clan was taking on the three active members of X-Force, Sabretooth kidnapped Genesis, Mystique was posing as Psylocke to seduce Fantomex, and Shadow King was telepathically prying at Psylocke’s guilt. Skinless Man and AOA Blob were also among their numbers.

    Fantomex was able to best Mystique and tried to save Psylocke. He was ambushed by The Skinless Man who cut out his heart. With his connection to EVA severed, EVA evolved into an android and accompanied Psylocke back to HQ. With the surviving members back together, Daken revealed himself, commanding Ultimaton to break Gateway’s neck and self-destruct.

    No Caption Provided

    Before Ultimaton blows, Psylocke is able to push Gateway’s mind just before he dies to teleport the team. They found themselves 30 years in the future with a version of Deathlok. Deathlok explained that Genesis became the new Apocalypse but was killed by X-Force. Based on that success, X-Force continued hunting criminals becoming more and more fascist. To stop this future, Psylocke attempted suicide only to be saved by AOA Nightcrawler. With their new found knowledge, the team returned to the present to set things right.

    Back in the present, Deathlok helped them track Ultimaton to find Evan and the new Brotherhood. While the team argued what to do about Evan, Deadpool snuck away to save him from being killed by anyone, however, without his healing factor, he was outmatched by the Brotherhood. The team split up to now rescue both Evan and Wade, but they are betrayed by AOA Nightcrawler when he was manipulated by Mystique.

    Mystique offers up AOA Blob on a platter for AOA Nightcrawler. With X-Force against the ropes, Evan finally gives in and steps into an Apocalypse power suit. He turns the tide in X-Force’s favor. Psylocke is able to incapacitate Shadow King, and EVA stabs Nightcrawler for his betrayal. Deadpool stabs Skinless Man in the neck, and Wolverine drowns Daken. Sabertooth escapes, as does AOA Nightcrawler with Mystique.


    X-Force decides to disband, but not before they recover and clone Fanomex’s body. Known for having three brains, the cloning machine ended up making a new body for each brain: Fantomex, Cluster, and Weapon XIII.

    Dual X-Force Teams

    After Wolverine’s wetworks team was disbanded, there were two active X-Force teams. One was Cable’s new rogue team, and the other was Psylocke's X-Men approved field team

    Cable's Team

    No Caption Provided

    Cable assembled Forge and Dr. Nemesis to help him in his weakened state. His techno-organic virus had been cured, leaving him with a missing eye, a severely atrophied arm, and constant debilitating headaches coupled with horrific visions of the future that might just end up killing him.

    Cable brings in more members to get ahead of the premonitions: Colossus, Domino, and Hope. However, they only have a small window to make things right. If they don’t resolve it at the right time, the butterfly effect will cause it to change, possibly worsen. Their first mission to stop tainted fast food meat that doesn’t affect mutants in order to frame mutants backfires when they are labeled terrorists for attacking the factory. This trend continues with each premonition they avoid. They are branded criminals and have to lay low, especially now with the Avengers Unity Squad on the hunt.

    While X-Force continues to stop premonitions on the run, Hope, kicked off the team by Cable to protect her, goes looking for the reason for his premonitions. She found Blaquesmith, who claimed responsibility and kidnapped her to the future. He was working with a future version of Hope that was trying to avert their current dystopia. The future version didn’t realize how much damage she was doing to Cable so they sent back Hope (with some new future tech) to save Cable from the terminal new powers.

    Psylocke's Team

    No Caption Provided

    Wolverine, as the current headmaster, reassigned Psylocke from academy staff to field team. She was lashing out after a bad breakup with Fantomex. She was teamed with Storm and Puck. They were tasked with tracking a new drug, Tao, which causes users to be susceptible to a hive mind. It was connected to a young girl named Ginny in the care of Spiral.

    When this team caught up with her they were interrupted by Bishop. Bishop was possessed by the Demon Bear and was sent through time by the Revenants to apprehend Ginny. This allowed a second revenant possessing Bishop to take over Ginny’s body. Spiral and Bishop were then taken in by X-Force.

    After Bishop was healed, they were ambushed and briefly apprehended by The Revenants, but they were able to fight their way out. That’s when Spiral returned with new information. She reveals that the Revenant Queen is actually Cassandra Nova. She plans to open a portal to release more Revenants that requires the sacrifice of a telepath to close. When Spiral reluctantly struck Ginny, it forced Nova out of Ginny’s body and into the revenant of Psylocke. When Psylocke killed her, her death closed the portal.


    No Caption Provided

    When Hope finds out that Bishop, who chased her and Cable through time trying to kill her, is alive in the present, she goes hunting for him. Hope is interrupted by Stryfe. Cable shows up just in time to see Stryfe teleport away with Hope and Bishop, and Psylocke shows up just in time to see Cable and expect the worst. Cable didn’t take too kindly to them protecting Bishop causing the two X-Forces to face off against each other.

    While they fight, Nemesis drugs Spiral so Cable can use her teleportation powers to follow Stryfe. When the two teams realize he has snuck away, the teams band together to figure out how to track Cable. Meanwhile, Stryfe was waiting for Cable. He sent Spiral away and locked up Cable. His plan was to set Hope up to kill Bishop while Cable watches, unable to stop her.

    The teams’ attempts to track Cable failed. Instead, they were able to find Spiral who remembered where she teleported Cable too. When the teams show up, they split into two groups. Forge, Boom-Boom, Spiral, Domino, and Storm infiltrate Styfe’s base to free Stryfe’s captors, while Colossus, Puck, Nemesis, and Psylocke fight Stryfe head-on to distract him.

    When the infiltration team found Hope, she injured Bishop but couldn’t kill him. Stryfe’s plan failed, and Cable, now freed by both teams, stabbed him with his own psimitar. However, before he made his getaway, Stryfe dumped his omega level power into Hope through her power mimicry causing her to become unstable. Bishop is able to talk her through processing the power, earning him a second chance. But Cable and Hope aren’t interested in being his friend.

    The two teams commiserate after a win, and Cable mentions taking X-Force in a new direction.

    The Alexandria Incident

    No Caption Provided

    Cable puts together a new X-Force after The Alexandria Incident, a terrorist attack on a defense symposium that puts Hope into a coma. The team consists of members from the previous two teams: Psylocke, Fantomex, and Dr. Nemesis. Their goal is to recover the captive mutants being experimented on and used in these attacks by Russian billionaire, Volga. Their first successful rescues are Marrow and Meme, who both join the team. However, Meme was actually Hope mimicking Meme's abilities from her coma.

    They track down Volga’s mobile base, but Volga wasn’t just capturing mutants. He was also creating superhumans, including giving himself superhuman powers. He sabotaged Cable with his self-destruct super-human serum and captured the rest of the X-Force field team. Meanwhile, Nemesis knew of Cable’s sabotage. He had Cable’s body in stasis, creating a new clone each day that would eventually explode, while he searched for a cure. A new clone of Cable was able to free his team but Volga got away.

    Soon after, Fantomex’s obsessive need to be superior causes him to snap and turn against his team, upgrading himself with Volga’s biotech. The team narrowly escaped with the help of Domino. To stop Fantomex, Hope needed to mimic Volga’s biotech from her coma, which would help her find a cure for Cable, Fantomex, and herself. She distilled all her team’s rage and insecurities and uploaded them into Fantomex. This forced Fantomex to purge himself using EVA. Hope copied the procedure on Cable and herself, ending the grasp of Volga’s biotech on all of them.

    Hope’s last act was firing Cable as leader, as she no longer agreed with him that the ends justify the means.

    Original Team Returns

    After the death of Cable, Domino gets part of the New Mutants roster back together to search for a teenage version of Cable that is active in the present.

    Sins of the Past

    No Caption Provided

    They track him to Transia, a nation that recently allowed mutant refugees. Cable was investigating it with Deathlok’s help. The Transia military had guns from the future, and he wanted to know how they were getting them. When Deathlok got captured during recon, Cable had to break him out of prison. X-Force showed up and aided in their getaway.

    Deathlok successfully got intel though. Despite allowing mutant refugees, bigoted military leader, Constantin, was responsible for an increase in mutant-targeted violence. He even went as far as to kill the Transian President and frame X-Force using surveillance footage from the prison break, Constantin rules all mutants as enemies of the state, and X-Force stuck around to liberate mutants from Constantin’s prison camps, including a soldier, Andrei, hiding his mutation who pledges to help the team.

    Andrei sneaks Deathlok into the prison to save the prisoners, but he betrays Deathlok and escapes through a time portal. Deathlok is still able to free the prisoners, but he is attacked by Ahab for spare parts. Ahab had been captured by Constanin and forced to find a cure to mutation. The team let Constantin in a mech suit and Ahab fight each other to the death.

    Cable also revealed to Domino that Ahad was his real target since he was looking for Rachel Summers. One of the mutant prisoners said they saw Rachel enter the time portal. As the team was gearing up to enter, Stryfe and his Mutant Liberation Army came through.

    Counterfeit King

    No Caption Provided

    Stryfe had Rachel and Clan Chosen hostage, and X-Force was in no condition to fight his Mutant Liberation Army after taking on the Transian army. So, Cable agreed to follow Stryfe into the time portal. 2,000 years from now, Stryfe was torturing Cable for the location of the Clan Askani.

    Once the team got the portal working, they made their way to the future to rescue their friends. They got to the future just in time to see Rachel make a psychic call to the Clan Askani, but this was a ruse. Stryfe was puppeteering her to lead them into his trap. X-Force made it to Clan Askani before they fell into the trap, but an earlier version of Blaquesmith mistook them for the MLA and attacked them.

    The MLA eventually attacked and X-Force and Clan Askani teamed up to take them on. In the chaos, Blaquesmith tries to retreat but is caught by Andrei, the Transian soldier turned MLA member. The MLA members were being controlled by Stryfe’s psychics. They had to direct so much focus to them, that they loosened their grip on Rachel. This allowed Rachel to tap into her innate abilities and defeat the psychics. This allowed the controlled members of the MLA to turn against Stryfe and those voluntarily part of the MLA.

    Rachel used her telepathy to hurt Stryfe, but she was stopped by Cable. This version of Stryfe is from the same spot in the timeline as this younger Cable. If Rachel killed him now, this Cable would never grow up to be the Cable Rachel and X-Force love. With Cable and Rachel saved, X-Force escorts them and the brainwashed MLA members back to the present.


    The Pointe
    The Pointe

    By transforming Krakoa into an island nation for mutants, Pr. X put a bullseye on the collective heads of mutants. With a new nation comes new enemies. They found the need for a CIA like operation to analyze threats through intelligence gathering and black ops after XENO assassins broke the perimeter of Krakoa by grafting skin samples from Domino on to their bodies.

    Beast, Sage, and Black Tom are the intelligence gathering branch, and Wolverine, Kid Omega, and Domino are the black ops team. They all answer to Krakoa's main diplomat, Jean Grey, and work out of the secret waterfall base, The Pointe.

    X-Force also has some authority in the resurrection protocols granted to them by Xavier. They are able to delay resurrection of any mutant they determine to be an immediate threat to national security. They are also able to have a say in the editing of memories for the management of national security.

    Telefloronic Arms Race

    Wolverine captured
    Wolverine captured

    The president of the South American nation of Terra Verde originally refused to sign the Krakoan treaty to share in the mutant pharmaceuticals believing it to be plagiarist of their own telefloronic technology, thus crippling the nation economically. After private talks, the president reconsidered, however, the telefloronic scientists, working with the president’s son, exposed themselves to their organic plant-based technology and attacked during Xavier’s public appearance. Beast believed them to be the first in a long line of organic sentinels and sent X-Force to preemptively take them out. With the president’s son retrieved, Beast secretly turned his telefloronic technology against him, turning the son into a telefloronic computer virus that would turn all their telefloronics against them.

    Several months later, the country went dark, and X-Force was sent to investigate. The black ops team found the president ripped to shreds by vines that had overrun the entire country leading back to an old Mayan temple. After the field team was overwhelmed, the intelligence members were forced to head into the field as reinforcements. Jean Grey used her telepathy to connect Black Tom and Sage, combining their abilities to talk to vegetation and talk to technology, to deactivate the techno-organic weapons.

    Knowing Beast was responsible for creating a clear and present danger to mutantkind, Jean Grey quit the team. Months later, the Terra Verdeans targeted the first Hellfire Gala to demand their freedom from Beast's coding. In order to keep Beast's decisions secret, Krakoa agreed to their demands kicking off a telefloronic arms race.

    X-Force studies Man-Slaughter's genetics
    X-Force studies Man-Slaughter's genetics

    Although X-Force was created to investigate threats from anti-mutant hate groups, they found themselves confronting a threat from the ocean floor when a number of corpses washed up on shore and started attacking people. They assumed the corpses were moving due to an infection, so they tracked them to a sunken US naval vessel. Members of the field team investigated using Forge’s new Krakoan dive suits and found offshoots of Krakoan vines that were bonding with the wildlife. Namor swam in to exterminate it for them, but the natural evolution and dissemination of their telefloronic technology was worrying.

    In addition, a third strain of telefloronic technology related to Man-Thing was discovered in the Pacific Northwest. It was a plant-human super soldier named Man-Slaughter, who was the product of a Weapon Plus program funded by XENO. They began to see the technology used against a number of X-Corp’s human allies, mainly CEOs, politicians, and peace-keepers. Man-Slaughter, who had escaped Weapon Plus, was happy to cooperate. Using Man-Slaughter's genetic samples, X-Force’s intelligence division could track Dr Bloodroot, another plant-human hybrid, who was the source of these new infections. Once defeated, the attacks ended, but Man-Slaughter promised X-Force that the doctor was not dead for good.

    Russian Bio-Trafficking

    Quire vs his own psychic signature
    Quire vs his own psychic signature

    After Wolverine helped the Marauders take down a Russian criminal organization from stealing Krakoa medicine, they uncovered the bodies of Russian super soldiers. They brought the bodies back to be studied by X-Force, however, they were Russian Nesting Dolls, featuring ever smaller assassins that would escape after the top body was killed. Their target was the data servers downloaded into the Cerebro Sword, desired by their employer Mikhail Rasputin. It was his peace offering to XENO and its leader, known only as the Man with the Peacock Tattoo. In the meantime, Beast rounded up the Russian mutants, Colossus and Omega Red, for psychic interrogation, much to the chagrin of the rest of the team.

    In addition to the Cerebro Sword, Rasputin also handed over the corpse of Quentin Quire, so that XENO could replicate his powers just as they did Domino. With their new Quire zombie, they first framed the mutant nation for an attack on a cruise ship before attacking the country directly, including killing Beast with a stroke and trapping Black Tom in vegetation. Once Sage confirmed it was Quire’s psychic signature, Quire went into the astral plane to find the source, only to be attacked by his own zombified energy signature. With Jean’s help, Quire was able to purge his old body of any latent memories or powers, ending the psychic attack.

    Cerebro Tech

    The New X-Force
    The New X-Force

    Omega Red came to Krakoa looking for asylum but was secretly a plant for Dracula and his new vampire nation. X-Force figured this out during their psychic interrogations over Russia’s anti-mutant policy. Beast outfitted Red with tracking and surveillance tech so he would be an unwilling double agent. When Red learned of this, he tried to defect back to Russia, where Mikhail Rasputin forced him to time travel and kill Xavier. Wolverine was forced to use Cerebro to jump back into earlier versions of his body and stop Red. After killing him, Sage suggested to the Quiet Council that they resurrect Red so that they could convince him to be an X-Force asset. Red reluctantly agreed.

    When Wolverine was using Cerebro, Xavier needed to network his back-up Cerebro’s together to increase the power. As Logan traveled through time, Sage hypothesizes that Cerebro became a nexus for the collective consciousness. This caused one of the back-ups to gain sentience and start feeding on mutant brains, misunderstanding its directive to store and digest information. Quire eventually charged into action causing Cerebrax (as it was now calling itself) to explode. Quire was killed in the explosion, and his memory backups were scrubbed from the Cerebro files, making resurrection impossible.

    Cerebro tech was also stolen by the American CIA, and Deadpool, who had been obsessed with proving himself worthy of Krakoa citizenship, took a gig to retrieve it. This forced him to cross paths and eventually team up with Wolverine, when they realized that they were competing with former X-Men ally, Danger. She wanted the Cerebro tech to create a child to replace the X-Men, who abandoned her for their new country. Empathetic, Logan and Wade left her to her new family, and Wolverine invited Wade to join X-Force.

    The Hunt for X

    With a faction of the Eternals targeting mutants for being Deviants and The Progenitor threatening to judge each individual for the fate of the entire planet, X-Force was dealing with a third threat: The Last Son of Kraven.

    Omega Red and Deadpool were sent on a mission to investigate mutant trafficking in the new seaways created by disappearing ice caps. Fed up with Wade, Omega Red feeds him to a polar bear knowing he will survive. Unfortunately, the polar bear is killed by Kraven, who is sharpening his skills. Believing the resurrection protocols make mutants the new apex predator and a perfect new challenge, he uses Deadpool's remains as an organic key to the Krakoan gates.

    There, he invades X-Force's headquarters to take control of the holographic security system, The Shadow Room, to use on Wolverine, the most dangerous mutant of them all. Using Beast as bait, Wolverine charges into a Savage Land Danger Room scenario where Kraven forces him to fight to the death. In the meantime, Sage tries to get back control of the room, while Red and Wade venture in to give Wolverine and Beast back up.

    Although, Wolverine had his chance to kill Kraven, he refused. Instead, he and his team retreated from the system as the battle with the Eternals causes the room to collapse with Kraven still inside.

    The Beast Agenda

    Beast clones
    Beast clones

    The responsibility of X-Force weighed heavily on Beast. So much so, that he started acting erratically and out of character. His weaponization of telefloronics was just the beginning. He also started funneling money into an X-Force slush fund to pay for his clandestine projects, including a secret space station prison and his own private clone farm. The last straw was when he put an obedience collar on Wolverine during one of his resurrections after sensing Wolverine was starting to doubt his motives.

    Wolverine eventually freed himself from the collar and killed Beast. Wolverine was ready to announce to the team that Beast was out of the picture when Beast cut in to the X-Force comms. He had revived himself in his clone farm and took over The Pointe, which he turned into a large sentinel. He fired all the X-Force members and replaced them with every clone of himself and Wolverine he had.

    With the Quiet Council's approval though, Sage continued X-Force, with new members Colossus and Wolverine (Laura). She intended to have more transparency, but when The Quiet Council wouldn't allow them to go after Beast, they did so anyway in secret. Linking back up with Wolverine, who had been investigating Beast independently, X-Force used Wolverine's cease-fire negotiation as a distraction. They planted bombs around the mobile Pointe taking out his arsenal and personal resurrection farm. Unfortunately, Beast Prime got away with the Cerebro Sword still in his possession.

    Fall of X

    The Greenhouse
    The Greenhouse

    In the wake of Beast's betrayal, Colossus was chosen as new director of X-Force, as well as a new member of the Quiet Council. Unfortunately, he was secretly working with his anti-Krakoa brother, Mikhail, who was using The Chronicler, a psychic manipulator Mikhail had hostage, to control him. They had set up a plan to attack Krakoa, but Orchis beat them to it. Pivoting his plans during the Orchis siege of the Hellfire Gala, Colossus led a few of his teammates through a Krakoa gate and into Mikhail's clutches. Omega Red, Laura, and the recently resurrected Quentin Quire were taken prisoner. Sage and Domino did their best off the grid to save them while Deadpool fell out of communication while working with Captain America.

    With the help of Doctor Strange, Dom and Sage were able to breach the interdimensional prison Mikhail had been keeping their teammates. It was recently made unstable by Colossus, who was fighting his brother after learning the truth of his manipulation. Once contact had been made with the captives, including The Chronicler, Strange was able to drag them out of the pocket dimension. With X-Force almost entirely united, they rescued Wolverine, who has been a lone fugitive since Orchis' attack, and set up a new headquarters in the North Pole, called The Greenhouse. This became a new haven for lost mutants including former Alpha Flight refugees: Fang, Northstar, and Aurora.

    The Return of Beast

    Sage's Beast clone
    Sage's Beast clone

    With the mutants on the run, Beast makes a play on The Greenhouse, stealing telefloronic tech to start his new operations. This forces Sage to reveal a clone of Beast she had kept and a memory file backdated to Beast's time as a Defender. She believed combining these memories with the clone body would give them an edge against the new darker Beast. The team reluctantly agreed, but when the new Beast found out what his original had done, he decided to runaway.

    They tracked new Beast to California, where he started working with his old friend, Simon Williams. The two of them tracked old Beast off the coast of California, where the old Beast had used stolen nuclear weapons to create a black hole gun. His plan was to take out Mars before Orchis could take advantage of the mutants on the planet. Old Beast intended to convince New Beast of his way, but first he needed to separate him from Simon. After Simon was rescued by X-Force, he volunteered to take out the weapon which Old Beast had already activated.

    With Simon in danger, old Beast jumped into action to stop the weapon, dying for his old friend in the process. Afterward, Simon would invite new Beast to be his roommate, while X-Force returned to The Greenhouse.

    Sabretooth War

    X-Force witnesses Wolverine in action
    X-Force witnesses Wolverine in action

    After Sabretooth escaped from The Pit on Krakoa, he used an Orchis spaceship to travel the multiverse, creating a team of variants of himself. When he returned to his Earth, the mutant nation was gone, but he tracked Wolverine to X-Force's new headquarters. With his new army, he killed Quentin Quire and Fang to lure Wolverine out of The Greenhouse. After Wolverine was overwhelmed, they tied him up alive to watch as they slaughter the other members of X-Force and the mutants they are protecting inside. When the telefloronic security system started to attack the Sabretooth army, Sabretooth Prime ordered them to retreat, with Laura as their prisoner.

    Wolverine would chase after them solo but fall victim to Sabreooth as well. Sage did her best to track them, but it wasn't until Laura escaped her cell and sent an S.OS. that she was able to locate their missing members. She got a team together to rescue them, using a telefloronic jet of Black Tom's devising. They arrive to the abandoned landmass of Krakoa just in time to witness Wolverine, armed with Muramasa blade and an admantium armor, fighting Graydon Creed, who was recruitedby the Sabreteeth to take out 616-Creed.

    The team takes on Sentinels being controlled by Graydon to clear the way to Creed and Logan's final face off. Using the Muramasa blade, Logan finally dices Sabertooth to pieces, killing him for good.

    In Other Media


    Deadpool and X-Force
    Deadpool and X-Force
    • X-Force makes its film debut in Deadpool 2. In the movie, X-Force is assembled by Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), who puts out a want ad in order to find superhumans who can help him protect Russell Collins (Julian Dennison) from Cable (Josh Brolin). The mutants who respond to Wade's ad are Domino (Zazie Beetz), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), Bedlam (Terry Crews), Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgård), Vanisher (Brad Pitt) and a normal human named Peter (Rob Delaney). In an extended bit of black comedy, most of the members of X-Force are gruesomely killed during their first mission, as Deadpool forgets to compensate for the wind during the team's airplane jump. By the end of the ill-fated sky jump, Deadpool and Domino are left as the fledgling group's only survivors.
    • A spin-off X-Force film was in the works at Fox Studios with Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz expected to reprise their roles. However, after the Fox/Disney merger, the current status of the spin-off is unknown.

    Video Game

    UMVC3 and Future Fight
    UMVC3 and Future Fight
    • The members of X-Force appear in Deadpool's ending in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where they celebrate Wade's victory over Galactus.
    • The X-Force version of Deadpool is a playable character in Marvel Contest of Champions. Storm also sports her X-Force uniform as her default outfit. A version of X-Force from a parallel dimension appears in the game as one of the many groups brought to Battlerealm. The team consists of Wolverine, Deadpool, Psylocke and Archangel.
    • Various members of X-Force appear in the Marvel Heroes online game. Additionally, Wolverine, Storm, Deadpool, Cable, Psylocke and Colossus have their X-Force uniforms as alternate costumes.
    • X-Force appears in Marvel Future Fight, with the team consisting of Cable, Domino, Deadpool and Psylocke.
    • The X-Force versions of Wolverine, Deadpool and Domino appear in the Marvel Puzzle Quest mobile game.
    • Deadpool's X-Force universe is available in the Marvel Strike Force mobile game.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • In the 90s, ToyBiz produced a line of X-Force action figures. The line included mainstays like Cable, Domino, Shatterstar, Cannonball, Sunspot and Warpath, as well as villains like Stryfe, Deadpool, Garrison Kane, Gideon, Pyro, Avalanche, Mojo, Killspree, Slayback, Blob, Black Tom Cassidy, Cruel and Forearm. Other characters such as G.W. Bridge, X-Treme and Grizzly also appeared in the line.
    • The X-Force version of Warpath was featured in a Marvel Legends two-pack with Deadpool, produced by Hasbro.
    • At San Diego Comic-Con 2012, an exclusive Marvel Legends X-Force box set was offered by Hasbro. The set included Wolverine, Psylocke and Archangel.
    • A figure of Deadpool in his X-Force outfit was included as part of the Marvel Legends Epic Heroes wave from Hasbro.
    • The Marvel Legends Sasquatch Build-a-Figure wave as an homage to X-Force, and featured several characters associated with the team, such as Deadpool, Cable, Domino and X-23.
    • A box set featuring the X-Force versions of Wolverine, Deadpool and Warpath was released as part of Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • An X-Force themed wave called "Deadpool & X-Force" was released for the HeroClix figure game.
    • At Toy Fair 2019, Hasbro revealed that a special Marvel Legends X-Force wave is in the works. The series will include Cannonball, Boom-Boom, Nightcrawler and Mister Sinister, among others.

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