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    Bloodwynd is an extremely enigmatic necromancer that uses a powerful mystic relic, the Blood Gem, to fight the forces of evil. The gem grants its user divine abilities and was created by slaves via magic rituals. It has since then been passed down from generation to generation, with "Bloodwynd" being its current wielder.

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    Bloodwynd is the descendant of a group of slaves that, through ritual magic, created a power mystical relic called the Blood Gem, which grants its wielder divine abilities via necromancy. The gem was explained to have harnessed the blood, sorrow,and misery of his ancestors combine with forces from the moon. After the gem was created, one slave (Clemma) killed their plantation owner and imprisoned his soul within it. The gem was then passed down from generation to generation, with Bloodwynd being its current wielder. Bloodwynd is an extremely enigmatic figure and outside of the origin of his abilities, his true origin is unknown. He has never used any other name or identity besides his alias, "Bloodwynd".


    Bloodwynd was created by comic writer/artist Dan Jurgens in 1992. His first appearance was in Justice League America #61 - Born Once Again.

    Major Story Arcs

    Justice League: Blood Secrets

    The Rott (left) and Weapon Master(right)
    The Rott (left) and Weapon Master(right)

    Not all of the descendants of the gem's creator used it for good. Over the years, as the Blood Gem was passed down, the plantation owner began feeding on the evil deeds of a few of the gem's wielders. This evil transformed him into the powerful entity known as the Rott.

    The Rott eventually became powerful enough to entrapped the current wielder, known only as "Bloodwynd", within the gems dimension. Bloodwynd was using the gem's powerful mystic abilities for heroics when the Rott began sucking his soul into it.

    J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter) arrived to his aid and when Manhunter reached out to help the suffering hero, the gem merged itself with him. Bloodwynd's entire being (flesh and soul) was pulled into the gem. With the gem now merged into Manhunter's chest, the Rott was able to manipulate Manhunter into using his shape shifting abilities to take on the image of Bloodwynd. He then had Bloodwynd (Manhunter) to join the Justice League to find someone powerful enough to release him from the gem.

    Manhunter would masquerade as Bloodwynd for several adventures before it was finally revealed that the real Bloodwynd had been entrapped within the gem. After an altercation with Weapon Master, The Atom and The Ray were eventually able to free Bloodwynd by traveling into the gem's world. The real Bloodwynd was then offered membership of the Justice League.

    Cult of the Machines

    After officially joining the Justice League, Bloodwynd and several other Leaguers were deployed to combat the Extremists. During the encounter, Dreamslayer attempted to recruit Bloodwynd. He declined the offer but began to have conflicting feelings about his purpose with the Justice League and his true purpose, which to this day has never been revealed. During the events of Cult of the Machines, Bloodwynd withheld this encounter from the Justice League, which caused some tension between him and the other Leaguers.


    When Overmaster, a galactic wanderer who destroys civilizations he deems unworthy, returned to Earth, Bloodwynd was strangely inactive, refusing to take action against what he said to be a natural course of events. This, combine with the fact that he withheld information, caused him and the others to question his membership in the Justice League. He would voluntarily put himself on reserve until later re-enlisting to help the rest of the League fight Amazo.

    Day of Judgment

    Bloodwynd was later seen during the Day of Judgment storyline and in JLA Black Baptism serving as a member of Sentinels of Magic. In the latter storyline, he was badly injured by the Diablos, a group of Mafia-styled demons who wished to gain revenge for demons slayed during the Day of Judgment.

    DC Power 2024: Pit Stop

    After a conflict against Felix Faust, Bloodwynd found himself trapped in hell under the torture of a demon who put him in a memory loop, reviving moments of the past. Bloodwynd choose to stay there because he thought this way he could prevent others from his family line to fall under the curse of the Blood Gem. However, his newphew Raphael, who had became Bloodwynd during the Lazarus Event, found him there and help him to get free, discovering than the original Bloodwynd was really his uncle Quintus Arce, who him believed to have died years ago on a car accident. The demon who have Quintus prisioner told Raphael than because he has died with the Blood Gem over him, now Quintus was tied to hell. Raphael then took over the Blood Gem on himself, efectively, as Quintus, at last free, ascended to heaven.

    Powers and Abilities

    Powers (Manhunter)

    During his first several appearances, Bloodwynd was actually the Martian Manhunter using his shape shifting abilities to impersonate Bloodwynd. It is unclear how many of the abilities he displayed during this time were Bloodwynd's own and how many were simply the Manhunter's powers in disguise. Shortly after the secret was revealed, Manhunter himself hypothesized that most of the powers his teammates observed were actually his own and not Bloodwynd's.

    Powers (Blood Gem)

    Flashback and explanation of Bloodwynd's ancestor (Clemma) using the Blood Gem.
    Flashback and explanation of Bloodwynd's ancestor (Clemma) using the Blood Gem.

    Since their separation, Bloodwynd still demonstrated a wide array of abilities using his ancestral relic. He is a highly skilled sorcerer with a preferred spellcraft of necromancy. He can see, sense, and even summon the spirits of the dead.

    Using ectoplasmic energy, he can augment his strength and release energy blast from his hands and/or the shrouds of his cape. He possesses the ability of flight/levitation and an extremely uncanny ability to release beams of light from his eyes, that inflict the pain of the dead onto their attackers, virtually acting as a powerful concussive blast. All of Bloodwynd's abilities are granted by the Blood Gem, which he explained to have been created from the blood, sorrow,and misery of his ancestors drawing upon the essence of the moon (which probably explains his luminescent white costume). Without the gem, he is powerless.


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