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    5000-year-old villainous sorcerer. A master of mystical magic who was one of the Justice League of America's first adversaries.

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    "By gill of fish and shark's tough hide... By wave, by foam... now, sea... Divide!" -- Felix Faust

    In his millennia on Earth, Faust has studied the occult to amass formidable talents in spell casting and the summoning of demons. What Faust lacks in true magical power he makes up for in his willingness to sell his soul or sacrifice others, including his own children, to obtain mystical might.

    Seven millennia ago, sorcerer Felix Faust challenged the wizard-king Nommo, ruler of magnificent Kor, for possession of the burning enigma called the flame of life. Having little to trade except his own malefic magicks, the greedy Faust was banished from the bargaining table as Kor crumbled to history. Felix did not escape his other dimensional prison until the early 20th century, when occult dabbler Dekan Drache made his own one-sided Faustian pact.

    "Up, gold! Up, cash! Fly through the ship! Come to my hands... Without a slip!" -- Felix Faust

    As a young man Felix Faust read the story of how his namesake, Faust, had sold his soul to the devil for supernatural powers. From that moment onwards, Felix sought to do the same, studying dead languages in Vienna, archaeology in London and history in Sorbonne.

    He also visited the ruins of Ur and Lagash in Chaldea, famous for magicians. He even unearthed a copy of the Necronomicon, the book of black magic written by mad Arab Abdul Alhazred. He studied ancient parchments and the clay tablets of long dead sorcerers, all in preparation for a single moment - when he would speak the incantation that would summon to him the three ancient demons known as Abnegazar, Rath and Ghast, supremely powerful beings who had been imprisoned beneath the Earth for billions of years by the mysterious Timeless Ones.

    "Roll, sea! Crash, waves! Meet, ocean! Engulf all within your motion!" -- Felix Faust.

    Titanic laughter bursted from the lips of the mighty mage as he cries out.

    Faust hoped to force the three demons to reveal to him the secrets of their supernatural powers. Unfortunately for Faust, certain mystic objects were required to truly free the three demons from their spell; the red jar of Calythos, the green bell of Ulthool, and the silver wheel of Nyorlath. These objects had been hidden by the Timeless Ones where no ordinary mortal would ever locate them.

    With the demon's aid, Faust took mystic control of the members of the Justice League of America and used them to recover the three talisman for him. But the JLA managed to defeat Faust before he could use the belt, jar and wheel to make himself the most powerful sorcerer in the universe.

    Several times of the next few years Faust returned, always trying to gain supreme power and always thwarted in his efforts by the JLA. Once, while in prison, during a psychological seminar, Faust experienced a primal scream. In one shrieking instant, all the pent up frustration of his life were expelled and Felix Faust reborn.

    Paroled soon after, Faust became curator of Special Literature at Star City public Library where he soon came into contact with the secret journal of the ancient sorcerer Nostromos, and found himself possessed by Nostromos' evil spirit. Though Faust managed to free himself from Nostromos' possession with the help of the Justice League, Nostromos' spirit had left its mark and Felix Faust soon returned to his evil ways.

    More recently, Faust masqueraded as the sorcerer Nabu to tempt Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man, with the mystic means to resurrect his murdered wife Sue. But Ralph's twitching nose smelled a mystery, and the ductile detective turned the tables on Faust, trapping him and the supreme tempter Neron within the tower sanctum of Dr. Fate. Not one to make the same magical mistake twice, Faust tempted Black Adam with the promise to raise his beloved Isis from Death's embrace. This time, however, he opted for a simpler ruse, switching the skeleton of Isis with the bones of Ralph Dibny and thus confounding the resurrection spell.

    Faust joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains.

    In Faces of Evil: Black Adam, it is revealed that Felix Faust had resurrected Isis, and had been keeping her captive.

    New 52

    Felix Faust has been building an army of followers near the Amazon Jungle. Constantine is baited into being brought to Felix and when he turns around he looks very gaunt and zombie like. His eyes burning with an unknown power, his skinlosing all color, and his teeth are rotting. The team makes it through the Amazon Temple and when the group find Felix he is knocked unconscious by Black Orchid, an operative of Steve Trevor's. Black Orchid is disguised as Constantine and is able to get close to knock him out. Doctor Mist reveals that it is The First Tesseract, the Eigth dimensional Map. Constantine reveals it is the map to The Books of Magic. Faust sold his soul to gain all the knowledge Nick Necro had before his death. They arrive in Nanda Parbat for the final battle with the JLD. The books of magic knock them unconscious and after the final defeat are taken into custody by ARGUS and are being held in their underground metahuman facility.

    Powers and Abilities

    Felix Faust is a skilled magician, capable of using the mystic arts with a master's finess.

    Other Media

    Super Friends: Galactic Guardians

    He appeared in the episode "The Case of the Stolen Powers", voiced by Peter Cullen, where he tries to perform a spell to gain Superman's abilities while in prison, but instead the powers find themelves being given to the Penguin.

    DC Animated Universe

    Felix Faust appeared in two Justice League episodes, in which he was voiced by Robert Englund. Here he's portrayed as a normal human who was kicked out of his university for his unorthodox research into the occult. The first episode in which he appeared was Paradise Lost. In this episode he invaded Themyscira and forced Wonder Woman to collect the key to Tartarus for him. Faust uses the key to release Hades from Tartarus, in exchange for "ultimate knowledge". Predictably, Hades betrays him and by the end of the episode both have been banished to Tartarus.

    In the Justice League Unlimited episode The Balance, it is revealed that Tala, Faust's apprentice, rescued his soul from Tartarus and trapped him in a mirror. He tricks her into transferring his soul into The Annihilator and uses it to invade Tartarus and get revenge on Hades. He is eventually defeated and sentenced to remain in Tartarus with Hades, who states that he will keep Faust in Tartarus forever. Faust made no further appearances.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Faust also made a brief appearance in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode Evil Under the Sea! in which he was the opening segment villain. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

    Young Justice

    He appeared in the episode 'Misplaced' in Young Justice as one of Klarion's sorcerers. He fought Red Tornado.


    Faust, played by Mark Magolis, makes his live action debut in episode 10 of the NBC series Constatine "Quid Pro Quo" with Faust taking the place of the demon Beroul in a loose adaptation of Hellblazer: All His Engines.

    Faust, who is described as a has been apprentice to a more powerful magician long ago, has finally gained immense power and has a stolen a whole army of souls in Brooklyn, including Chas' daughter, and left those bodies in comas. Chas saves his daughter by seemingly blowing up he and Faust with a grenade, but using his soul absorption power to survive.


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