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    The DCAU's version of the Justice League. It was originally formed to stop an alien invasion, but they stayed together to save the world, the universe, and even the multiverse multiple times.

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    A team in the DC Animated Universe.

    Beginning: Justice League

    The Core Members
    The Core Members

    When a devastating alien invasion attacked the planet Earth, seven heroes joined each other to fight the enemy. After the heroes won the battle for the entire planet, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, John Stewart and Hawkgirl decided to stay as a team so that they can protect entire Earth together. Those are the core members of the Justice League. Throughout months and years of being a team other heroes like, Aquaman, Dr. Fate and Demon Etrigan aided them on missions, When Hawkgirl betrayed the team and almost destroyed the Earth with the Thanagarians, the Justice League found out that they were really weak in the defense of Earth. After the crisis was over, Hawkgirl decided to quit the team, the League took this opportunity and expanded their team with a huge amount of heroes. They soon became the Justice League: Unlimited.

    Justice League: Unlimited


    Justice League Unlimited was the continuation of Justice League. It wasn't supposed to have a second season so to continue it the creators decided to open 'The Core Line-Up' to introduce different characters.

    After the Thanagarian invasion the League decided to up their power. First, they redesigned their satellite and outfitted it with weapons to avoid- or at least better defend against- another alien invasion. Then, they opened their doors to anyone with superpowers in hope of preparing the next generation. Finally, a maintenance team was hired and J'onn became the leader/director for the team as a whole. He decided which heroes would go on each mission and how the teams would would be arranged, selecting individuals according to their various powers and weaknesses.

    However, this era of the team frightened the government and prompted the need for Project Cadmus. After the team's weapon system were hacked remotely by Lex Luthor and fired at Earth, Cadmus took action and invaded the satellite. After their name was cleared Superman decided to disband the team. It was Green Arrow (who had been selected for the team because of his poiltical knowledge and strong morals) who persuaded him that the world needed the League and Superman reinstated them, although he decided to make several further changes to how the team would be run. Superman had come to realize how distant they became form the people they protect. He decided to set up a tower on Earth along with the satellite and the Justice League went into its golden age.

    Justice League Beyond

    The Justice League Unlimited
    The Justice League Unlimited

    Many heroes lost their lives on the fatal day when the Watchtower lost power and fell to Earth. Founding members Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and the Flash were all killed when the watchtower fell. The additional members (The Ray, Mr. Miracle , etc) also died. This left Earth's defenses almost crippled, with only eight heroes stand strong to fight the good fight. While Batman is more of a lone wolf, he is also part of the JLU. The team is still strong and capable but with the dwindling numbers it became increasingly hard to fight crime. The future Batman, Terry McGinnis, was offered a position by Superman, but he decided he wasn't ready just yet. Eventually, he did join the team. The team later faced hardships during the "Once and Future Thing" story, after which there were only 3 members left, and then just 2 after Terry was killed. Luckily, the League from the past helped erase this future by defeating Chronos and thereby reversing all the damage to the time stream.

    Currently, the future Justice League team consists of:~

    • Superman - An Elder Superman.
    • Warhawk - Who is the son of Shayera Al-Hol and Green Lantern John Stewart.
    • Aquagirl - Who is the daughter of Aquaman and Mera.
    • Kai-Ro (Green Lantern) - A Green Lantern in the Future Corps.
    • Big Barda - An older version of Big Barda, who remains still the same.
    • Micron - A Member who became injured, which prompted Terry to join.
    • Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)
    • Static - The former Milestone character, who used to live in Dakota in the past.
    • Danica Williams (The Flash) - A young girl who with the help of her predecessor and speed force, becomes The Flash in the Beyond Universe of the DCU.
    • Mr. Miracle - An older version of Scott Free, who remains still the same and joins his wife and Justice League after the events in of Konstriction: Hell on Earth & The Mortal Coil.

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