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Initially formed as a special missions task force working with the UN, the JLTF eventually became the Justice League's training team for younger heroes, under the watchful eye of J'onn J'onzz.


The Task Force starred in the title of the same name, published from 1993-1996. There were 37 issues and a 0 issue as part of Zero Month.

There was a rotating cast of members for the first half of the title's life, many appearing on only one mission; They included Aquaman, Booster Gold, Batman (at the time wheelchair bound after the events of Knightfall), Bloodwynd, Dolphin, Joe Public, Green Arrow, Geist, Hourman, Lionheart, Loose Cannon, Maxima, Seneca, Vixen, Nightwing, and Robin.

Later, a more stable lineup was formed, including J'onn, Gypsy, The Ray, Mystek, Triumph and L-Ron (at the time inhabiting Despero's body.)


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