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The Conclave first appeared in Fate #5 in 1995, and later dissolved in Book of Fate #6 in 1997. It was a powerful team, which included heroes and villains : Felix Faust, Bloodwynd, Phantom Stranger, Sentinel, Enchantress, Etrigan the Demon, Doctor Occult, and Zatanna, who possibly was the team's Chairwoman. The Sentinels of Magic seems to be a similar group to the Conclave, and possibly a continuation.

The Conclave's meeting place was a large dome with many seats. Many mystics of Earth were a part of it during its short existence.

Leading the Conclave was an Inner Circle, including the Phantom Stranger, Sentinel, Etrigan the Demon, Doctor Occult, Felix Faust, and Bloodwynd.

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