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    Character » The Ray appears in 430 issues.

    Son of the original Ray, Raymond Terrill, is capable of turning his entire body into a living laser light.

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    This page is for the second Ray, Ray Terrill.

    For the first Ray, 'Happy' Terrill, see the Langford Terrill page.

    For the the third Ray, see the Stan Silver page.

    For the New 52 Ray, see the Lucien Gates page.


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    Dubbed "Night Boy" by the media and the town where he was raised due to the fact Ray Terril couldn't be exposed to light sources, Ray is actually the son of "Happy" Terrill, the original super hero known as The Ray. At the age of eighteen, Ray learns the truth from his father Happy at his deathbed. Happy tells Ray about his career as a superhero and about his powers. He also tells Ray that is why he kept him in dark all of his life because of the danger of his power. Ray has no idea what to do with all this information. he tries to use his powers but finds them extremely difficult to control. In a very short time his father Happy shows up not only alive but looking like a young man. Happy tells his son that he was really raised by his brother Thomas Terrill. So the man Ray believed was his father his whole life was really his uncle.

    Ray become furious with his father because just when he thinks he knows who he is he gets a mind blowing dose of new information that changes everything he thought he was. His father also has a manipulative streak that Ray can't stand. Then Ray gets even more angry when he finds out he has a half brother and that he was left in suspended animation because of the powers he has. Ray does however follow in his father's footsteps as a hero but he jumps from one unstable group to another. he always seems to join a group just before they suffer a life/group altering disaster. He started being a superhero on his own and had many run-ins with Dr. Polaris. He first joins the Justice League America under the leadership of Wonder Woman after the Doomsday crisis. The group was already suffering after this catastrophe and an attack from overmaster put the final death nail in the league when Ice died. it is after this that the league is broken up into four groups The Justice League America, The Justice League International, Extreme Justice and Justice League Task Force.

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    The Ray joins the Justice League Task Force Group. He finds this group hard to get comfortable in just as he did with his previous league. He had a difficult time managing his personal life with that of a superhero. He was madly in love with Jennifer but always seemed to be a day light and a dollar short when telling her how he felt. He even had a brief romance with Black Canary that just drove him more crazy. This League disbands just like all the others when the Justice League America becomes the JLA with the worlds seven top heroes. The Ray become a reserve member of the league and then later joins Young Justice just to have them disband shortly after as well.

    Ray then joins the Freedom Fighters are they are quickly ambushed and soundly trounced by the Secret Society. The Ray is kidnapped to be used as a power source in Luther's machine. Ray escapes and after this he really stats to learn his power. During the Final Night crisis Ray makes himself look like a second sun to fool the Sun-Eater and then he changes his costume and participates more with the Freedom Fighters who remained a superhero group very loyal to the government.

    Ray was a courier for the remaining heroes. He was able to transform into a carrier wave and transport people out of the Watchtower when it was attacked. He also was able to bring the Daily Planet paper which was still being published from Superman's Fortress of Solitude. He managed to create a massive Metron Emblem across earth and seriously disrupted the Anti-Life Equation and Darkseid's operation to cripple it.

    Ray had captured a Black Lantern Power Ring by encasing in a cage of light for Simon Stagg. He had taken underground lab for examination. The humans were attacked by Western themed heroes from the 1800's. Ray released enough energy to bring down the complex. Metamorpho, Black Lightning, Owlman, and Freight Train take refuge in the other half of the lab that has not been destroyed. The Ray is sent to help the heroes who needed to be separated by the Java, Stagg's manservant who is merged or bonded with Chemo.

    The Ray is a member of the new Freedom Fighters. Ray's father has not joined as the new Neon.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Ray absorbs, stores and processes light. He uses the energy to fly and create bursts of coherent radiation. His energy capacity is virtually limitless. He’s capable of manipulating light externally to create illusions and even solid light constructs, as well as render him and others invisible. He can convert his body completely into light energy and no physical harm can come to him in this form. This process can also be used to reset damage that his physical form has already sustained. As pure energy, he can travel at the speed of light and cross space unassisted. In addition to his super powers, Ray is also one of the most skilled computer programmers in the DC Universe. This is due to his long time alone as a child. He found a lot of time to work on computers.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 155 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Freelance Computer Programmer and Software Designer
    • Known Relatives: Nadine Terrill (mother), Happy Terril (father, deceased)
    • Base of Operations: Vanity, Oregon

    Other Media

    Justice League Unlimited

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    Ray is a member of the Justice League in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon show. He never had a speaking role in the show but he could be seen on the satellite and in various battles. The Ray appears in the episodes Initiation, The Greatest Story Never Told, Dark Heart, Flashpoint, Panic in the Sky, and Divided We Fall.


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    The Ray will make his first live action appearance as apart of the Arrowverse during the Crisis on Earth X crossover. The Ray will be portrayed by Russell Tovey.

    The Ray will also headline his own Wednesday series called Freedom Fighters The Ray on CW Seed. Russell Tovey will also voice The Ray in this series.

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