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    A descendant of King Richard I, Richard Plante was chosen to be England's champion, Lionheart. Given advanced armor that grants enhanced strength and flight, as well as an energy sword and shield, Lionheart defends England from threats great and small.

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    Richard Plante was formerly a union dockworker whose bravery and fierce loyalty to his native United Kingdom made him an ideal recruit to defend England as a government operative. Honoring his direct descendant King Richard I, Plante was christened Lionheart. Sometime later, Plante aided the Justice League International in stopping some of the Bloodlines Parasites who were murdering countless innocents throughout London. Despite being bitten by the alien known as Pritor, Plante managed to survive and drive Pritor and his comrades out of London. Plante would later go on to ally himself with several different incarnations of the Justice League over the years.

    Vital Statistics

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Weight: 186lbs

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Black

    Powers and Abilities

    The Lionheart armor grants Plante flight, enhanced strength, and an energy sword and shield. He also uses a flame throwing Mace. Despite the bite from the parasite Pritor, it seems that Plante did not gain any superhuman abilities like the rest of the new Bloodlines characters.


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