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Justice League International
Justice League International

Maxwell Lord, a powerful business man, approached the Justice League about sponsoring their activities. At first, they were the new Justice League of America, but Lord quickly expanded their scope internationally, working with the UN to build the Justice League International! The first members were; Batman, Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle, Dr. Fate, Captain Marvel, Mr. Miracle, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter and Dr. Light, with Oberon, Mr. Miracle's associate, providing support. Eventually, the likes of Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Rocket Red, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Ice and Fire among many others, would join the ranks. Lead by Martian Manhunter, who was elected to the post, they battled evil across international borders, while forming a familial know, the kind with fights.


Justice League International was created by J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire, and first appeared in Justice League #1.

Team Evolution

The New Justice League International
The New Justice League International

The team would later disband and be replaced by a newly reformed Justice League of America. This all-star heavy hitter lineup of the Justice League would become the norm and most of the JLI would remain inactive and on the reserve list.

Many of the characters were involved in the build up to Infinite Crisis, most notably seeing Ted Kord killed at the hands of Maxwell Lord, who was using the resources of Checkmate to attack the metahuman community. He was eventually killed by Wonder Woman.

When Maxwell Lord returns during Brightest Day, an international manhunt is started for him. Maxwell Lord wipes everyone in the world's mind of him, except the old Justice League International; Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire and Ice. They are later joined by the new Rocket Red and Blue Beetle and form a new Justice League International.

In the New 52, the JLI is formed as a direct reaction to the formation of the Justice League, and is a wholly separate and independent entity. Batman is involved with the team initially, although he ultimately disapproves of their close ties to the UN.

Story Arc

Formed out of the gathering of heroes at the end of Legends, and overshadowed by the tragic end of the previous League, this new League gathered in the Cave at Happy Harbor. Maxwell Lord made moves to take control of this League, and eventually succeeded, offering his organizational skills and brokering a deal, giving the Justice League official UN sanction, and a more international scope. The Justice League International was heavily involved in the Millennium and Invasion! events, and successfully defeated a number of threats, including Despero. The League grew, opening up a major European branch, and embassies around the world. After the events of Break Downs, the teams were restructured, with Superman and Green Lantern each taking the reigns of a team. After the Death and Return of Superman, there was significant disorganization, eventually coming to a head during Judgment Day. Following that the team severed it's ties to the UN, with distinct, loosely affiliated teams continuing on, including Captain Atom's Extreme Justice, Martian Manhunter's training team Justice League Task Force, and Wonder Woman heading up the more traditional Justice League America.

Some time later, after Ted Kord's death at the hands of Maxwell Lord, and Lord's subsequent death and resurrection at the end of Blackest Night. The world and superhero community was left with terror knowing that he is once again free, and his motives unclear. An international manhunt is enacted and all members of the hero community are working together to find and catch Lord. Old members of the Justice League International get involved with the investigation and meet up in response to a distress call from Booster, who found Lord by himself. Lord mind wipes the entire world, sparing only Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire and Ice. The foursome are later joined by the new incarnations of Rocket Red and Blue Beetle. While the rest of the hero community does not even know who Maxwell Lord is, the newly re-founded JLI travels around the world looking for him. Power Girl and Batman (Dick Grayson) begin to become suspicious and discover the truth, only to lose it again due to Lord's mind wiping. The JLI is attacked by the Creature Commandos and Blue Beetle is captured by Lord, who had used the attack as a decoy. After the Attack on the JLI embassy in Australia the team went to Japan to track down Max Lord and find Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle was on a ship where Max Lord was looking for a weakness in his armor to kill him. Freeing himself, Blue Beetle attacked Max Lord and Lord shot Blue Beetle in the head, reminiscent of Ted Kord's death. Lord escaped, with Beetle seemingly dead. Back in the U.S. JLI embassy the team was sad that they lost there friend Blue Beetle. Suddenly, Blue Beetle woke up and told the team that he knows what Max Lord was doing. Power Girl and Batman joined the team, having defeated the mind wipe. Batman takes the team to see the new Wonder Women and informs her that she is the target of an army of OMAC soldiers lead by OMAC Prime sent by Max Lord. In the fray, Booster Gold defeats Max Lord. Max teleports away, saying it has only just begun... Max Lord appears on TV and apologizes for all the destruction he caused. Bruce Wayne (once again holding the mantle of the Bat) reforms the Justice League International with the new and old members of the team. Justice League International only lasted up to 12 issues. Booster Gold was the leader of the team and when the new Rocket Red was killed, Vixen Ice and Fire were placed in the hospital after an attack. the team began to look for the culprit. Batwing and OMAC joined, Batwing was recruited by Batman and OMAC joined because he thought the team might be able to help revert to Kevin Kho. Booster Gold wanted to expand the team by adding Olympian and Blue Beetle. Green Lantern and Batwing left and OMAC attacked the computer system while back at base. OMAC is taken over by Brother Eye and defeats the team with only Booster conscious. He downloaded a virus for Brother EYE and he leaves Kevin unconscious. An alternate future version of Booster arrives to tell himself all members will make a full recovery and they will create the Global Guardians. The future version says that the Superman and Wonder Woman love connection will wipe out this universe and both Booster's will cease to exist. They both disappear after the future version tells his story. Batman has taken Kevin to S.T.A.R. Labs. Batman leaves the hospital room and Brother Eye contacts him. Brother Eye tells Batman he is waiting for his new programmer and does not want anything to do with Kevin Kho or the JLI. He tells Batman that he will join the new programmer or die. The story will start in 2013 to find out what will happen to the Justice League.

New 52

The team was put together by the United Nations to help keep peace, aide in humanitarian missions and help defend the planet overall. The council first nominated Batman as its leader but they thought he would be too head strong and hard to control. So they decided to make Booster Gold the leader because he knows public relations and they figured he'd be easy to handle and they could control him easily since he craves attention. Next up on the roster was Plastic Man but they decided against making him a member noting that he was too "whacko". Blue Beetle was also decided against because he was too new and they didn't want any "rookies" on the team. So in the end the roster consisted of Batman, Booster Gold, August General in Iron, Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice, Vixen, Rocket Red and Godiva. Later, Batman would be in an out of missions with this team and asked Batwing to take his place. O.M.A.C. too later became a member Booster did a commendable job as team leader and even got words of encouragement from Batman. The United Nations council During the short time this team was around they encountered aliens from space that were Green Lantern level enemies and even a couple of rogue firestorm type enemies. Booster also had an encounter with Blue Beetle which got a lot of fans excited due to the Blue and Gold connection, despite this Blue Beetle being Jaime Reyes.

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