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Origin of the Luciphage

Starbreaker's original humanoid form.
Starbreaker's original humanoid form.

Starbreaker is an ancient being known on Thanagar as Luciphage, or "light-eater". Earlier, he was known for evading capture by the Green Lantern Corps. Older than all of creation, he is the subject of legends on countless worlds describing the end of the universe. In eons past, he has laid waste to entire galactic clusters. This galaxy-renown cosmic vampire has demonstrated the ability to consume energy from seemingly any source. However, to that end, his preference was to engineer astronomical chaos to provide the greatest release of energy possible. Generally, Starbreaker achieved this by dispatching his Mechanix, robotic armies, to upset a planet and absorb the resulting energy. With a thought, he often created duplicates of himself to oversee that his schemes were moving forward. The final stage of his destructive plans often ended with the entire planet crashing into its system's sun. In addition, the Cosmic Vampire had discovered that the greatest potential for energy resided in the minds and emotions of sentient beings. He found that this life force was more volatile, and burned brighter in times of conflict and death. As a result, Starbreaker continued to target populated planets. He has come into conflict with the Justice League on three occasions.

Personal Data

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  • Height: 6' 5"
  • Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Black
  • Skin: Red
  • Citizenship: Unknown
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Cosmic Vampire

Justice League versus Starbreaker

In his first encounter with the Justice League, Starbreaker had overrun the planet Rann with his army of giant mechanical ants. While using the teleporter to beam onto the League Satellite Headquarters in orbit over Earth, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen) and Hawkman are caught in a Zeta Beam intended for Adam Strange. Hearing Hal's distress call, Superman travels 25 trillion miles of space to find the Leaguers fighting a losing battle on Rann against the Cosmic Vampire's Mechanix. Superman's arrival turns the tide, and the four Leaguers defeat the giant bugs. Green Lantern's ring detects two more Mechanix groups in the holy city of Abdukara, and the new city state called New Narzam. Observing the Leaguers splitting up into teams of two, Starbreaker uses his duplication power to create two copies of himself to ensure the success of his Mechanix in both cities. Both copies are outsmarted by the Green Lantern/Flash team at New Narzam, and the Superman/Hawkman team at Abdukara. The Starbreaker doubles are captured and taken to Adam Strange, who had just arrived on Rann via a second Zeta Beam. However, the original Starbreaker teleports his copies away, and absorbs their essences into himself.

Starbreaker's first capture on Earth.
Starbreaker's first capture on Earth.

Watching the effects of the Zeta Beam wear off on the Leaguers, transporting them back to Earth, Starbreaker would find a new planet to feed on. Seeking revenge, Starbreaker arrived on Earth and soundly defeated the Justice League. He would leave the Leaguers alive but demoralized in order to feed off their negative emotions. With the help of Sargon the Sorcerer, the Justice League eventually defeated the Cosmic Vampire. Having a special interest in Starbreaker because of his galaxy-spanning crimes, the Guardians of the Universe incarcerated him; banishing him to a shadow dimension. His corporeal husk was sealed into a stasis pod, and shot out into space to drift for all eternity.

Post-Crisis Appearance


Many years later, a wandering freighter pulled in the capsule and proceeded towards Almeracian space. During Brainiac's invasion of Almerac, the captain of the space freighter opened the stasis pod carrying Starbreaker's carcass. As Warworld was laying waste to the Almeracians' home planet, raw energy surged through the air, reviving the Cosmic Vampire. The people of Almerac barely had an opportunity to recover from Brainiac's assault before armies of Mechanix began leveling their cities, and capturing the Royal Castle. Starbreaker personally executed all governors loyal to Maxima, the Empress of Almerac. The Captain of Maxima's personal guard managed to escape in an imperial craft, and rocketed to Earth to warn the Empress. When Maxima returned to her homeworld, she would find Starbreaker sitting in her throne. Meanwhile, the Justice League back on Earth had examined the Captain's log records aboard the Almeracian spacecraft wreckage.

Starbreaker and his Mechanix capture the JLA on Almerac.
Starbreaker and his Mechanix capture the JLA on Almerac.

Having encountered Starbreaker before, Superman suspected that the Shatterer of Worlds was behind this attack after viewing a message intended for Maxima from the Almeracian Captain. A team of Superman, Guy Gardner, Bloodwynd, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire and Ice went to Almerac. Upon their arrival, they would find Maxima unconscious in Starbreaker's clutches. The Cosmic Vampire made quick work of the Leaguers, sucking them dry of their energy. He carried them off to the Forbidden Jungles, and began blasting incredible amounts of energy into a major fault line in Almerac's crust. Not wanting to be defeated a second time, he tossed Superman into Almerac's molten core. The rest of the Leaguers were put into captivity. Eventually, Bloodwynd was able to buy some time by impersonating a blue skinned Guardian. With Starbreaker distracted, Blue Beetle succeeded in rewiring Booster Gold's power suit to a planetary shield generator. When the Cosmic Vampire's eyebeams reached Booster Gold, the force field generator acted as an energy siphon. Once again, the Living Battery was completely drained of his power, leaving only his costume behind. Planet Heist Sh'ri Valkyr, a death cultist from the planet Thanagar, resuscitated Starbreaker by feeding him victims to gain corporeal form. Valkyr wants to convert all of Rann's teleportaion technology, The Zeta Beam, to convert the entire universe into energy for the Starbreaker. The Omega Men and L.E.G.I.O.N. help Adam Strange strand Starbreaker in a universe devoid of energy. Valkyr, before being killed, teleports the planet Rann to Polaris, home system to the planet Thanagar. This begins the Rann-Thanagar War.

Justice League of America

Starbreaker, an incorporeal being, returns and is intent on destroying the Justice League of America. He uses the Shadow Thief as a pawn to locate an adult form of a Sun Eater. Doctor Light and Firestorm weaken him, before Paladin, an alternate universe Batman, shoots him in the head. Starbreaker's form dissolves and the JLA knew that it is only a temporary setback.


Starbreaker's primary ability is the power to absorb energy in all its forms (though he prefers the kinetic energy of a planet crashing into its sun) as well as draw power from negative emotions. He can draw these energies from the space around him or specifically from other people (which can work to depower super humans). There seems to be no upper limit to the amount of energy he can absorb since he has devoured whole galaxies and has walked around with the power of thousands of suns. The energy Starbreaker gains can be used in various ways. He can grant himself strength and durability greater than Superman's, and also seems to possess speed to match. He can fly, make energy duplicates of himself, alter his size (growing at least large enough to where he can hold a planet in his hands) and manipulate energy for multiple uses including destructive blasts (ranging in destructiveness beyond that of an exploding star) and force fields, and he seems to able to control what types of energy he releases (using red sun radiation to depower Superman). Starbreaker also seems to possess telekinesis which he can use to push planets into nearby stars. Starbreaker has been shown to impart his energy into others to improve their abilities. Powers he has that seem to be innate and independent of his energy level include true immortality (he has survived even when his energy is depleted) and super senses, especially those related to sensing energy. Starbreaker also seems to have mental defenses seeing as he was able to prevent Martian Manhunter from accessing his mind. Starbreaker's only weakness is that large amounts of positive emotion can weaken him and he can also deplete his own reserves with too much energy output. The guardian's data banks mentioned that if left unchecked, he may become the most dangerous entity in the universe.


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