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This page is for the second Dr. Light, Kimiyo Hoshi.

For the first Dr. Light, see Arthur Light.


Dr. Hoshi, as the beam of light hurls toward her.
Dr. Hoshi, as the beam of light hurls toward her.

Doctor Kimiyo Hoshi was a prominent astronomer studying the uses of solar power, when she was called away from her studies to examine a cosmic phenomena during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Monitor, a powerful galactic being with a link to positive matter, orchestrated the events that lead Dr. Hoshi to acquire the ability to control light. Knowing that in order to defeat the Anti-Monitor, the universe would need a helping hand, The Monitor caused an illuminating beam of energy from a large red star to strike Earth. That beam of star light stroke Dr. Hoshi, rendering her unconscious. When she recovered, she learned that she had the ability to control starlight. She would later go on to dawn a costume similar to the criminal, Arthur Light, taking his identity and becoming the new Dr. Light.


Kimiyo Hoshi was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez based upon Arthur Light, a character created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.

Major Story Arcs

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Kimiyo Hoshi, a brilliant and arrogant astronomer, was the head scientist of an observatory in Japan. She was overseeing a group of scientist studying the strange activity caused during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

As the "Crisis" advanced toward Earth, Hoshi's affection with the phenomenon grew into an obsession while other scientist grew concerned for their safety. Disgusted by their mounting fear, Hoshi ordered an evacuation of the lab, leaving her to study the Crisis alone through her telescope.

Elsewhere, the Monitor, a celestial being linked to positive matter in the universe, notices his enemy, the Anti-Monitor, absorbing the positive-matter from a planet via his antimatter cloud. In an effort to tip the scales for the heroes of the positive universe, the Monitor sends an illuminating beam of energy from a star to Earth. That beam of star light stroke Hoshi in her observation lab, leaving her rendered unconscious. When she awoke, she had ability to control light and dawned the alias, Doctor Light. Hoshi is then asked by the Monitor to guard a vibration fork, needed to protect the Earth, from a machine deployed by the Anti-Monitor.

Starfire and Halo arrive at the scene to destroy the machine and Hoshi attemtps to communicate with them However, being a native of Japan, Hoshi is unable speak English, so she attacks them instead. Superman would soon disrupte the fray, after using his multilingualism to communicate with her. The Japanese born hero Katana later takes over as translator for Hoshi until she is later granted the ability to understand English. Hoshi accompanies several heroes to the anti-matter universe to confront the Anti-Monitor. She and Superman discovered more machines that the villain had deployed to destroy the remaining Earths.The two of them were then attacked by the Anti-Monitor. The attack was thwarted after Supergirl arrived and sacrificed herself, allowing Hoshi to carry the unconscious Superman to safety. After witnessing Supergirl's sacrifice, Hoshi realize how arrogant she had previously been and decided to change her attitude.

Later, the assistant of the Monitor, Harbinger, summoned Hoshi for the final battle against the Anti-Matter. During the battle, she absorbs the light from the star that the Anti-Monitor was using to power his machines and blasts a gaping hole into his chest.

Justice League

For more information see: Justice League: A New Beginning

When "Crisis" was over, Kimiyo returned to her scientific studies and her family. She made few appearances as Dr. Light and soon was noticed by Maxwell Lord when he started to reorganize the new Justice League. Some weeks after being recruited, Dr. Hoshi is preparing to present the United Nation with her invention a solar storage units that could help undersea agricultural development, but her Justice League communicator keeps buzzing. When it finally stops, she leaves her office and is confronted by some men and a woman with guns. They quickly grab her and take her to the UN assembly room, where all the dignitaries are being held hostage by John Charles Collins. Hoshi alerts the Justice League via her communicator and waits. She is contacted by Martian Manhunter, who informs her help is there. She and the Justice League succesfully takeout he trerroist and later rondezous at the Secret Sanctuary.

Hoshi is informed that the man who gave her the Justice League communicator was not part of the team, but when Batman asked who had given it to her, couldn't remember. Before Batman can question Hoshi's farther, the League gets word that the Champions of Angor are attacking Israel. Batman asks Hoshi to come along and aide the League. When the League shows up to stop the Rocket Red Brigade, Hoshi uses her abilities to stop a them without hurting anyone, a feat that impressed Batman. Later back at the Secret Sanctuary, the League learns that Maxwell Lord was the one who gave Hoshi the communicator. Feeling like she has been played, she stormed out.

Hoshi gave up being Dr. Light for a time, devoting herself to her studies. Though her expertise with meta-humans led her to work with the Japanese embassy of Justice League International and she even become the leader of the European branch.

As a single mother with two young children, Dr. Light is only semi-active in the super-hero business, serving on both the Outsiders and Doom Patrol. A battle with the evil Doctor Light left Kimiyo powerless and close to death but with time she soon recovered.

She was later given a special power suit by the Shadow Cabinet, made from the remains of Arthur Light's battle armor, which helped stabilize her powers. With her powers stabilized, she was able to continue her super hero part time job, including aiding in the fight against the Secret Six and the Crime Syndicate of America


Doctor Light has direct control over all forms of light sources without relying on equipment. She can manipulate light in any way, shape, or form. She can illuminate a city or burn hole through steel. Channeling her powers, she can fly at great heights and speeds, although she has no form of invulnerability and is subject to windburn. With her scientific research in solar power, she is quite adept at using light in a variety of ways.

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Hoshi, however, has never trained in hand-to-hand combat, preferring her powers to do the work for her. This has caused trouble for her in the past, and may limit her effectiveness in the future.

Dr. Light's abilities are entirely solar-powered, and she must be in proximity to a light source for her powers to be effective. Were she to be locked in a dark room her powers would quickly fade until she was powerless.

Other Media


DC Animated Universe

Wielder of the light
Wielder of the light

She has had minor speaking roles in the Justice League Unlimited episodes Epilogue and The Great Brain Robbery. In these episodes she is voiced by Lauren Tom. As well, her history is hinted at in the Justice League Unlimited episode Flashpoint, in which she is seen carrying Superman to safety after he tries to stop the fusion cannon.

DC Super Hero Girls

Dr. Light in DC Super Hero Girls
Dr. Light in DC Super Hero Girls

Dr. Light appears as a background character in the web series.

DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

Dr. Light in Super Hero High
Dr. Light in Super Hero High

Dr. Light is a background character in the film. She has no lines in the movie.

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

Dr. Light in DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year
Dr. Light in DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

Dr. Light is a background character in the film. She has no lines in the movie.

Justice League: Gods and Mosters

JL: Gods and Monsters
JL: Gods and Monsters

Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi is part of a group of scientists involved in the creation of "Fair Play Program" meant to stop the Justice League in case turn into a threat. After the death of some members, Kimiyo and the rest meet to discuss the matter, but they are ambushed by the Metal Men and they are killed.

Justice League Action

Ember appears in a cameo in Season 1, Episode 11 "Play Date" as playable character in Toyman´s game.

Live Action


Dr. Light in Flash
Dr. Light in Flash

Dr. Light will appear in "Flash", making her live action debut in season 2. However this version is Linda Park and not Hoshi.

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