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    Metal Sonic is a robotic version of Sonic The Hedgehog. Not to be confused with Mecha Sonic, Metal Sonic is considered by Dr. Robotnik to be one of his greatest creations. Metal Sonic is cold hearted and calculating and believes himself to be the true Sonic.

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    Metal Sonic, while being the robotic clone of Sonic The Hedgehog, does not share similar values to his counter part. Metal Sonic is mostly shown as very cold and calculating, willing to take hostages in order to get what he wants. Metal Sonic shows no restraint when fighting Sonic and will use excessive force even when it is not required. Metal Sonic does tend taunt Sonic in their fights, a trait that may or may not have been programmed into him by Dr. Robotnik. Metal Sonic believes that he was created to do what Dr. Robotnik could not; Defeat Sonic.

    In Sonic Heroes his personality shifts to a different level when he gains the ability to copy life data. It is believed that during this process he gains free will and decides to rebel against his former master. He begins addressing Sonic as his "Loathsome copy" and says that he was created with the sole purpose of Sonic's destruction. When he is finally defeated at the end of Sonic Heroes he shouts "I am the real sonic!".

    Although his free will is taken away shortly after by Dr. Robotnik it is believed that the events of Sonic Heroes twisted his programming on a deeper level. He has acknowledged that he was created to defeat Sonic and is a robotic clone. However due to his mission being the defeat of Sonic, and his abilities making him stronger then Sonic, he believes that he IS the real Sonic.

    Metal Sonic's overrides his programming in his final moments.
    Metal Sonic's overrides his programming in his final moments.

    Metal Sonic has on several occasions sacrificed himself to save Sonic and others. He generally remarks that "There can only be one Sonic the Hedgehog", possibly showing that he has also mimics the trait of compassion from Sonic in his efforts to be a perfect copy. In Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #86, Metal Sonic kidnaps Tails and challenges Sonic to find him, telling him that Tails is on top of a volcano that is about to erupt. Metal Sonic fights and over powers Sonic along the way and taunts the hero. After Sonic manages to get to tails the volcano begins to erupt. While tails has the ability to fly away, he shocks Metal Sonic by staying. At that point, with the lava racing towards them, Metal Sonic overrides his primary programming and holds back the lava. This allows Sonic and Tails the time needed to escape however ends in Metal Sonic's demise.


    Height: 3'3"

    Weight: 275 lbs.

    Mechanical Readout


    The outer armor of Metal Sonic was created using Strength Enhanced Navy Blue Metal Tektite. It was then colored Blue, Yellow, Silver, Red, White to liken the appearence to Sonic.


    Metal Sonic gains his massive speed from a 255 cc, 4 Valve Organ Fusion Engine. The engine is capable of outputting 55ps/6800rpms and a maximum torque of 7.54 kg-m/4000rpm. It is powered by a Tesla Power Coil with a maximum output of 256kW.

    Computer Systems:

    Metal Sonic's "Brain" is a Artificial Intelligence ROBOTNIK Custom Chip capable of sending signals throughout the body in milliseconds. This allows Metal Sonic to react to Sonic's movements and surroundings even while traveling at a high rate of speed. His internal CPU also enables him to quickly react logically when facing multiple enemies often using teammates simulations attacks against them.

    Powers & Abilities

    Metal Sonic is the robotic clone of Sonic the Hedgehog and one of Dr. Robotonik greatest creations. He was designed to outperformed the blue blur in speed as well as combat abilities.

    • Metal Sonic is able to perform the Spin Dash attack similar to Sonic, however it is more devastating due to his body being made from metallic alloys. He is also able to perform the Homing Attack.
    • Due to his armor being made from Strength Enhanced Navy Blue Metal Tektite he is more durable then Sonic and his strikes are more powerful, able to break through wood, rocks, and even some metal substances.
    • Metal Sonic is the robotic clone of Sonic. As such he continuiously been shown to be able to match and even exceed Sonic's speed. He is even capable of achiving 4 times Sonic's maximum speed by overclocking his main engine which he calls his Maximum Overdrive Attack. This attack however tends to overload his circuts and thus can't be used for extended amounts of time. A drawback to his speed is that his manuverability while maintaining these high speeds is low and he has difficulty braking or turn due to his hovering.
    • In Sonic the Movie he displayed the ability to teleport. It is unclear if this was simply caused by his traveling at speeds faster then the eye could see or if it was a sepret ability entirely.
    • Metal Sonic can create a diamond force field around his body called the Black Shield which makes him immune to damage and will hurt anyone who physically touches the shield.
    • Metal Sonic is capable of firing large beams of energy from his torso which devestating power. He does not use this ability back to back however as it can overload his systems.
    • Metal Sonic has been shown with the ability to generate electricity from his body in the form of an arcing attack.
    • Metal Sonic has the ability to scan mechanical and organic life forms and create combat strategies to defeat them.
    • In Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic's scan ability reached a new level. After scanning a life form he was able to copy their data into himself. This allowed him to not only use their abilities such as Chaos Control from Shadow the Hedgehog but to also transform himself into a perfect physical copy of the being as well as duplicate their voice exactly.
    • At the end of Sonic Heroes Metal Sonic transformed himself into a being called Metal Madness and eventually transformed into Metal Overlord. In these forms he grew to a gigantic size and gained a multitude of weapons including missile launchers, flame throwers, greatly enhanced strength, the ability to fly, and to entrap people in large crystals. He was so powerful that he was nearly unbeatable even to characters that were powered up by chaos emeralds and rings.
    • In Knuckles Chaotix Metal Sonic becomes a gigantic red version of himself known as Metal Sonic Kai by consuming corrupted Chaos Rings and Dark Rings. In this form his body is slightly elongated and he his strength is increased to incredible levels.

    Metal Sonic Troopers

    When Sonic was absent and thought to be dead. Rotor and Uncle Chuck created an army of Metal Sonics to protect the Acorn Kingdom. The project was discontinued when Sonic returned. They were later reprogrammed by ADAM to destroy everyone in the Kintobar bloodline.They look like Metal Sonic from Sonic Heroes

    Model SXSU-40

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    This model of Metal Sonic has a 'SXSU-40' engine that allows it to jump from one zone to another in order to find and terminate Sonic.

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    After listening to Shard saying he was the original Metal Sonic, Eggman perfected the Metal Sonic by giving it the memories of every destroyed version of itself, so it is able to adapt counter measures from the battles from past Metal Sonics. It is powered by a Power Gem. In order to make sure it does not rebel like his other machines. Eggman inserted a program that will make it shutdown and reset itself if it ever rebels. If it gets destroyed Eggman has a device that will recreate another Metal Sonic with the memories from the last one, including how it was defeated.


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