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    Sonic is a hedgehog gifted with the power of Speed, he is based on the character in the Sonic the Hedgehog video games that are made by Sega and Sonic Team.

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    Basic Information

    The Fastest Thing Alive
    The Fastest Thing Alive

    Sonic is a 16 year old hedgehog of the planet Mobius. He is often laid-back and cool-headed, but hates to be cooped up for to long, He believes that he was born to bring forth peace to his planet and protect those he cares for. As his name suggests, he can move at hyper-sonic speeds and faster than the speed of light.

    He has a strong sense of justice and love for action, always protecting his home and his friend from the tyrannical Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Despite this, Sonic is a cocky hero who is addicted to adventure, and danger and possesses a short temper, and can be a little bit unstable at times.

    However, he has often been recognized as a remarkable hyperactive hero who will do what it takes to save the day.

    Sonic's Comic Adventures

    Archie Comics

    Sonic's humble beginnings
    Sonic's humble beginnings

    The longest running Sonic spin-off media, Archie Comics' Sonic The Hedgehog has been in publication for 24 years (as of 2017). In prototypical comic book fashion, the series began as a brightly-colored, light-hearted comedy which slowly evolved into a much more dark and serious tale. By the time it reached the 10-year mark, it had become almost unrecognizable from the video game series it was based on.

    A more serious tone
    A more serious tone

    Over the years, most of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game releases were complimented with a comic adaptation either in a mini-series, or brief story arc within the main Sonic The Hedgehog volume, beginning with the Sonic The Hedgehog 3 adaptation in issue #13, introducing Sonic's rival and ally, Knuckles, and most recently covering Sonic Generations. Eventually, full adaptions of the games were phased out in favor of simply have a brief back-up story that teased the plot of the game.

    In 2005, Archie began publishing the Sonic X comic, an adaptation of the anime series of the same name. It was a more modern take on Sonic for a younger generation, but was eventually cancelled.

    Following the cancellation of Sonic X, a new series dubbed Sonic Universe was rolled out. Universe was created for the purpose of fleshing out Sonic's world and giving his large supporting cast a chance to shine independently; in fact, the blue hedgehog himself only made occasional appearances. Like it's parent series, it is currently ongoing.

    Further back in history, Knuckles the Echidna was given his own self-titled series, in order to devote further attention to his substantial mythology. Unfortunately, the series sold poorly and was canceled abruptly after less than three years.

    Family Background

    Archie Comics

    (Clockwise) Uncle Chuck, Jules, Sonic, and Bernadette.
    (Clockwise) Uncle Chuck, Jules, Sonic, and Bernadette.

    Jules: A solider during the Great War and Sonic's father. Jules and his bother Chuck help saved a rogue Overlander Scientist by the name of Julian Kintobor and brought him back to Mobotropolis. Shortly after his son's birth, Jules got fatally wounded on the battlefield and he became Chuck's first Mobian to use his Roboticizer, a machine that turns organic people into android version of themselves. But unbeknown to the hedgehogs, Kintobor tempered the machine to make rob Jules of free will, but that was restored by Princess Sally and the Sword of Acorns. Jules is now the only Robian left on Mobius, as the BEM aliens realized that if they changed Jules back, his wounds prior to his roboticization would kill him. Jules has almost died by serve damage when the fake Tommy turtle tried to kill Sonic in his sleep but was healed by Sonic and a Power Ring.

    Bernadette: Sonic's mother. Usually known by her nickname Bernie. She helped the Mobian ciltizens during the Great War. She was roboticized by her her already-robotic husband who was under the control of Robotnik.

    Uncle Chuck: Sonic's uncle and one of the greatest mechanics on Mobius. He was the inventor of a machine, originally intended for healing the wounded, which was stolen and used by Robotnik to create the first Roboticizer machine, which he used to enslave the planet. He acted as Sonic's guardian after both his parents being roboticized, but was later also roboticized as well.

    Muttski: Sonic's pet dog. Was roboticized along with Uncle Chuck.

    Sonia: Sonic and Sally's future daughter, seen in the "25 Years Later" features. She is essentially identical to Sally in the regular comics.

    Manik: Sonic and Sally's future son, seen in the "25 Years Later" features. He is essentially identical to Sonic in the regular comics.


    • Height: 3'3" (100cm)
    • Weight: 77lbs (35kgs)
    • Age: 10 (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    • Age: 11 (Sonic CD)
    • Age: 14 (Sonic 3)
    • Age: 15 (Sonic adventure onward)
    • Age: 16 (Sonic heroes onward to Sonic riders)
    • Age: 20 (Current Age Right now)
    • Age: 50 (In Sonic "30" years Later)
    • Fur: Cobalt Blue
    • Skin: Peach
    • Eyes: Emerald Green
    • Attire: Light weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with white strap cuffs
    • White gloves with sock-like cuffs.

    Powers and Abilities

    Super Speed: Often referred to as the "Fastest Thing Alive", Sonic is well know for his speed. His best known clocks in at over 768 miles per hour. When boosting for a long time it is possible for his speed to reach over 2500mph. Sonic can use his speed while he's in spinball form to home in on targets in a similar fashion of heat seeking missiles.

    He is even capable of moving as fast as light with the aid of his Light Speed Attack.

    Sonic can use his speed to scale up building or similar structures and run across water. Sonic can also use his full speed while running backwards.

    Sonic also possesses great agility and acrobatic skills. His reaction time is also on par with his speed. He can avoid objects and attacks in an instant with his quickstep move, no matter how fast the attack is coming at him.

    Super Strength: While not known for his physical capabilities, Sonic posses a certain degree of superhuman strength (though not as strong as Knuckles). His Spin Dash is strong enough to break through solid structures and the metallic armor of multiple robots. His arms also yield great strength as he is tear a robot's body with his bear hands.

    Combat Prowess:Despite receiving no formal training in self-defense, Sonic has been shown to be skilled in close-quarter combat. He has been shown to go against more experienced fighters, include those, stronger than him.

    Super Transformations

    Under certain circumstances, Sonic can transform into different forms, usually from gathering rings or using Chaos Emeralds.

    No Caption Provided

    Super Sonic

    Super Sonic is Sonic's most common special form and is one of the most powerful of his transformations. Usually achieved when he acquires seven Chaos Emeralds, or one Super Emerald, Super Sonic has the ability to fly and is virtually invincible. His aura can negate negative energies, such as Perfect Chaos or Enerjak.

    No Caption Provided

    In the Fleetway comics, Super Sonic was more of a berserker than the other incarnations. Upon transforming, Sonic would become completely unhinged and maniacal, destroying everything in sight, including his own friends.

    It was later revealed in a special issue Sonic the Coming Online, a continuation of Fleetway's series, that starred Silver the Hedgehog that Super Sonic was actually the fire demon Iblis.

    In an issue of the Archie Series, Sonic and Super Sonic were separated on an alien planet that had red Chaos Emeralds. This Super Sonic acted much like the Fleetway version.

    Super Emerald Forms

    In Sonic The Hedgehog #71, the late Nate Morgan once devised a plan to have Sonic strap a Super Emerald to his back in order to maximize Sonic's speed, allowing him to race around to globe repeatedly in order to draw away the power of a satellite laser beam that was reversing time in Knothole Village. The immense power of the Super Emerald caused Sonic to change into several forms, first his well-known Super Sonic, and then several that had never, and so far, were never seen again. After Super Sonic, he became Ultra Sonic. Then while blazing through the sands of the Great Desert, he became Solar Sonic. In the frozen Arctic Tundras, he was transformed into Polar Sonic, and while charging through the jungles, he became known as Eco Sonic for a short while. Because the satellite was reversing time, the issue actually played out in reverse, beginning with the end of the story, and ending with the beginning. This sequence of Sonic using the Super Emerald's power to warp himself at incredible speeds was used as the justification for Sonic changing from his original appearance, to Sonic's new look which was mandated with the release of the Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure. This look has remained ever since.

    Super, Ultra, and Solar Sonic
    Super, Ultra, and Solar Sonic
    Eco Sonic
    Eco Sonic

    Werehog Sonic

    Sonic the Werehog
    Sonic the Werehog

    When Dr. Robotnik catches Super Sonic off-guard, he is able to capture him and extract the Chaos Emeralds from him. Robotnik uses these emeralds to power a laser cannon that blasts a great fissure in the planet. Released from the great depths within the planet, essence of a dark spirit enters Sonic's body, transforming him into a "Werehog". Though the literal translation of "werehog" would be "man-hog", the werehog is meant to be a cross between a wolf and Sonic the Hedgehog, as a picture makes perfectly obvious. This was first seen in the comic tie-in for the game "Sonic Unleashed". He would change from Sonic "The Hedgehog" in the morning, and Sonic "The Werehog" at night. Chip (the winged dog-like creature whose true identity was Light Gaia) was Sonic's friend at the time.

    In the mainstream Archie series, the Werehog appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog #264 during the comic's adaptation of "Sonic Unleashed". Sonic came into contact with the concentrated essence of Dark Gaia during the earthquakes that preceded the shattered world crisis and started having frequent bouts of feral behavior under extreme stress that signaled potential transformation. During the issue of its debut, Sonic finally transformed into the Werehog when his friends and himself were electrocuted by Egg Boss Thunderbolt. In contrast with the game, the Werehog was incredibly unstable and distorted due to Sonic's inexperience with this form and proved dangerous towards friend and foe. However, after regaining his sense of self, Sonic underwent training and learned to accept the Werehog for the time being. As the Werehog, Sonic loses his speed but gains new abilities such as super strength and stretchy arms for combat. The conditions for changing remain the same from the game with the exception of stress implied as an additional factor.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sonic Kids

    Since the day Sonic was born, there were problems his Father Jules was already Robotize and lack any free will to actually care for him, leaving his mother and Uncle Chuck to raise him. but then his mother disappeared, leaving Chuck to take care of Sonic entirely. Since Chuck was close to the royal family, Sonic manage to make friends with Princess Sally as well as other kids in the city, including Rotor and Antoine. They even even helped Mrs. Prower to get to the hospital to give birth to Tails after her husband failed to show up. Tails bonded with Sonic since then and they have become close friends since.

    Tossed in Space

    When thought he had sacrificed himself to save the world from an alien invasion, he was in distant planet. he put a device his ear that makes able to understand and communicate any language spoken. It is now implanted in his brain and cannot be taken out. After many travels through space he was able meet with Mr and Mrs Prower. They gave him message to Tails that they are alive. Unfortunately the Earth is now consider off limits due to it being war zone to the Xordia. He was able to secretly return home.


    Sonic and Sally storm the Death Egg in an attempt to stop Eggman's latest scheme, but are interrupted by the activation of a device that creates an alternate reality. In the newly-created reality, Sonic meets up with his Freedom Fighter crew all over again and joins forces with them to stop Eggman from transforming all of Mobius into a mechanical wasteland. In the end, Sonic goes Super and foils the plot, then using his chaos powers to set reality back to normal, thereby erasing any remnant of remnant of the new world's existence.

    Light Mobius: Mobius Prime 25 years later

    The Light Mobius story arc takes place 25 years later in the future of Mobius Prime. It all starts when Eggman's empire starts to collapse. Not knowing what to do, Eggman sought help from his old friend, Dimitri the Echidna. Dimitri, who at the time was on life support, denied to help Eggman due to his change of heart. An enraged Eggman ripped Dimitri his life support machine, causing Dimitri's head now to be preserved in a floating glass ball to keep him alive. After this Eggman steals the Master Emerald, resulting in Knuckles to once again transform into Chaos Knuckles. Chaos-powered Knuckles used his immense power to once and for all dispose of Eggman. After that Knuckles started modifying Mobius Prime to his likings and in the process he also removed all the cybernetics from his lover, Julie-Su. Sonic, fearing that knuckles has lost control, threatened to use a machine called the Nullifier on Knuckles to neutralize him. The Nullifier unexpectedly went off prematurely and blasted Knuckles, knocking him unconscious. When he came to he noticed the Nullifier had severely damaged his right eye and he no longer had a connection with the Chaos Force.

    Light Mobius: Year 3243

    A couple of years later after the events relating to Sonic, Knuckles and the Nullifier. Sonic and Sally finally decide to get married, making Sonic a king after Lord Max stepped down from the throne 2 years later. They then have two kids: Princess Sonia and Prince Manic. For unknown reasons Sonic was no longer on speaking terms with Tails, he didn't even show up at the airport to say goodbye when Tails and his wife Mina left for Downunda.

    Light Mobius: Year 3261

    During the beginning of this year things were peaceful. Mobius enjoyed a state of peace and prosperity, with most if not all past antagonists destroyed or permanently defeated. The Kingdom of Acorn was still under the rule of King Sonic and Queen Sally. That is until Rotor and Cobor came across a shocking discovery: Do to constant zone-jumping the fabric of the universe was collapsing. Knuckles is the first notified about it and he warns Sonic. A few days later Cobor and Rutor come up with a theory that might might solve the problem. But, it requires someone to travel back in time were the problem originated. Sonic, being the hero that he is, takes the risk of never returning and volunteers to do it.

    Mobius Light: Year 3262

    Sonic's mission was a success, the damage to the time space continuum was repaired, ending any danger of Mobius being destroyed.He then returned home to a to a total nightmare. While Sonic was away things dramatically changed for the worse. Not only did Sonia and Manic get erased from the timeline, but Shadow the Hedgehog "both rescued and conquered" the war-torn planet Mobius within one year's time. Shadow's regime managed to bring peace and stability to all of Mobius, though his regime resorted to brutal methods. Sally, seeking peace, married King Shadow and was able to ease some of the harsh rules and punishments of Shadow's regime. Only a few Mobians avoided losing their memory of the world before, including Cobor and Rutor who were both tortured and killed by King Shadow. Lara-su later regained her memory and offered to help Tails( who also regained his memory) find Sonic and dispose of King Shadow. When they found sonic he was living on the streets homeless. Losing his wife and kids really took a mental toll on him, but Tails has a heart-to-heart talk with Sonic and they become friends again. However, the three were then arrested by Knuckles afterwards.

    After the three were imprisoned, Knuckles revealed he had arrested them merely as a deception and so they could get close to the king. Lara-Su, Knuckles, Tails and Sonic then launched attack against King Shadow and are quickly defeated until Lara-su use her knowledge of Chaos Control and used it to freeze Shadow in time, ending his reign over the Mobius. Sonic talked to Sally afterwards, who considered her marriage with Shadow annulled, and the two rekindled their love.

    Light Mobius: The Year of Peace

    Five years later after King Shadow disposal. Sonic and Sally were remarried and making Sonic king once again and in the spring of 3263 Princess Sonia and Prince Manic were reborn as twins.

    When Worlds Collide

    Other Media

    Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993)

    No Caption Provided

    In his first animated appearance, Sonic and his pal Tails go on various misadventures together as they strive to foil Dr. Robotnik's evil schemes. It was the most light-hearted of the five animated series, focusing more on zany slapstick humor than story.

    Sonic the Hedgehog (1993)

    No Caption Provided

    Unlike its sister show, this series had a much greater focus on storytelling with humor being more of a supplement. Sonic is part of a group of freedom fighters whose goal is to take Mobius back from the evil dictator Dr. Robotnik, who had conquered the planet and enslaved its inhabitants Sonic was young. Though it was short-lived, it served as the inspiration for the comic series of the same name, which is still ongoing.

    Sonic Underground (1999)

    No Caption Provided

    This oddball series was essentially a combination of the previous two, featuring both a dystopian setting and a whimsical tone. Sonic has two siblings named Manic & Sonia and they are the true heirs to the throne of Mobius, which has been taken over by Dr. Robotnik. Their mother, the Queen, had to go undercover after she was made the target of Dr. Robotnik's forces, leaving Sonic and his siblings under the care of three different foster families and unaware of their royal heritage or of each other. Upon discovering the existence of his siblings, they vow to find their mother, defeat Robotnik, and take their rightful place on the throne.

    Sonic X (2003)

    No Caption Provided

    The longest running of the five series, and also the basis for Archie's like-titled comic series. It had two different story arcs, each with a different premise. The first two seasons centered around the entire cast of the video games being sent to Earth and trying to integrate themselves into human society until they can find a way to get back home. The third and final season took place after Sonic and co. had warped back to their home planet, and concerned an expedition through space to prevent an evil alien force from destroying the galaxy. It holds the distinction of being the most popular of the Sonic's TV excursions by far, and can still be found in reruns.

    Sonic Boom (2014)

    No Caption Provided

    The television series from the eponymous spin-off, Sonic Boom is the first show of the five series to be completely CGI-animated and featured redesigns for the entire cast. Unlike its predecessors, the series returns to the first show's comedic roots by poking fun at action-adventure storytelling, although it still retains its moments of action. The series revolves around Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Tails, and Sticks the Badger against the evil Dr. Eggman and their own adventures in a vast, unspecified landscape.


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