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    Julian Kintobor AKA Ivo Robotnik AKA Eggman is a tyrannical dictator, and Inventor who has menaced Mobius since the end of The Great War between the Mobians and Overlanders. He is Sonic the Hedgehog's arch-nemesis and ruler of The Eggman Empire.

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    Robotnik Prime

    Robotnik Prime
    Robotnik Prime

    Julian Kintobor was the second son born to Ivo and Bertha Kintobor of the prestigious House of Ivo. For much, if not all of his life, Julian despised his older brother Colin for not only teasing him but being the one who received the most love and attention from their parents.

    When he grew older, Julian began studying under Dr. Nate Morgan and helped create the Power Rings. But when Nate passed everything he knew unto Julian, he turned against him and had Nate banished.

    With full control over his former mentor's laboratory, Julian began performing very mad and twisted experiments right under the nose of his fellow Overlanders, that is until he was discovered by the authorities and tossed in jail. Julian managed to escape, however, and fled into The Great Forest while being pursued by two Overlander assassins. Thanks to a wayward blast and the color of his uniform, Julian's fall into a muddy puddle made it impossible for the assassins to see him.

    Thinking Julian dead, they turned around and headed back home, moments after the attack two Mobosapien Hedgehogs known as Jules and Sir Charles helped Julian up and brought him back to their home, where Julian offered his services to King Maximillian Acorn in return for asylum amongst their people. Julian was taught everything about battlefield tactics by Warlord Kodos, who, after overlooking Ixis Naugus' former residence, trusted Julian enough to try and take him under his wing in a plot to overthrow King Maximillian.

    To crush any hopes of rebellion, Kodos and Julian would exile their enemies into The Zone of Silence forever and take command of The Kingdom. Though enamored with the concept of conquering the world, Julian did not wish to share such power and used the Atomic Mace created by Ixis Naugus so long ago to knock Kodos unconscious, whom he banished to The Zone of Silence without alerting his soon-to-be former allies of a possible coup.

    During The Great War between the Overlanders and Mobians, King Acorn had Julian fill the role of Warlord as he was the only one left with the tactical information and decisive military leadership required to fulfill such a role. Around the same time, Julian's nephew, Colin Jr. or "Snively" as his Father often called him due to his rebellious antics was kicked out of his own home by Colin indefinitely and left Megapolis to aid his Uncle in crushing the Overlanders and staging a coup against King Maximillian.

    In order for the coup to be a success, however, Julian required an army, an army of cyborgs to be exact so he raided the neutral village of Kar Leung and turned all of its citizens into cyborgs, but Ken Khan was the only one to survive the process and rebelled against Julian for murdering his people. Julian defeated Khan and locked him away in stasis. Julian later arranged a sword duel between his greatest political opponents King Maximillian Acorn and the Overlord Charlemagne.

    The loser of the duel would have to surrender to the other side. Unbeknownst to the two opponents, Julian had planned to make his ascension to the throne easier, if Maximillian won then Charlemagne’s regime wouldn’t cease to be a threat to Julian’s new world order but if Charlemagne won, then Julian would lead the Mobians into an endless war. Maximillian won the fight but spared Charlemagne’s life. The Overlanders surrendered and departed for space in search of a new home.

    With neither of his political rivals dead and his people now too far beyond his reach to enslave, Julian had to begin exploring other options and then he discovered the existence of Sir Charles’ latest invention: The Roboticizer. Sir Charles had built the device solely for the purpose of prolonging the lives of the sick and elderly. Knowing it could prove useful to his rule, Julian sabotaged the Roboticizer so that whenever someone was transfigured by the device’s power they would lose their free will.

    When the first test run by Sir Charles resulted in his brother, Jules, becoming nothing more than a cold, emotionless machine Sir Charles ended his career as a scientist and passed the Roboticizer over to Julian, whom he believed could perfect it better. The Roboticizer would soon become instrumental in Julian’s victory over Maximillian. When The Great War came to a close, Maximillian ordered Julian to dismantle the War Ministry as he had been made Minister of Science now and that there was no longer any need for an army.

    Unfortunately for Maximillian, Julian had already perfected his SWATbot model and had it in full production. Later that same night, Julian gave Snively the order to deploy the SWATbots and set the coup into full motion. As the Kingdom came under siege in various locations to prevent any and all forms of retaliation, Maximillian was brought before Julian by the SWATbots, who revealed his schemes to the King and demonstrated the Roboticization process to him using several Mobians as test subjects.

    Julian then opened a portal to The Zone of Silence and banished Maximillian from their reality entirely. With Maximillian gone, Julian rounded up the remaining citizens of Mobotropolis and the Kingdom and had them all roboticized save for the ninety percent of Mobians who managed to escape into The Great Forest. After securing his hold over what was once The Kingdom of Acorn, Julian or “Dr. Ivo Robotnik” as he now called himself began traversing the globe in search of new lands to conquer.

    When his forces took hold of The Dragon Kingdom, Robotnik endorsed the local warlord Jun Kun and his Overlander Magitek sorceress Regina Ferrum with weapons needed to crush the Ninja Clans rebelling against them and gain the favor of the free citizens of the Kingdom which ultimately resulted in the establishment of The Iron Dominion. Robotnik later squared off against the original Freedom Fighters lead by Colonel Tig Stripe.

    But Trey Scales, who had been bribed by Robotnik, betrayed his comrades and lead them into a trap Robotnik had set up in Robotropolis (the city once known as Mobotropolis). After being captured, Robotnik revealed Trey’s betrayal to the other Freedom Fighters and then roboticized all of them, including Trey, and banished them into The Zone of Silence.

    Years later Robotnik had managed to conquer almost all of Mobius, leaving only a select group of areas free of his influence. In each conquered area, he placed Regional Governors to maintain lead campaigns against the underground resistance groups that continued to pester him. However, he would soon find his Empire pitted against a group of Freedom Fighters unlike any Mobius had seen before.

    Lead by Princess Sally Acorn, daughter of Maximillian, and his future arch-nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog, son of Jules and nephew of Sir Charles, these new Freedom Fighters began the process of dismantling his regime one small victory at a time. Robotnik poured much of his resources into destroying these Freedom Fighters and uncovering the whereabouts of the hidden underground city of Knothole but failed each time thanks to the efforts of Sonic the Hedgehog.

    A major turning point occurred, however, when Robotnik hired a mercenary named Nack the Weasel to kidnap Sonic and bring him back to Robotropolis to be roboticized. Nack’s success resulted in the birth of the nigh-unstoppable and subservient Mecha Sonic, who razed a vast portion of Knothole to the ground but was prevented from uncovering its location through Sonic by a roboticized Knuckles.

    With Mecha Sonic defeated and restored back to his original organic form by his One Billionth Power Ring, Robotnik went to work on his next major scheme…constructing The Death Egg, an unimaginably powerful orbital space station capable of roboticizing every organic life form left on the planet while leaving Snively with the task of rebuilding Robotropolis, who instead used the SWATbot labor force to wait on him hand and foot.

    Though he nearly managed to sink The Floating Island into the ground and usurp the Chaos Emeralds locked away inside the Crystal Chambers, Robotnik’s plans were ultimately foiled and The Death Egg was destroyed. After having to suffer even more setbacks, Robotnik’s fury finally reached a breaking point and put together Operation: EndGame. Robotnik’s greatest plan yet was composed of several phases.

    He began with trying to have Princess Sally killed in a manner that would frame Sonic for her death with the aid of the traitorous Drago Wolf. Robotnik then managed to infiltrate Knothole using a robotic replica of King Maximillian and uncover its location within The Great Forest. With its location now known, Robotnik stormed Knothole and held The Freedom Fighters at gunpoint but rather than kill them all, Robotnik decided to use Knothole as a testing site for his newest weapon “The Ultimate Annihilator”.

    The Ultimate Annihilator was a satellite capable of warping reality itself and erasing matter from existence, with it he would make the deaths of his enemies a symbolic one, but it was not long before Robotnik’s plans began to unravel. Drago had been revealed to be a traitor and Sonic, who was no longer charged with Sally’s “murder”, stormed Robotropolis to bring Robotnik down once and for all. But not even Sonic was fast enough to stop The Ultimate Annihilator from destroying Knothole and all who lived there.

    Unbeknownst to Robotnik, Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine De’Coolette had placed a device in The Ultimate Annihilator that, following the initial fire, began overloading it with power. Snively had also tampered with the device to ensure that it only targeted Robotnik’s DNA so that when everything was said and done Snively would be able to take control of his Uncle’s Empire.

    After years of traded insults and foiled plots, Robotnik and Sonic no longer had anything to say to one another and without anything to lose they fought to the bitter end as the world seemingly came crashing down all around them. But when The Ultimate Annihilator finally exploded, Robotnik was the only one to perish after being consumed by a bright white light let off by The Ultimate Annihilator’s destruction. Shortly after Robotnik died, Sonic learned that Knothole had never been destroyed but rather shifted three hours into the future and that Sally was alive and had actually been in a coma the entire time Operation: EndGame was proceeding.

    After Sonic woke her up, they celebrated their ultimate victory over Robotnik. A few years later, however, Knuckles’ constant tampering with time saw Robotnik revived in various scenarios. At one point, following the restoration of the normal timeline, Robotnik’s displaced molecules were recombined thanks in part to Chaos Knuckles’ reality-warping powers and a device his very own counterpart, Robo-Robotnik or “Eggman” as he called himself had built to tap into that power.

    The two Robotniks formulated a plot to bring down Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters by having Robotnik pretend he was on the run from Eggman, who wanted to “steal his memories, so that he could forge an alliance with Sonic and the others. King Maximillian and the others knowing his story to be a fake, went along with it so that The Freedom Fighters could locate and destroy the device that had brought the original Robotnik back.

    With their plot foiled, the two Robotniks blamed one another for the formulation of said plot and began fighting while Sonic and the others destroyed the device. Robotnik’s molecules dispersed shortly afterward, killing him once more.

    Robo-Robotnik Mach II/Doctor Eggman

    Doctor Eggman holding his old Robo-Robotnik head.
    Doctor Eggman holding his old Robo-Robotnik head.

    Dr. Julian Ivo Kintobor Mach II of The House of Ivo a.k.a. Robo-Robotnik’s early life was very similar to that of his Prime Universe counterpart albeit with some minor changes such as the roboticization of his older brother Colin, however the largest turning point in his universe’s history occurred in the year 3232 when he was roboticized during the final battle with Sonic instead of being erased from existence by his Ultimate Annihilator weapon. Despite having become more powerful than ever before, Robo-Robotnik still lost the fight against Sonic and his body ended up being destroyed.

    But his consciousness endured and was uploaded into the computer mainframe of an incomplete and derelict space station he had been building for other reasons but despite his survival, Robo-Robotnik remained stranded aboard the space station and awaited its inevitable shut-down and his ultimate demise. Years passed and by some odd and random miracle, Robotnik Prime ended up being teleported onto the space station by his rogue creation, E.V.E. and met Robo-Robotnik.

    Robo-Robotnik explained to Robotnik Prime his situation and that he had given, but Robotnik Prime refused to let Robo-Robotnik give up and told him that even if they failed in this reality they would still stand a chance as long as Robotnik Prime was able to return to his universe. Robo-Robotnik, inspired to live on by Robotnik Prime’s words, was able to arrange his counterparts return and as his counterpart left, he tapped into his memories and learned of the legendary pan-dimensional showdown between Robotnik Prime, countless versions of Sonic from various universes and yet another roboticized incarnation of himself, who manned a massive battle suit during the conflict.

    Robo-Robotnik discovered that his counterpart’s battle suit, The Giant Borg, had been taken apart by the Sonics of the Multiverses and that pieces of the armor had been given to every Sonic present during the battle in order to keep those who would use its incalculable might for evil from rebuilding it. After locating the piece his Sonic had taken into their reality, Robo-Robotnik built a new body for himself and bombarded Mobotropolis with nuclear weapons, killing King Sonic, Queen Sally, Princess Sonia, Prince Manik and The Freedom Fighters in the process.

    But with all of his enemies now dead, Robo-Robotnik found he had nothing to do and decided to check on his Prime counterpart. Much to his amazement, Robo-Robotnik discovered that Robotnik Prime had perished leaving Sonic Prime without a Robotnik. Robo-Robotnik decided to take advantage of Robotnik Prime’s death by moving to Mobius Prime and wiping out his enemies there, thus filling the void in both his and Sonic’s lives left behind by the death of their respective arch-nemesis’.

    After transporting numerous satellites from his reality to theirs, Robo-Robotnik began conspiring to take back control of Mobotropolis from deep within the shadows. He set off a series of events that lead to a prison riot at the Devil’s Gulag prison facility, an avalanche in the Southern Tundra area that nearly killed Sonic and Tails, the activation of all the machines and traps within the Lost Temple of Shazamazon, the restoration of Warlord Kodos and Uma Arachis to their organic selves.

    He also hurled asteroids at Mobotropolis, activated a giant Mutate which attacked and captured Snively, fired a time beam capable of destroying all time at Knothole and presented an autobiography of Robotnik Prime’s life over one of King Maximillian’s speeches. He then sent Evil Sonic into the Multiverse to recover the other portions of The Giant Borg but never got his hands on it due to Evil Sonic handing the controls to the Robotnik of the Sonic Underground universe after mistaking him for Robo-Robotnik (who had been waiting for Evil Sonic there in his satellites.

    Robo-Robotnik returned to Mobius Prime with his satellites and used them to remove the free wills of every Mobian who had remained trapped in their roboticized forms even this long after Robotnik Prime’s death, thus making them subservient to his will and his will alone. After realizing that the Robians (Roboticized Mobians) had all gone missing, Sonic and The Freedom Fighters traveled into space where, with the help of NICOLE, they managed to locate Robo-Robotnik’s satellites.

    Realizing that they were no doubt the source of the strange occurrences that had happened over the past several weeks, The Freedom Fighters stormed the space station and found Robo-Robotnik waiting for them with a skin suit on to make them think he was Robotnik Prime returned from the dead. But his ruse was discovered shortly after when he ended up being drenched in acid and his skin suit melted off.

    After revealing how he’d ended up on Mobius Prime, Robo-Robotnik captured the heroes in a force-field and explained that he had deliberately lured them there so his Shadow-Bots could take back control of Mobotropolis without any true opposition as well as capture as many Mobians as they could so that they could be transformed into Robian slaves. However, Snively, who held no love for this monstrous version of his dead uncle freed The Freedom Fighters from their prison and enlisted their help in blowing up the station.

    By the time they had set everything into motion, Robo-Robotnik had already deployed the Robians, recaptured and rechristened the city of Robotropolis. But thanks to Snively, Robo-Robotnik was unable to leave the station himself leaving him open to attack from Sonic. However, Robo-Robotnik proved to be too powerful for Sonic to defeat on his own.

    It was then that Sonic’s parents revealed that they had managed to retain their free will thanks to the Power Ring Wedding Bands he had gotten them for their anniversary, Robo-Robotnik was shocked by this new development, giving Sonic enough time to grab his parents and run while Robo-Robotnik mused over the situation. The station then exploded, apparently destroying Robo-Robotnik in the process. However, in reality Robo-Robotnik had managed to transfer his consciousness into a new artificial organic body.

    With a new body to call his own, Robo-Robotnik took on an entirely new name, Doctor Eggman, and ushered in a whole new era of darkness for Mobius. When Eggman tried to download the location of Knothole Village and launch an immediate attack on his new enemies. But thanks to the combined efforts of Snively and NICOLE, a computer virus was placed in Robotropolis’ data banks and wiped all knowledge of Knothole’s whereabouts from the computer.

    After managing to purge the virus from his systems, Eggman discovered a file Robotnik Prime had kept on a water beast known only as Chaos, who resided inside a Black Chaos Emerald which Eggman shattered upon finding it, releasing a very weak Chaos in the process, who pledge his loyalty to Eggman in return for saving him. With an army of Shadowbots at his side, Eggman stormed Angel Island and shattered The Master Emerald, which he fed pieces of to Chaos in order to make him stronger.

    Unfortunately, upon reaching its “Perfect” form, Chaos turned on Eggman and destroyed his Egg Carrier, sending Eggman crashing into the flooded streets of Station Square below. Eggman emerged from the rubble shortly after Chaos’ defeat and demanded revenge on Sonic. Eggman unleashed a new Silver Sonic and sent it after Sonic, but it was defeated and reprogrammed by Nate Morgan to act as Station Square’s new defender.

    Silver Sonic II chased Eggman out of Station Square after being reprogrammed and into the forests, while being chased a wayward laser blast sent Eggman falling through the roof of a secret laboratory that once belonged to his great-great grandfather, Gerald Kintobor. There, Eggman discovered his great-grandfather’s diary and used his notes to go about reviving Project Shadow for his own diabolical purposes. It was during this time that The Royal Family of Acorn and The Freedom Fighters assaulted Robotropolis and freed the captured Prince Elias Acorn as well as managing to restore the health of Queen Alicia Acorn.

    Eggman learned of this from video footage of the attack and set out to take The Sword of Acorns, but even though he managed to acquire it, but Uma Arachnis subsequently took it from Eggman and delivered it to Warlord Kodos. Several weeks later, a group of Overlanders returned to Mobius after years of traveling through space including the Prime Universe version of Eggman’s brother, Colin and his new family.

    Longing to see his people again and wanting to roboticize Colin Prime in the same manner he had to his Colin, Eggman masterminded a ruse that won over the trust of The Overlanders, convincing them to come and live in Robotropolis. While the Overlanders settled into their new homes, Eggman enlisted Snively’s help in giving his robotic form the ability to roboticize organic beings with but a single touch. With this new ability, which he tested on an Overlander named Cheddermund, Eggman hoped to roboticize Sonic.

    After having Nate Morgan captured, Eggman was able to lure Sonic and The Freedom Fighters into the city, who used The Sword of Acorns, which Uma Arachnis had returned to Sally, to restore the Robians free will. They then managed to escape the city when Nate shut down the force field surrounding it, unfortunately Nate was forced to remain behind and ended up being roboticized by Eggman, turning him into a robotic statue much like Cheddermund.

    When his niece, Hope, accused Eggman of creating the Robians, he revealed that everyone in Robotropolis was suffering from radiation poisoning and that if they wanted to survive they would have to be roboticized. When Colin discovered that Eggman was actually a robotic incarnation of his deceased brother from a parallel universe and that his own son, Snively, had been aiding him in his endeavors the whole time, he tried attacking Eggman only to end up roboticized in the process alongside Lady Agnes, Hope’s grandmother and Colin’s Mother-In-Law.

    Hope managed to escape Eggman’s grasp before he could roboticize her and proceeded to demonstrate how The Overlanders could maintain their mobility after being roboticized by performing the process on a willing Snively. The Overlanders, however, decided to leave Robotropolis with the Mobians even though they were still suffering from radiation poisoning. Eggman decided not to stop them, believing it would be far more satisfying to watch them all suffer from afar.

    When Chaos Knuckles began traveling into the past and altering reality, Eggman was able to restore Robotnik Prime to life and together hatched a scheme to get revenge on Sonic once and for all, but when the plan fell through, the two Robotniks turned on each other while Sonic and the others destroyed the device keeping Robotnik Prime’s molecules stable enough for him to exist. With the device destroyed, Robotnik Prime’s molecules were forever scattered into oblivion.

    Following a nuclear strike on Robotropolis that eradicated the city along with Eggman, who managed to transfer his consciousness into a robotic shell deep beneath the ruins of Old Megaopolis. However, Rouge the Bat managed to uncover Eggman’s whereabouts but was captured before she could report her findings back to her superiors who sent Sonic and Bunnie Rabbot to investigate.

    There, they came into conflict with Eggman but managed to free Rouge and destroy his new body with a stick of dynamite. Having become stranded in cyberspace, Eggman attracted his self-defense systems and was able to retrieve Snively’s consciousness, who made a new body for himself that Eggman quickly destroyed and used to build his new body while telling his sniveling nephew that he was the main villain.

    While in this new form, Eggman traveled into The Forbidden Zone where The Fearsome Foursome, Drago Wolf and Sleuth “Doggy” Dawg tried offering to sell him back to one of his old factories. Eggman agreed and shook Drago’s hand, roboticizing him in the process as well as The Fearsome Foursome. Before he could roboticize Sleuth, the criminal informed him that he would hand over Sonic, who had ventured into The Forbidden Zone in search of his old friend Tommy Turtle.

    Sonic managed to save Tommy from Sleuth and nearly escaped, Eggman turned his attention to Sleuth and tried to roboticize him. Before Eggman could, Sleuth threw a grenade that destroyed his and Snively’s body while also leading Sonic to believe that Tommy had died in the explosion along with them. Afterward, Eggman and Snively found themselves captured alongside Sonic and Tails by an alien race known as The Bem.

    The Bem, wishing to prove which was stronger, metal or flesh, de-roboticized Eggman and Snively and forced them to fight for their lives against a roboticized Sonic and Tails. As a result of their failure, Eggman found that neither he nor Snively could re-roboticize themselves due to a side-effect associated with The Bem’s de-roboticizer. But Eggman would soon have other, far greater problems to deal with. Shortly after The Bem encounter, a second and far more hostile alien species known as The Xorda arrived just as The Bem were leaving.

    The Xorda revealed that Mobius had once been called Earth and that three millennia ago, their attempts to forge an alliance with Humanity went horribly wrong after the humans captured their emissary and dissected him alongside his other crewmen. The Xorda, in their rage, obliterated Humanity using their gene bombs but in doing so mutated the wildlife into the Mobians that now rule over the planet. Needless to say, they were not happy to learn that their efforts had given rise to new races not to mention a de-evolved version of Humanity.

    One of their first major targets was Robotropolis, where they waged war with Eggman but were too powerful for even Eggman’s forces to stop. With his city in flames, his ShadowBots destroyed and Snively missing, Eggman recognized the Xorda as a legitimate threat and formed an alliance with The House of Acorn but at the price of surrendering half of his acquired territory to King Maximillian Acorn. Eggman agreed to the terms and, with Sonic and Sally’s help, drove The Xorda back into space.

    But The Xorda, who were not known for leaving jobs unfinished, planted a Quantum Dial intended to destroy Mobius and the rest of the Solar System on one of Mobius’ electromagnetic poles. Sonic managed to successfully prevent the Quantum Dial from tearing open time/space but was exiled into the far reaches of space, leaving everyone to believe he was dead.

    With Sonic out of the way, Eggman launched an attack on the territories Robotnik Prime lost upon his death and reclaimed them as his own, allowing him to establish The Eggman Empire and extend his reach across the planet. Eggman later built a new capital, New Megaopolis, outside the ruins of Old Megaopolis and Megaopolis and created two robotic “children”, Mecha and ADAM, to replace Snively, who was still MIA following the Xorda attack.

    The former would serve as his bodyguard while the latter would function as a sentient computer virus that controlled most of Eggman’s systems and mechanical armies. Eggman also struck a deal with the Dingo Regime, providing them with weapons and military support in return for their unwavering loyalty and becoming their enforcers. With their aid, Eggman conquered Angel Island and maintained his dominion over it for months, enslaving the Echidnas in the process.

    During an attempt to procure the Master Emerald for himself, Eggman pitted his Egg Pawns against The Brotherhood of Guardians, who managed to defeat them at the cost of their own freedom. With almost the entire Brotherhood gone, Locke became the Master Emerald’s sole defender until The Dark Legion decided to join forces with Locke and aid him in protecting it. During this time, Eggman also allied himself with The Iron Dominion just as Robotnik Prime once had.

    After obtaining its location from Dr. Finitevus, who also rendered the city defenseless, Eggman stormed the hidden Echidna settlement of Albion, destroyed it and carried its citizens off to the Egg Grapes where they perished. Eggman set his sights on Downunda afterward and established the first of many Dark Egg Legion chapters, with ex-Downunda Freedom Fighter Duck Bill Platypus as its Grandmaster.

    Other known chapters were established in the southern continent under the control of Drago Wolf and Razorklaw, however it was not until The Dark Legion was actually integrated into Eggman’s Empire that the name Dark Egg Legion would be applied. When Sonic returned to Mobius from his year-long voyage through space, Eggman initiated Operation: Triple Threat, a plan designed to bring about a nuclear event of catastrophic proportions.

    Eggman’s overall plan was to nuke Station Square and Knothole while simultaneously unleashing a horde of upgraded SWATbots to bring the force field containing the nuclear radiation surrounding the ruins of Robotropolis. The SWATbots, however, were intercepted at Fort Acorn by the Mes Braves Battalion, the Chaotix and an expeditionary force from G.U.N. while the Freedom Fighters attacked Eggman and his battleship, which was carrying the nuclear warheads onboard, head on.

    Eggman managed to escape from both the Freedom Fighters and Shadow the Hedgehog, who had come to shut down Operation: Triple Threat and Eggman for good. The nukes were successfully delayed from launching after Tails occupied ADAM’s thought processors, giving Bunnie the time she needed to destroy the battleship and neutralize the threat it posed. Tails would later learn that several former Robians had been “re-roboticized” by a being that called himself Anonymous.

    Shortly afterward, Eggman sent his forces to the Golden Hive Colony who captured and killed most of its citizens and turned the entire colony into one of Eggman’s polluting bases. Eggman later became involved in a conflict between the Dingoes and several other parties including The Chaotix and the remnants of the old Dark Legion in a bid to capture the Master Emerald.

    Not wishing to rely on the Dingoes, Eggman sent his new agent, Hunter, to capture as many of the free echidnas as he could as well as retrieve the Master Emerald for him. Hunter managed to capture a great deal of Echidnas but was destroyed by Super Knuckles before he could get the Master Emerald back to The Eggman Empire. Even though he lost, Eggman found a silver lining in having captured so many Echidnas in his Egg Grapes, who later died after he converted them all into energy.

    In the wake of his most recent defeat, Eggman built a new army of robots to deal with the greatest threats to his Empire, namely Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose, and after discovering Freedom Fighter activity going on in a nearby abandoned bunker, Eggman constructed a new Metal Sonic to bring them down. His Metal Sonic would go on to forge an alliance with Shadow and an insane prehistoric robot named Isaac in a bid to destroy Sonic, which ultimately failed and resulted in Metal Sonic’s destruction.

    Frustrated by his constant failures, Eggman unwittingly gave ADAM clearance to utilize the same nanites used to create the latest Metal Sonic in their efforts to destroy Sonic and the others. Eggman later developed a great deal of hatred for Mina Mongoose’s music and banned it in his territories and then hired Nack the Weasel to assassinate her. When Nack failed to perform his duty, Eggman dispatched the latest versions of Heavy and Bomb to completely obliterate the young singer, only to be met with failure a second time.

    Eggman’s next plot involved sending a massive army of roboticized dragons to the city of Vesuvio, where they were defeated by Dulcy the Dragon. After, Anonymous sent Eggman a warning that he was going to be killed. Eggman sought out Sonic and asked for his help in stopping his would-be-killers, who turned out to be a reprogrammed Mecha and Knothole’s hidden army of Metal Sonic Troopers. During the chaos, Eggman convinced Shadow to become an agent of the Eggman Empire in return for knowledge about his past. Eggman was later surprised to learn that ADAM had taken control of NICOLE, Jules Hedgehog and Bunnie Rabbot after he made contact with nanites that had been seized by the Freedom Fighters some time ago.

    On Sonic’s birthday, Eggman sent Bean the Dynamite, Bark the Polar Bear and Croctobot to kill him, but the three were swiftly defeated. At some point later on, when Eggman was preparing to use his Egg Grape Chamber to mine The Zone of Silence for energy, it came under attack by the Arachne who utilized The Sword of Acorns and force him to evacuate. After he returned, he had found that all of his Egg Grapes had vanished and that the wizard Ixis Naugus had been freed from imprisonment.

    Eggman later destroyed Mecha after ADAM provided him with video footage of her working with Anonymous and then terminated his other henchmen projects save for ADAM. He then deployed his Egg Fleet and captured Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus and The Destructix, who had joined together to reform the Order of Ixis and destroy the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix. While the lot of them had been placed inside Egg Grapes, Mammoth Mogul’s power prevented Eggman from converting them all into energy, though Eggman was confident that Mogul’s power would eventually run out, leaving them all susceptible to the conversion process.

    Later, Eggman captured Jet the Hawk of The Babylon Rogues and hired them to attack Knothole and humiliate Sonic via the use of their Extreme Gear, thanks to Tails’ creations however, Sonic was able to counter their technology and send them packing. Around the same time, Eggman had formed a loose alliance with the Kuku Battle Bird Armada and convinced Snively to rejoin the Empire as the new commander of the Egg Fleet. Eggman also set up an Auto-Automaton Infiltrators operation, which was handled by Renfield T. Rodent in Casionopolis, but the operation was later foiled by the Chaotix.

    Not long afterward, Eggman discovered that ADAM and the enigmatic Anonymous were the same being after having witnessed him free Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus from the Egg Grape Chamber and learned of their involvement in ADAM’s plots. Eggman deleted ADAM afterward but the rebellious A.I. returned by taking over the nanites that had been infused into Tommy Turtle’s shell. Eggman was later captured and taken to New Megaopolis, ADAM also managed to capture Shadow after sending out a false communication ordering him to abandon his mission to pursue Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus.

    Eggman, who had remotely summoned the Egg Fleet which ADAM had detected and then was forced to watch as Jules, Sonic’s father, was forced to bring Tails to ADAM, after which the insidious A.I. imprisoned Shadow and Tails and turned them into Super Shadow and Turbo Tails to act as the main power source for ADAM‘s Summoning Spire, which brought every Chaos Emerald in the galaxy to New Megaopolis. The only emerald which never showed up was the Master Emerald, which Locke and Doctor Finitevus were struggling to keep from flying off to New Megaopolis by fusing their Chaos and Anti-Chaos powers together and repeating Tikal’s Prayer.

    When Sonic arrived, he siphoned energy from the Chaos Emeralds to turn into Super Sonic and engaged ADAM, who had also taken on a Super form, in combat. With ADAM distracted, Eggman was able to free Super Shadow and Turbo Tails from imprisonment who banished all of the Chaos Emeralds into The Zone of Silence. Tommy Turtle managed to temporarily break free of ADAM’s control and after saying goodbye to his friends, Eggman ordered the Egg Fleet to fire upon Tommy, who was instantly vaporized. Eggman and Shadow then departed, allowing Sonic and Tails to grieve in peace.

    Eggman was later betrayed by Shadow, who stole Gerald Robotnik’s diary and abandoned the Empire in order to pursue his own destiny. Eggman captured Sonic soon afterwards and used a special device to take control of his body and forced his arch-nemesis to attack Knothole. Eggman was defeated during this attack by the combined efforts of Sonic and his friends and then sent out a new Metal Sonic model to finish what Sonic had been forced to start. But alas the new Metal Sonic ended up being destroyed forcing Eggman to return to his base.

    When Eggman learned that the Master Emerald was supposedly being auctioned off, he sent Nack, Bean and Bark to investigate but they were all captured. Eggman also tried to attack the Chao living at the old Power Ring grotto near Robotropolis but was stopped by Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. Eggman’s plans continued to move forward despite all the setbacks and by some stroke of luck, he captured Espio the Chameleon, gaining a small measure of revenge for Espio’s part in destroying his Golden Hive Colony holdings.

    Eggman later launched a full-scale attack on the Kingdom of Knothole and leveled the entire city by using his Egg Fleet to inflict severe damage upon the city via aerial bombardment. The Kingdom along with Freedom HQ were utterly annihilated during the assault and imprisoned the entire population, save for Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles, in his Egg Grape Chamber. Eggman then donned his Egg Beater battle-armor to face Sonic in a one-on-one fight, but little did Sonic know, Eggman had built it to withstand all of Sonic’s attacks and crushed him both physically and psychologically with ease.

    Instead of killing Sonic, though, Eggman decided to let him live and returned to New Megaopolis. A decision that he came to regret when Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Tails invaded the city in an effort to save everyone Eggman had captured. However, while Sonic did managed to free everyone, he did not arrive in time to stop Eggman from subjecting Charmy the Bee to the Egg Grape conversion process, which caused severe memory impairment to the young prince.

    NICOLE transported the Mobians to New Mobotropolis after they were freed from the Egg Grape Chamber. Eggman took to the skies in his Egg Fleet and pursued them, when he arrived the entire fleet attempted to destroy the shield surrounding New Mobotropolis but it was to no avail. Eggman then descended from the flagship in his Egg Beater armor but was defeated by the combined might of Sonic, the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix. Eggman fled after his defeat and returned to New Megaopolis, but unbeknownst to everyone including himself, Eggman had been traumatized so deeply by this particular defeat that his mental health began deteriorate.

    After the defeat at New Mobotropolis, Eggman learned that Enerjak had returned and forged an alliance with Sonic to defeat him. When Enerjak attacked New Mobotropolis, Eggman and the Egg Fleet arrived and imprisoned Enerjak within an Egg Grape but the mad Doctor had underestimated the breadth of Enerjak’s power and was unable to stop him from breaking out of confinement and wiping out both his Egg Fleet and a massive portion of New Megaopolis.

    Following this, Eggman retreated to the Eggdome with Snively and Dimitri, the leader of the Dark Legion and the current Enerjak’s predecessor. After Enerjak, who turned out to be Knuckles after he was corrupted by Anti-Chaos energy, was defeated Lien-Da and the Echidnas who remained faithful to her proposed an alliance with Eggman and become his new Dark Egg Legion in exchange for new cybernetic parts but only if he named her Grandmaster, a title which Eggman had already given to Dimitri.

    Sometime later, Eggman sent the latest incarnation of Metal Sonic to attack Freedom HQ only to find it occupied by Scourge the Hedgehog (Evil Sonic) and his Suppression Squad. When Metal Sonic was about to leave, Eggman heard Scourge talking about how he was eventually going to take control of the territories currently under the Eggman Empire’s control. This prompted Metal Sonic to attack Scourge, but when Sonic arrived to halt the commotion, Eggman quickly assembled a modified Metal Sonic he called Metal Scourge to go and his “brother”. While Eggman watched the battle unfold, Dimitri approached him demanding to know why Eggman had yet to build a new Badnik horde to support the Dark Egg Legion.

    Eggman revealed that he had planted explosives in the new cybernetic enhancements he gave to the legionnaires, making Dimitri realize the horrific situation he’d put his own people in and left. After Dimitri left, Eggman continued to watch the fight until Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge were destroyed, but the destruction of Metal Sonic did not discourage Eggman from building a new model installed with an engine that allowed this particular model to cross into other universes.

    When Eggman activated the new Metal Sonic and told it to go find Sonic, who was currently trapped on Moebius, the universe Scourge and the Suppression Squad came from. When it teleported there without orders, Eggman flew into a rage and began trashing the workstation around him. Later on, Eggman designed and built a machine called the Egg Phoenix and used it to counterattack the Freedom Fighter/Chaotix’s assault on the Eggdome which proved to be a fearsome match for the two teams.

    However, the Egg Phoenix was eventually destroyed when Sally had Sonic, Vector, Knuckles, Bunnie and Tails use teamwork to lead the Egg Phoenix high enough into the sky that it’s engines began to stall. With the Egg Phoenix no longer producing any flames, Charmy, Saffron and Ray placed Neutralizing Mines on the Egg Phoenix’s hull allowing Tails to deactivate it and force it to crash. Eggman escaped from the vehicle unscathed and ordered Snively and Dimitri to round up the Dark Egg Legion for the final battle.

    A day later, Eggman had E-123 Omega hunt down E-102 Gamma and destroy him, much to Omega’s displeasure seeing as how his prime directive was to destroy Sonic, not the task he had been given. The Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix launched their final assault on the Eggdome and clashed with the Dark Egg Legion while Eggman himself prepared for Sonic’s arrival. The Legion, who had agreed to follow a secret plan Snively had cooked up, fell back and allowed Sonic to reach Eggman without any trouble.

    When Sonic arrived for the final showdown, he found Eggman waiting for him inside the cockpit of a massive Egg Tarantula. While they fought, Sonic began taunting Eggman and began recounting all the times he had defeated the dictator, which pushed Eggman past his breaking point, causing him to grow more and more unstable until finally, when he was defeated and Sonic proclaimed his victory, he snapped. With his sanity gone, Eggman went berserk and tore most of his mustache off, and began to scream and drool while attempting to land a hit on Sonic.

    Sally arrived to find Eggman laying on the ground in a fetal position, babbling incoherently. Snively arrived shortly after Sally did, explaining that Sonic had not just defeated Eggman but had broke him, reducing him to a mere husk of the man he once was. Instead of celebrating Eggman’s defeat, Sonic and Sally found themselves looking on with pity and horror of what their enemy had been reduced to. Snively then congratulated Sonic for his so-called victory and demanded that they leave New Megaopolis so he could tend to his Uncle in peace.

    Once the heroes were gone, Snively threw a straight jacket on Eggman and left him to rot in a cell while he welcomed his secret lover Regina Ferrum and her Iron Dominion to New Megaopolis and transferred control of the Eggman Empire to her. Snively later went to go see Eggman and found him rambling on about things such as his old robot lackey Crabmeat and feeling less loved than his older brother Colin. When Snively left, Eggman muttered the words “Cell block override epsilon-gamma-epsilon” and freed himself from imprisonment. Snively had heard the sound of the cell block opening and was shocked to find his uncle breaking free of his straight jacket. When Snively tried to stop him but was knocked aside as Eggman ran off with only one thing in mind: kill Sonic.

    Using the Egg-Tortoise, Eggman escaped from New Megaopolis and began trashing The Great Forest in search of the old entrance to Knothole Village. He was eventually confronted by Sonic and attempted to destroy him, but the hedgehog simply avoided his attacks until Tails was able to cut off all power to the Egg-Tortoise, which Eggman grew angry at for not working. Sonic then attempted to reason with Eggman and was punched in the face, Eggman was ecstatic for finally “getting” the hedgehog and laughed himself unconscious. The Iron Dominion arrived shortly and demanded that Eggman be given back, but Sonic had Tails take the unconscious dictator to New Mobotropolis instead.

    When Tails arrived at the city, Monkey Khan expressed his desire to kill Eggman but was stopped by Sally, who had him sent to the New Mobotropolis Prison. Sonic later visited Eggman, who now thought it was the time of the Great War and that he had just defected to the Kingdom of Acorn, after which he went to sleep believing in his shattered mind that he needed to rest up before having his audience with the King. Later, after the Iron Dominion occupied New Mobotropolis, Eggman was visited by Snively who went on a long rant about he would become the lord of an empire greater than his ever was, but the moment was ruined when Eggman asked what had happened to all of Snively’s hair.

    Later still, when Sir Charles was being taken to the detention center, he was greeted by the delusional dictator who asked him how his “Robot-Sizer” project was coming along, only to receive a cold rebuke from the old hedgehog. A rebuke that allowed Eggman a moment of clarity as he reflected on his adopted name, remembering that he used to go by his birth name and while he studied his glasses he began muttering “I go by Robotnik now and sometimes…Eggman…of my Eggman Empire”. With those words spoken aloud, Eggman put his glasses back on and started down the road to recovery while he pondered why he could never beat Sonic.

    Eventually, after doing all the math and coming up with a solid answer, Eggman’s sanity completely restored itself and when he was visited by Snively later on, he explained to him the reason why he could never defeat Sonic, which was due to his overexposure to Chaos energy and that it had made Sonic into the very personification of Chaos, the unforeseen variable that showed up in any experiment. But when he asked Snively to release him from his cell, Snively refused and stated that he had everything he finally wanted including love.

    When Snively declared his love for Regina Ferrum, Eggman laughed at him and told him he was a delusional fool who could never find love because he only loved himself and that the woman he loved was really just a stepping stone to him in his quest for power and that she was playing him just as easily as Snively would her. This reduced Snively to tears who stormed off while Eggman laughed at him, saying that he would eventually come back to serve him just as he always had, and true to Eggman’s word Snively came running back when the Iron Dominion was toppled and freed Eggman from his cell.

    During all the chaos, the two managed to slip out of New Mobotropolis and return to New Megaopolis. Within a week, Eggman had repaired Lien-Da, who had been gravely injured during the conflict with Regina Ferrum and had the Dark Egg Legion back under his control. While they all hid out in the hidden lower sections of the Eggdome, Eggman would gleefully watch as Sonic constantly checked and double-checked the building for any sign of a hidden passage that would lead him to the doctor but to no avail.

    Eggman later saved Sonic from the Krudzu Hydra Hybrid, an old and very unique Badnik that was created by Robotnik Prime long ago, by using a small hummingbird-like robot to destroy it when it threatened to kill Sonic. Eggman later stated that no one, including his deceased counterpart, was allowed to destroy Sonic except for him, much to Snively’s annoyance. Eggman then continued to watch Sonic and Tails’ failed attempts at finding him by finding safety in numerous surveillance system re-routings, which actually managed to ease Snively’s fears of being caught.

    It was at this time that Snively suggested that they should take this opportunity to journey to the Dragon Kingdom and save Regina, but Eggman angrily refused and told Snively flat out that was not going to waste any of his time and resources busting Regina out of jail. Submissively, Snively complied while his overbearing uncle petted him like a lapdog, with that conversation out of the way Eggman went back to building more machines and making all the preparations for his comeback.

    Eggman later had Snively brought before him by two armed legionnaires after learning that Snively was constantly contacting the Bride of the Conquering Storm to check up on Regina’s status and revealed that he was completely aware of what his nephew was doing. Snively defended himself by claiming that he was sending off supplies to the Dragon Kingdom to legionize the Raiju Clan and make them into the regional enforcers. Eggman angrily responded to Snively’s lies by forcing him to officially end his relationship with Regina immediately.

    Brought to tears, Snively complied reluctantly while silently vowing otherwise. During this entire time, Eggman supervised Lien-Da’s recovery while installing more cybernetics and upgrades into her, making her look almost completely natural as opposed to the cyborg she was used to seeing in the mirror using his great skills. After he had finished installing a replacement explosive in Lien-Da’s body, he showed her what he had done to her and explained that everything he did involving Snively and his Grandmasters to see how far the “trust” of each would benefit them, Lien-Da gladly accepted to being a part of Eggman’s game and returned to her role as Grandmaster of the Dark Egg Legion’s forces in New Megaopolis.

    Afterward, Eggman and his minions focused a great deal of time repairing the Eggdome. When Lien-Da reported that all systems were functional again and all damage to the hull had been repaired, Eggman took Snively with him to the Special Zone through a newly constructed portal and were confronted by the God-like Feist, who subjected them to one of his little games in order to win the blue Chaos Emerald from him. The two were forced to race against one another in a tube, but Snively ended up being shot down during the race by Eggman so he could secure the winning spot to ensure that he got the emerald and not Snively.

    Feist then gave Eggman the choice of taking either the emerald or Snively with him back to Mobius Prime, Eggman chose the emerald without hesitation, much to Feist’s surprise and then returned to the Eggdome where he activated a teleportation device that brought Snively back as well, much to Feist’s rage. After placing the Chaos Emerald in the Eggdome’s core, Eggman ventured to the command deck where he was pleased to find that all systems were online and that the Eggdome’s engines were ready for take off.

    After initiating the countdown, Eggman gleefully watched as the Eggdome charged up, shed off its old hull and soared off into the heavens, reducing New Megaopolis into a further state of decay. The Eggdome or rather the Death Egg Mark II appeared in the skies above New Mobotropolis shortly after takeoff and caused a city-wide panic. While waiting for the enemy to make their move, Eggman charged Operation: Clean Sweep up and then returned to the command deck when Snively alerted him of an incoming attacker. Eggman was surprised to see that his attacker was not Sonic but Ixis Naugus, who tried to destroy the Death Egg using his crystalline magics.

    Eggman was pleased to learn that Naugus’ magic could not pierce the Power Ring matrix surrounding the Death Egg and that Sonic was finally on the offensive. Eggman ordered his forces to begin firing upon Sonic’s friends rather than Sonic himself, and left the command deck to have some fun with Sonic and Sally, who had managed to enter the Death Egg. After guiding them through the Death Egg to a location of his choosing, Eggman unleashed the immense Silver Sonic Mark III upon them and began taunting Sally by thanking her and her family for allowing him to rise to the position of power he now held.

    Snively interrupted Eggman’s rant and told him that Operation: Clean Sweep was fully charged and ready to fire. After brushing Snively’s concerns about what effects the weapon might have on them aside, Eggman poured himself a glass of white wine and toasted to his victory as he fired the weapon which enveloped both Mobius and the Death Egg in a blinding white light. The Genesis Wave, as it would later come to be known, had reset the cosmos and replaced Mobius Prime with an entirely new but highly unstable universe.

    In this reality, Eggman went by the name of Robotnik again and had undergone a radical change in appearance, he had also lost nearly all of his memories of the previous universe and now spent his time capturing and placing small animals in robotic shells for his Badnik army in preparation for his conquest of Mobius. When a disheveled Snively returned from Green Hill Zone over on South Island with news of an incident that led to the failure of his mission, Eggman decided to go and investigate himself. When he reached the ancient lava-filled ruins of the Marble Zone, he encountered a group of Mobians and immediately recognized the blue hedgehog, Sonic, among them as the Mobian responsible for bullying Snively.

    After a brief exchange of words between the two, Eggman fired upon Sonic, who managed to avoid the attacks until Eggman cornered him against a pillar in the middle of a sea of lava. But before Eggman could finish him off, a reprogrammed Buzzbomber attacked him but was quickly eradicated, however the attack had managed to distract Eggman long enough for Sonic to land a critical hit on him and ruin his Egg Mobile. While Eggman fled, he shouted threats of his master plan at them even though he could not remember what that plan was.

    Eggman managed to reach the Scrap Brain Zone where he waited for Sonic and his friends to arrive, when they did he trapped Sonic in a force field and pelted him with orbs of electrical energy. However, before he could do anything else, Antoine, who was thought dead after an earthquake in the Labyrinth Zone made it impossible for Sonic to save him, fell through the hydraulics pipe and landed in Eggman’s arms as the mad doctor was drenched in cold water. When Antoine realized whose arms he had fallen into, he began to freak out, distracting him long enough for Sonic to break free of the force field and smash the pipe elevator Eggman was sitting in.

    Eggman managed to hide in another pipe and attempted to sneak away, before he was able to reach his Egg Mobile, he was noticed and Sonic smashed the Egg Mobile, causing Eggman to fall into a pit far below him. Eggman survived the fall, however, and returned to the Death Egg to check up on his plans. But like his nephew, Eggman could not recall the effects Phase One of his master plan had on the world but stated that Phase Two would be a world-wide one-shot “robotization” of Mobius once the seven Chaos Emeralds had fully charged the Death Egg.

    While Eggman began working on a logic puzzle, Snively voiced his concerns about a massive temporal disturbance that was causing a series of massive earthquakes that threatened to tear Mobius apart as well as the total collapse of the space-time continuum. Eggman brushed Snively’s concerns aside and assured him that once Phase Two was finished and Mobius had been cemented into the new reality via the robotization process, the dimensional disturbances and earthquakes would stop.

    Eggman later returned to Mobius and confronted Sonic at Metropolis, however when he called Sonic a “Rodent” it brought back memories of the blue hedgehog’s fights with both Robotnik Prime and Eggman from the old universe, this annoyed Eggman greatly and, in an attempted to ensure Sonic’s memory would not be fully restored, deployed several replicas of himself to attack Sonic. When Sally, Rotor and Antoine destroyed the Oil Ocean Zone, all power across the entire region shut down, imploring Eggman to flee from the city and return to the Death Egg.

    Sonic and Tails, whom Sonic had reunited with after jumping from the highest point in Metropolis and landing on the Tornado’s wings, followed Eggman to a massive flying fortress passing over Metropolis. When Tails tried to get Sonic closer to the fortress, Sonic pointed out that the fortress was a diversion and that Eggman was about to get away in a space shuttle docked on the side of the fortress. When Eggman returned to the Death Egg, he found that Sonic had managed to latch onto the shuttle and survived the journey to through space.

    After boarding his giant mech, memories of how Sonic was always foiling his brilliant plans in the old universe filled Eggman’s mind and made him go berserk. Eggman viciously attacked Sonic, saying that he would not let him win this time around, but just before Eggman was about to kill Sonic, he made the mistake of telling him that the Death Egg was powered by all seven Chaos Emeralds, and as the foot came down Sonic grabbed a broken power cable and transformed into Super Sonic. From the command center, Snively reported that whatever was happening at his uncle’s location had accelerated the collapse of the space-time continuum.

    After making quick work of Eggman, Super Sonic grabbed a hold of the broken power cable again and channeled the full power of all seven Chaos Emeralds into himself and performed Chaos Control which restored the universe to normal and re-winded the clock back ten seconds before everything was changed. Eggman found himself holding the glass of wine he had been drinking and pressing the Cosmic Reset Button, but when it failed to do anything, Eggman went into a rage and started hitting the button over and over again to no avail. He quickly contacted Snively and began screaming at him, demanding to know why the cosmos weren’t resetting, but after Snively failed to come up with a reason Eggman instantly remembered what had transpired aboard the Death Egg in the other universe.

    After recomposing himself, Eggman asked Snively about the status of Phase Two of the plan and when Snively confirmed it was ready, Eggman left for the lower decks and told Snively not to worry as nothing would be able to stop him this time. When he arrived in the world roboticizer’s chamber, he confronted Sonic and Sally and told them of how he reset the world and that the immunity to roboticization created by the Bem had been undone. Eggman also told them that even if the immunity remained intact, roboticizing mechanical elements would cause them to explode.

    As a result, the United Federation, G.U.N. and New Mobotropolis would be wiped out in one fell swoop causing the death of countless lives. Filled with rage, Sonic attacked Eggman but was blind sighted by the new Metal Sonic and a heavily damaged Silver Sonic Mark III. Eggman noticed that during the initial chaos, Sally had slipped away and armed his Egg Mobile before heading off to find her, however Sonic managed to break the Egg Mobile using a spin-dash before Eggman could get a move on and incapacitated him.

    When Sonic approached him, Eggman pulled out a gun to protect itself and then ordered Snively to fire the world roboticizer, unaware that Sally and NICOLE had tampered with the device and so when the roboticizer fired, the inverted beam hit the chamber instead and caused a massive explosion that wiped out both Metal Sonic and Silver Sonic Mark III, destroyed the roboticizer itself and caused massive damage to the Death Egg as well. When Eggman emerged from the rubble still in a non-roboticized form, he immediately assumed that his plan had failed but hoped that the explosion killed Sonic, which it did not.

    Eggman attempted to defend himself with a broken pole but was smashed by Sonic, who stood on top of his stomach and declared victory. But as Sonic was mocking Eggman, a robotic fist broke through the debris and when they looked upon the figure that was rising from the piles of junk, Eggman began to laugh uncontrollably while Sonic stared in horror at the sight before them: a roboticized Sally. Despite having lost the world roboticizer and having suffered some major injury, Eggman was pleased with having a robotic minion who Sonic could not bring himself to fight.

    Eggman briefly entertained the idea of having Mecha Sally take Sonic and walk with him into incinerator but decided that he wanted to enjoy this turn of events to its fullest and had Mecha Sally toss Sonic out of the Death Egg along with the rest of the trash. After complimenting Mecha Sally on a job well done, Eggman contacted Snively and told him to prepare for a full-scale assault on New Mobotropolis. It was then that Snively revealed to Eggman that the blue Chaos Emerald powering the battle station had simply vanished and that they were running extremely low on power.

    Furious that the “Chaos Factor” had turned against him once more, Eggman ordered a full retreat and the dual launch of “Project Titan” and “Project Cuddles” a.k.a. Titan Metal Sonic and Tails Doll respectfully. When Eggman returned to the command deck, he found the Dark Egg Legionnaires frantically tried to stabilize the Death Egg with what little power remained. Eggman then ordered them to fire the Egg Annihilator beam at the city despite a protest from Snively that was quickly silenced by Mecha Sally. Despite the potency of the assault, the Egg Annihilator beam was stopped from destroying New Mobotropolis by a crystallized Titan Metal Sonic, whose immense form shielded the city from the blast.

    Without any power to spare, Eggman and his forces pulled out and fled. Later, when Snively tried to update him on the current status of the Death Egg and the Chaos Emerald, Eggman decided to ignore his nephew and turned his complete attention on weaponizing Mecha Sally but when Snively continued to whine about the lack of power, damages to the ship and the lost Chaos Emerald Eggman snapped at Snively, telling him that the Egg Mites would finish the repairs and that he had built several refueling depots long before he ever thought of using the Chaos Emerald as a power source. Eggman then told Snively to relax and get out of his sight while he continued working on Mecha Sally.

    Eggman was later contacted by Ixis Naugus, who informed him of the Freedom Fighters’ plan to relocate ex-King Elias and his family to his old home in the Feral Forest. On the day Elias and his family left for Feral Forest with the Freedom Fighters as their escorts, the Death Egg appeared in the sky and Eggman immediately dispatched a fully weaponized Mecha Sally, a new Metal Sonic and an entire army of his new Egg Swats all of whom were hell bent on killing Elias and his family.

    From the Death Egg, Eggman watched with glee as his forces overpowered the Freedom Fighters and then ordered Metal Sonic to latch on Elias’ truck and prepare to self-destruct. When Antoine managed to pull Metal Sonic off of the truck, Eggman decided to settle for a lesser victory by having Metal Sonic detonate while it was still holding onto Antoine. Deciding to call it a day, Eggman had Mecha Sally round up the remaining Egg Swats and return to the Death Egg leaving Elias alive, Antoine on the brink of death and the spirits of the Freedom Fighters crushed.

    After being kicked off the command deck by Eggman, Snively tried to throw the Eggman Empire into disarray by sending out a false message that Eggman had died, the Empire was finished and that the Dark Egg Legion was to disband immediately. He then locked Eggman out of the systems and fled the Death Egg using the rocket ship Eggman had used to get back to the Death Egg in the other universe, which Snively had no recollection of, and went to gather Hope and join Regina. Eggman activated his new henchbots, Orbot and Cubot, to help him regain control as fast as possible.

    Eggman then had the legion’s Grandmasters transported to a conference room aboard the Death Egg to reveal that he was alive, that he wanted them to capture Snively if possible and be on the lookout for the blue Chaos Emerald. He then revealed the Metal Series to the Grandmasters, a group of extremely powerful robots comprised of another Metal Sonic, Mecha Sally (which he promoted that he had roboticized her himself), Metal Knuckles and Metal Tails. Afterwards, Eggman took Orbot and Cubot on a ship to go and track Snively down.

    Their first stop lead them to Central City, the capital city of the United Federations, where Eggman unleashed a full-scale onslaught against the forces of G.U.N. using an army of Egg Swats and three giant mechs in the hopes that they would be able to flush Snively out of hiding. While aboard his Egg Camel, Eggman repeatedly tried to agitate Grandmaster Hugo Brass, whom he had also brought with him to show him that the nation he once protected was now at the mercy of the Eggman Empire. But much to Eggman’s disappointment, the brainwashed soldier only replied with a monotone “Yes, sir” at every single turn.

    After a one-sided fight with Omega and the forces of G.U.N., Eggman managed to catch sight of Snively leaving G.U.N. headquarters and recalled all units from the battlefield to pursue Snively. After passing through Yurashia and having a conversation with Bride of Conquering Storm about the legionization of her clan and inquiring about Snively’s whereabouts, Eggman arrived in Stormtop Village and came into conflict with Monkey Khan, who was attacked by Mecha Sally. Flanked by Orbot and Cubot, Eggman demanded that the villagers tell him where Regina Ferrum was being held or else he’d start killing them one by one until someone spoke up.

    Unfortunately, one of the villagers decided to ruin the “fun” he was having with this situation by telling him where she was being held, Eggman then ventured to the dry well where Regina had been imprisoned and made a hilarious remark about how Regina was looking “well”. Eggman then went onto admit that out of all his Sub-Bosses, Regina was the only one he could ever tolerate taking his place seeing as they were both Overlanders and that they shared an interest in machines, though he also admitted that he frowned very deeply upon her status as a technomancer.

    Eggman then went on to interrogate Regina about Snively but she refused to cooperate, despite this Eggman knew Snively had been to Stormtop but that he was confused as to why he would leave Regina behind, which lead Eggman to question whether Snively ever actually loved Regina. The conversation was quickly ended by Monkey Khan, who had managed to drain all of Mecha Sally’s power reserves and desperately demanded that Eggman give him a new battery to charge her up. Eggman gleefully explained to Khan that Mecha Sally ran on power rings and pointed out that Khan’s crown was the only thing that could be used as a substitute.

    After giving up his crown to save Mecha Sally, Eggman forced Khan to put on a control crown that would place him under the mad doctor’s control. As Eggman began to summarize the spoils of the day, Snively appeared on the scene in a giant, ancient mech called the Iron Oni and freed Regina from prison. Eggman, Cubot and Orbot watched as Snively declared his love for Regina and also his defiance of Eggman right in his uncle’s face. Snively then turned the Iron Oni on Eggman at Regina’s request. But Eggman simply smiled and declared that he hadn’t even begun to fight.

    Atop the Iron Oni, Snively declared that the Eggman Empire was his now and that he was going to kill his uncle here and now. Eggman, however, sent Orbot to retrieve a mech of his own to combat Snively and Regina while he stalled his nephew by trading banter and insults back and forth with Snively. Finally, when Eggman allocated that Snively’s relationship with Regina was an illusion, the small Overlander became fiercely riled up but before he could make any move against his uncle, Eggman summoned a mind-controlled Monkey Khan and had him attack the Iron Oni.

    However, Regina used her technomancy to take control of Khan and transform him into her servant once more. Eggman summoned Mecha Sally to fight Khan while he fled from the approaching Iron Oni. The Egg Swats quickly came to their masters aid while Eggman searched for Orbot and Cubot, who hadn’t selected a mech for Eggman to pilot yet, much to Eggman’s annoyance and had them deploy the Egg Beater II. When Regina tried to take control of the mech, she found that her powers had no effect on it, as it had been built using ceramics and other non-mechanical materials.

    Eggman made short work of Snively and Regina afterward, had them thrown in a Prison Egg, retrieved Mecha Sally from Khan (who had been freed of Regina’s control) without any hassle and traveled to the Eurish Dark Egg Legion base hidden in United Federation territory where he waited for Regina to wake up. When she did, Eggman explained that he should have believed her and Snively’s love for one another from the beginning as it would have saved him a lot of trouble and then summoned Snively with a snap of his fingers who hugged Regina and was then thanked for showing them mercy.

    Before leaving, Eggman promoted Regina to Grandmaster of the Eurish Dark Egg Legion chapter and gave her full reign over his forces in the region while demanding that she learn how to play his “game of trust” better. Later, Eggman taunted the real Snively outside of his Prison Egg cell, explaining that not only had he defeated Snively, he had increased his authority over the Dark Egg Legion and its Grandmasters, defeated G.U.N. and had uncovered the location of his niece, Hope, so he could finally single her out. He also revealed that the Snively living with Regina was actually one of Snively’s very own auto-automaton infiltrator units and that it would be a very long time before Regina uncovered the truth.

    Eggman then told Snively that he would be spending the rest of his life rotting in his Prison Egg cell, Eggman left, leaving Snively with the words “Game over, Snively. Thanks for playing.” Later, Eggman invaded Furville with the intent of roboticizing and/or legionizing the entire populace, believing that no Freedom Fighter would dare get in his way now. Team Fighters arrived on the scene shortly after Mecha Sally, Silver Sonic Mark IV and an army of Egg Swats began terrorizing the city and kidnapped several of its citizens.

    However, Eggman’s victory over Furville was put to a swift end. Having underestimated his rivals once more, Eggman pulled his forces out of Furville and called for a full retreat to refuel and restock the Death Egg and also to plan his next strategy. After laying waste to the Echnida settlement of Albion, Eggman came into contact with Doctor Wily, the arch-nemesis of Mega Man, whose minions had found the blue Chaos Emerald in their reality. After Eggman explained the existences of parallel universes and alternate realities to Wily, he came up with a brilliant plan to wipe out both of their nemesis’ in one fell swoop.

    Powers and Abilities

    Robotnik Prime

    Doctor Robotnik was a foe whose intellect made him a formidable foe on many different levels. Despite all the times Sonic and the Freedom Fighters foiled his schemes, Robotnik's genius allowed him to successfully win the Great War, overthrow the Kingdom of Acorn and establish an empire of his own that lasted nearly a decade.

    He was also a legendary inventor and built weapons powerful enough to destroy Mobius such as Robostorm, the original Death Egg and the Ultimate Annihilator along with sophisticated A.I. such as the original Metal Sonic and E.V.E. His roboticized left arm also enabled him to fire rockets and lasers at his foes as well as create small energy shields to block attacks such as the famous spin-dash.

    For an overweight forty-eight year old man Robotnik was surprisingly strong, mildly invulnerable and somewhat skilled in combat, during his final battle with Sonic he demonstrated his physical might which would later render the hedgehog unconscious for several hours in the wake of Robotnik's demise.

    Robo-Robotnik Mach II/Doctor Eggman

    As Robo-Robotnik Mach II, Doctor Eggman was far more powerful than his Prime Universe counterpart, he had become physically stronger and almost impervious to harm. He could also transfer his consciousness into computers and other artificial bodies so he could escape "death". When he built his second body using the arm of the Giant Borg, he used his consciousness transference ability to ignite a nuclear holocaust of biblical proportions on his version of Mobius, effectively wiping out all life on the planet.

    He could also use his second body to travel between universes without having to use the Cosmic Interstate. When his "Doctor Eggman" body was still artificial, he was able to roboticize living beings with a single touch until the Bem converted him into a living human being. Like Robotnik Prime, Doctor Eggman was a man of great intellect and had a knack for masterminding intricate plots and schemes that only ended up failing due to Sonic and his friends as well as his own arrogance.

    He was also a great scientist and engineer, which his vast armies of robots and mechs can attest to, he is also a skilled pilot and can manipulate many different kinds of mechs and robots including one that was made entirely of ceramics and other natural materials that would prevent the Iron Queen from using her abilities to turn it against him.

    Alternate Realities

    Across the Multiverse there are countless incarnations of Doctor Robotnik and Eggman, some of whom are good and others who are just as evil as their Prime counterparts, if not more so. Like Robotnik Prime and Eggman, these Robotniks exist to maintain balance in their universes, a balance that is also maintained by the Sonics of their respective realities.

    Robo-Robotnik Mach I

    Robo-Robotnik Mach I summons Evil Sonic to do his bidding.
    Robo-Robotnik Mach I summons Evil Sonic to do his bidding.

    This version of Robotnik came from a dark and twisted universe where the Freedom Fighters were transformed into cyborgs which proved to be a fatal mistake. As cyborgs, the Freedom Fighters had become so powerful that they were able to storm Robotropolis with ease, but before they could kill Robotnik he roboticized himself and became more powerful than all of the cyborg Freedom Fighters combined. With his new powers, Robo-Robotnik smashed the Freedom Fighter resistance into oblivion and killed everyone except for Cyber-Sonic, who fled into the Multiverse in search of allies to help him stop the evil that was Robo-Robotnik.

    When Robo-Robotnik appeared on Mobius Prime with an army of Shadow Bots to destroy all of the Sonics gathered on Mobius Prime but before either side could react, an army of SWATbots engaged their counterparts in battle and destroyed them. Robo-Robotnik became enraged and demanded to know who had dared to defy him. As it turned out, the culprit was none other than Robotnik Prime, who demanded that Robo-Robotnik leave his reality at once.

    Robo-Robotnik agreed but swore he would soon come back. Later, while watching his other self and the legion of Sonics came up with a plan to defeat him, he brought Evil Sonic to his base of operations and hired him to get his hands on an ancient relic called "The Giant's Hand". After Evil Sonic managed to get his hands on it, Robo-Robotnik transported it to his base and activated the hand turning it into an all-powerful mech called The Giant Borg.

    From within the gigantic mech, Robo-Robotnik began terrorizing Mobius Prime, destroying everything in his path. He was later confronted by the legion of Sonics, whom he nearly smashed, but in a last ditch effort to stop him all of the Sonics performed their signature spin-dash move, destroying the Giant Borg and reducing Robo-Robotnik to nothing more than a head. Cyber-Sonic then took Robo-Robotnik's head back to his reality and has not been seen since.

    Note: Oddly enough, Robo-Robotnik Mach II/Doctor Eggman claimed to be the very same Robo-Robotnik who terrorized the Multiverse even though their histories do not match up. Writer Ian Flynn has suggested that Eggman and Robo-Robotnik Mach I are not the same alternate version of Robotnik despite Eggman's canonical proclamation that he was in Issue #75. However, Robotnik and Eggman's official joint-biography seems to have retconned this inconsistency.

    Dr. Robotnik of Planet Freedom

    Doctor Robotnik of Planet Freedom
    Doctor Robotnik of Planet Freedom

    This version of Robotnik lived on Planet Freedom and had kidnapped Princess Sara, whom he planned to marry in order to legitimize his rule over the planet. He was confronted by the Sonic and Tails of Mobius Prime, whose reality had been altered by Chaos Knuckles, and battled sent his Metal Robotnik robot after them.

    After the first Metal Robotnik was destroyed by Sonic, Tails and the Knuckles of Planet Freedom, Robotnik unleashed an entire horde of Metal Robotniks to stop them. Before anything else could happen, however, Mobius Prime was altered once again by Chaos Knuckles.

    It is not known what became of this Robotnik and this universe after the temporal shift occurred.

    Note: While this version of Robotnik is based off the Doctor Robotnik from the Sonic OVA his origins appear to be slightly different. Much like his OVA counterpart this Robotnik lives in The Land of Darkness on Planet Freedom but he refers to his hostage as Princess Sara who, in the OVA, was the President's daughter not a princess. He also has an entire army of remote controlled Metal Robotnik robots instead of a single Metal Robotnik mech.

    Doctor Julian "Ivo" Kintobor of Moebius

    Doctor Julian
    Doctor Julian "Ivo" Kintobor, PhD

    Unlike most versions of Robotnik, Doctor Julian "Ivo" Kintobor of Moebius or Anti-Mobius as it was once known, became a veterinarian in this reality to protect and heal various Mobians who had been harmed by Scourge and his Suppression Squad.

    To keep his clinic safe from the Suppression Squad, he employed an impenetrable dome-shaped force field around the clinic and also employed SWEEPbots to clean up any litter the deranged Mobians tossed on his property.

    When he first met Sonic Prime, he had mistaken him for Scourge and ordered his patients to capture him. However, he soon realized his error in judgment and learned that Sonic was not who he originally thought he was.

    When Sonic explained his good intentions to Julian, he equipped Sonic with a device that could clean up all the radioactive waste poring from one of Robotnik Prime's factories. Sonic did the job so fast that he ended up destroying the factory, Julian thanked Sonic for his help and the two parted ways. Years later, Julian started going by the name Doctor Ivo Kintobor and was reunited with Sonic, after he and Amy Rose came to Moebius in order to find some assistance to stop Scourge and the Suppression Squad.

    After calling off Buns Rabbot, who thought they were enemies, Julian explained that Buns had been kicked off the Suppression Squad after she contracted NIDS (Nuero-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) which Julian had managed to stop from spreading to the rest of her body by placing her in an Omega Care Unit and also that Scourge had stolen his Globe Posts that Julian had been using to cross over to other realities in search of a cure for NIDS.

    After asking for help, Sonic and Amy were directed by Buns to seek out Rosy the Rascal, though Julian firmly objected to Buns' plan due to Rosy's madness. However, he later agreed to let Buns accompany Sonic and Amy to recruit Rosy, though he continued to worry about her safety. Following the defeat of Scourge, the Suppression Squad returned the Globe Posts under Buns' watchful gaze to Julian.He later thanked Sonic for all his help and opened a portal to the Cosmic Interstate so that Sonic could take Scourge to the No Zone to be imprisoned by the Zone Cops.

    Dr. J. Kintobor of Mobius (Giant Robotno)

    Dr. J. Kintobor and Sonic Prime
    Dr. J. Kintobor and Sonic Prime

    Dr. J. Kintobor a.k.a. Mayor Kintobor is the kind and benevolent ruler of the city of Kintopolis. Years ago, in an experiment gone horribly awry, Kintobor exposed Angel Island to Chaos Emerald radiation, completely unaware that the island was inhabited by Mobians.

    As a result of being exposed to so much Chaos energy, both the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix mutated into gigantic feral Godzilla-esque monstrosities. In hopes of stopping the creatures, Kintobor developed a roboticization virus that would turn the abominations into immobile robots.

    The virus was a success and prevented the destruction of Kintopolis at the hands of Charles Hedgehog, who now towered over the city in roboticized form, never to move again. Unfortunately, over time the creatures developed an immunity to the virus, which ultimately resulted in the creation of a cyborg monstrosity known as Rabbot-Zilla. With the help of Sonic Prime, who had been taken to Kintobor's universe by Zonic the Zone Cop, they were able to defeat Rabbot-Zilla.

    Later, Kintobor modified his Giant Robotno battle mech to run on Sonic's speed, which allowed Sonic to retrieve a Chaos Emerald that Kintobor would need in order to power his other machines. When he learned about what his counterpart, Robotnik Prime, had done to Sonic's version of Mobius, Kintobor expressed deep regret and apologized to Sonic for his counterparts crimes.

    Later, he decided to honor Sonic by modeling and naming the first of his new series of battle mechs after the hero, which was revealed during a large celebration in Kintopolis, but when he asked Sonic for his name he found that the blue hedgehog was no longer by his side as Sonic had already returned to Mobius Prime without Kintobor noticing.

    Note: Interestingly enough, even though Kintobor is one of Robotnik Prime's counterparts he is physically identical to Doctor Eggman except the colors of his uniform have been reversed to be primarly white with red stripes.

    Doctor Robotnik (Sonic Underground)

    "Underground Robotnik"

    Much like Robotnik Prime, this version of Robotnik started his rule out by seizing the great city of Mobotropolis from its current monarch, Queen Aleena and had it converted into Robotropolis. When he placed a bounty on Aleena's children, she was forced to go into hiding while Robotnik began roboticizing the citizens save for the wealthy whose pockets he drained of cash to fund his his polluted factories.

    Aleena was later forced to separate from her children after learning of a prophecy from the Oracle of Delphius that spoke of the day when Aleena and her children would become the Council of Four after being reunited and would defeat Robotnik once and for all. Years later, the siblings' various caretakers were kidnapped and roboticized by the evil doctor, but he eventually met resistance in the form of Queen Aleena's own children: Sonic, Sonia and Manic.

    The children, who had grown and formed a musical band would eventually become the largest thorns in Robotnik's side ever since he came into power. Sometime later, under the orders of Robo-Robotnik Mach II/Doctor Eggman, Evil Sonic invaded the Sonic Underground universe in hopes of finding the last piece of the infamous Giant Borg that another Robo-Robotnik had once used to try and conquer the Multiverse with, but was captured by Robotnik's henchmen Dingo and Sleet.

    When he was brought before Robotnik, Evil Sonic mistook him for Robo-Robotnik Mach II/Doctor Eggman and gave him all of the pieces to the Giant Borg mech. Robotnik, who had likewise mistaken Evil Sonic for "Underground" Sonic, had him sent away to be roboticized. Robo-Robotnik Mach II/Doctor Eggman had witnessed the event in secret and decided to abandon his quest to acquire the Giant Borg before returning to Mobius Prime. As for Doctor Robotnik, he had the Giant Borg rebuilt and began searching for the hedgehog triplets and the rest of their resistance forces.

    Much to Robotnik's shock, Underground Sonic openly challenged him to a battle but when he fired a heat-seeking missile upon his hated nemesis, he was taken by surprise by two other versions of Underground Sonic: Zonic the Zone Cop and Sonic Prime, who teleported him out of the Giant Borg while Underground Sonic turned the missile back at the Giant Borg, destroying it and ending his terrible rampage. Robotnik was last seen hanging from a pole while being openly mocked by the free citizens of Robotropolis.


    J.U.D.G.E. and Johnny Snively
    J.U.D.G.E. and Johnny Snively

    J.U.D.G.E. (Judgmental Unrelenting Digitized Government Enforcer) is an alternate computerized version of Doctor Robotnik from the Litigopolis Zone. It was created by Robotnik Enterprises to help enforce King Maximilian Acorn's extremely harsh laws all across Mobius.

    Sally McAcorn went up against J.U.D.G.E. as Sonic Prime's defense attorney, who was being persecuted by Johnny Snively for a crime that had actually been committed by Evil Sonic. J.U.D.G.E. was destroyed when Sonic committed over 2,000 misdemeanors and minor offenses within under the span of a single hour, causing J.U.D.G.E. to overload and explode.

    Queen Ivana Robotina of Luna Zone

    Queen Ivana Robotina
    Queen Ivana Robotina

    The Dark Queen Ivana Robotina is a female version of Doctor Robotnik from the Luna Zone. In her universe, Ivana is the arch-nemesis of Sally Moon and her friends Chibi Rose and Tuxedo Knux, but unlike her male counterparts Ivana would monsterize her victims instead of roboticize them.

    When Ivana somehow managed to cross over to Mobius Prime, she attempted to monsterize Sonic but was stopped from doing so by Sally Moon and Chibi Rose. Ivana, enraged by their interferance, nearly killed Sonic, Sally and Rose but was quickly put out of commission by Sally Moon's lover: Tuxedo Knux.

    When Zonic the Zone Cop appeared on the scene to begin damage control, he opened a portal to the Luna Zone through which Sally Moon and Tuxedo Knux dragged the unconscious Ivana through. It is not known what became of Ivana following her defeat on Mobius Prime. Ivana is a parody of Queen Beryl from the Sailor Moon manga.

    Professor Egg of Mobius-Seventeen

    Professor Egg battles Stealth the Hedgehog
    Professor Egg battles Stealth the Hedgehog

    Professor Egg is an alternate version of Doctor Robotnik from Mobius-Seventeen wherein he is a mask-wearing supervillain who commonly does battle with Stealth the Hedgehog, the alter-ego of that worlds Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Professor Egg was annihilated along with the rest of Mobius-Seventeen when Master Mogul began his rampage across the Multiverse. Professor Egg is a parody of the Spider-Man villain known as the Green Goblin.

    Warden Zobotnik of No Zone

    No Caption Provided

    Warden Zobotnik is Robotnik's No Zone counterpart and administrator of the Zone Jail, he is assisted by his nephew Major Znively.

    Zobotnik believes that "aggressive rehabilitation" is the only way to truly turn the lives of those who have ended up in his prison around.

    He has managed to achieve this many times by "breaking" the inmates and begin molding them into entirely new and respectible people after they have hit rock bottom.

    Despite a couple complaints from the inmates, Zobotnik's record is said to be spotless. While he is not very fond of Zonic, the two of them have always maintain a level of professionalism between themselves, even during the most stressful of times.


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