Metal Knuckles

    Character » Metal Knuckles appears in 3 issues.

    A robotic duplicate of Knuckles and a member of the Metal Series.

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    Metal Knuckles is a robotic version of Knuckles, similar to Knuckles. You have to collect 5 Sonic Tokens in the Reactive Factory in order to unlock this specific character, then beat him in a one-on-one race. Eggman prepared this secret weapon for the sake of overthrowing Knuckles, considering his existence to be a hindrance. Having the same power plant as Metal Sonic , speed and acceleration power are high, but like Knuckles, this robot can glide from high places.

    Current Events

    Metal Knuckles sometimes appears in Sonic comic books, video games, and other media as a member of the Metal versions/enemies/counterparts of the original Sonic crew.

    Powers & Abilities

    Knuckles is extremely fast, although not as fast as (Metal)Sonic, makes up for his superior brute strength, short claws and aggressiveness. He also has robotic upgrades that enable him to fly for vast distances, unlike his fleshy counterparts.


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