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    The self titled girlfriend to Sonic the Hedgehog. She is known for pursuing him everywhere. She first appeared in Sonic CD. She is also one of Sonic's greatest allies.

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    Amy Rose was given the name "Princess Sally" in the AMERICAN version of Sonic CD. It was to promote the SatAM Sonic the hedgehog TV series. She really doesn't look like the real Princess Sally and it isn't a nick name of her, plus she is never later called that later again. EVER. In the game she was kidnapped by Doctor Robotinic's creation Metal sonic.


    Amy is love crazy about Sonic (even though she is only 12) and dreams of her and Sonic getting married. Currently Sonic tries to stay away from her, but she always manages to find him, no matter how remote Sonic may be.

    Original appearance

    Despite her frequent use in Sega games (especially since the Dreamcast era), Amy was not actually created by Sonic Team. A prototype version of her appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog manga published in 1992, and there she was literally "the girlfriend of Nikki (Sonic)", as the description translates. After that appearance, Sega took the character, and Kazuyuki Hoshino redesigned her for Sonic CD in 1993. It is said that she is always wearing a red dress and Converse-like running shoes.

    In her first game appearance, Sonic CD (1993), Amy was introduced and kidnapped by Metal Sonic. Doctor Robotnik then used the time stones to set time back on the Little Planet. Robotnik forced Sonic to challenge Metal Sonic in a race for Amy's life, which Sonic had won. Amy was rescued and Metal Sonic was destroyed for the time being. She had the nickname "Rosy the Rascal" at this point, and was named "Princess Sally" in the Western manuals to tie in with the cartoon, though all later games called her Amy. Being a Genesis-era game (though technically a Sega CD game), Sonic CD's plot was minimal. Amy's only personality trait was that she was a big fan of Sonic, and no real reason was given for her kidnapping besides as bait for Sonic. Though Sonic CD was released after Sonic the Hedgehog 2, it was in production at the same time, meaning that Amy has more or less been around as long as Tails.

    Amy appeared again in Sonic Drift and Sonic Drift 2 to race in a Grand Prix – her vehicle was a car with a face. She was a playable character in the 1996 arcade game Sonic the Fighters. In 1997's Sonic R, Amy was the only character to drive a car - everyone else ran on foot (or in Robotnik's case, drove an Eggmobile).

    Sonic the Fighters introduced her Piko Piko Hammer. This game used her "Rosy the Rascal" nickname as well, though it has not been seen since.

    In 1998, Sonic Adventure thrust Amy in the spotlight. She is a playable character in the game and uses her weapon of choice, the Piko Piko Hammer, to defend herself during her quest to find the family of a bird that escaped Eggman and crashed into her. Like the other major characters in the series, Amy was redesigned significantly for this game. Her spines were redesigned into short hair being slacked down, and she now wore a red dress and red boots with a white stripe from the top to the tip to take advantage of her more mature 12-year-old form. Interestingly, her boots are identical to Wonder Woman's official costume. She was given green eyes, the same eye color as Sonic had only in a lighter value. Somewhat oddly, in this newer design, Amy often appears to have a more of an 'hourglass'-shape to her body than many other females in the series (such as Blaze, Wave and Marine), despite the fact that she is canonically of a younger age than many of these characters.

    When Sonic Shuffle was released for the Dreamcast, Amy, as well as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles collected rings and other items while walking around on a board game surface.

    She was an important supporting character in Sonic Adventure 2 because she had some of the most prominent roles and was playable in 2-player mode. When Sonic was kept in an island prison, with Tails' help she managed to free him. This happened to be one of the surprisingly many times Amy has saved Sonic rather than the usual opposite. She is also responsible for causing Shadow to realize Maria's true wish by begging him to help everyone, and thus ending up saving the world against the Biolizard, and later with Sonic-- Finalhazard.

    Amy was playable in Sonic Advance, but unlike the other playable characters, she could not spin and all her attacks had to be triggered. She had an unlockable playable appearance in Sonic Advance 2 (after collecting all Chaos Emeralds with all the other characters) in which she could spin, as well as Sonic Advance 3.

    In Sonic Heroes, Amy leads Team Rose. She represents the team's speed formation. (Like sonic or shadow in teams sonic and dark) She's accompanied by Cream the Rabbit and Big the Cat on a mission to impress Sonic, while Big wants to find his friend Froggy (again), and Cream and Cheese want to find Cheese's sibling, Chocola, all the while inspiring the whole team, cheering her friends on.

    Amy appears in Sonic Battle as a playable character. She is considered by some to be one of the stronger and more reliable characters in the game. All of her attacks contain large amounts of speed, power, and balance, her healing ability can quickly raise her HP, and she is the third fastest character.

    Amy Rose in Sonic Riders

    Amy appeared alongside Sonic and the rest of the cast in Shadow the Hedgehog to try to convince Shadow to join their cause. Amy in particular needs Shadow's help to rescue Cream and Cheese from Eggman's Cryptic Castle. Surprisingly, this is one of the few games where Amy doesn't make any references about Sonic what so ever, even when he was standing next to her.

    Amy is a playable character in Sonic Riders from the start, and her type is Speed, as equivalent to Sonic's. She is not playable in the Story Mode, though she is a character in the main story. She yells at a foe for her level one attack,and can use her piko piko hammer for her level 2 and 3 attacks. In Heroes storyline, she gets captured by Eggman at the end, keeping Sonic from attacking him. Sonic then creates a whirlwind using his extreme gear, causing Eggman to lose sight of him, before attacking him from above. Amy gets angry that Sonic put her in danger by attacking Eggman, and promptly cries 'I'm not going to forgive you this time!' But she does, as she is still crazy about him in Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Amy appears in the new Sonic the Hedgehog game as an ally in Silver the Hedgehog's storyline to enlist his help in finding Sonic, not knowing that Silver is looking for him too for radically different reasons. Upon finding Sonic, Silver battles him and gets the upper hand, but Amy stops him from finishing Sonic off. Amy also saves the damsel-in-distress Princess Elise and Sonic at one point in the story.

    Amy also appears in Sonic's storyline in Sonic Rivals: Amy has been turned into a card by Dr. Eggman and Sonic sets off to save both her and Tails. She also makes cameo appearances as three collectible cards. She doesn't appear in the sequel Sonic Rivals 2, except as a few collectible cards.

    Amy is a playable character in the Party Mode in Sonic and the Secret Rings alongside Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Cream, Silver and Blaze. Amy is also briefly mentioned in a page of the game's Special Book, which states she is "Sonic's ever-cheerful love interest."

    She appear in the Mario and Sonic game crossover as a playable character in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.[5] Like all the other female playable characters (Blaze, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy) she will wear a different outfit to her normal clothes, her dress similar to her normal wear (but different around the shoulders) while she wears a different pair of shoes.

    Amy will be a playable character in the upcoming game Sega Superstars Tennis.

    Amy played a rather important role in Sonic Riders sequel Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. She was the one who stumbled upon the Ark of the Cosmos, which to her dismay lead to being in hot pursuit by a robot army. She is also playable in one episode of the story.

    Amy has been revealed to be a selectable party member in the upcoming RPG game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

    Amy also appeared in the upcoming game Sonic Unleashed, but her role is unknown.


    Amy is 12 years old in the newest Sonic games. In the Archie comics her actual age is 11, but due to ring of acorns she has body of a 17 year old


    Height: 2'11"

    Weight: Unknown


    Compared to many Sonic characters, Amy's abilities seem fairly balanced. She can move fairly quickly; not fast enough to catch Sonic, but fast enough to keep trailing him--much to his chagrin.

    Amy has a piko-piko hammer that she uses as her personal weapon, and she pulls it seemingly out of nowhere whenever she wants to use it. The hammer is also capable of making a small tornado. These tornadoes travel in a straight line and fade away in about 100 feet. Based upon her ability to dent the thick metal of robotic foes with her hammering, it can be safely assumed that Amy is quite strong, though not to the extent of Knuckles.

    Aside from using her hammer in combat, Amy has some talent in boxing, and in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes has been able to use the homing attack. In Archie's Sonic series, Amy has an ability to predict the future using a deck of Tarot cards; it is not known if this ability is canon in the games.

    Weaknesses Ironically, despite being a hedgehog, Amy lacks the ability to roll into a ball for defense. In the Sonic Advance games, she is occasionally forced into a ball by environmental features, but she still cannot enter this form at will; the way the other characters can.

    In the comics

    Sonic the Hedgehog comics published by Archie Comics


    What happen to her parents later is unknown. The only info is that she was wealthy before her parents were robotitzed. The reason why she was never robotitzed is because Rob O' the Hedge sent away before Dr. Robotink could take her away.


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    Amy looked quite different from the way she looks now; she had spikes pointing backwards, like Sonic. She wore a dress with a white top, green puffy sleeves, and an orange ruffled skirt, and sneakers. She was portrayed as an impulsive girl who had a mad crush on Sonic.

    In issue #79, the beginning of the SEGA Dreamcast Sonic Adventure tie-in, Amy asked if she could come along on the mission to the Hidden City of the Anctients (Station Square in the video game). Princess Sally said she was too young, and Amy then asked why Tails was allowed to go, since she and he were the same age (which is never specified, and seems to change from time to time, but we can assume between 8 and 10). She was told it was because Tails has way more experience fighting evil. Frustrated, Amy went to the Royal Reliquary, where the magic Ring of Acorns was kept, and used it to make a wish to somehow become older, faster. In issue #80, she appeared in the comics for the first time looking like her current self; spikes that resemble hair, a headband, red dress and boots.

    At first, Sonic said that just because she had suddenly aged didn't mean she was suddenly mature enough to go on the mission. Nate Morgan, the creator of all the Power Rings, said that he DID want Amy to come with so he could study the effects of the ring on her. So Amy got to come with.

    Amy's hammer magically appears.
    Amy's hammer magically appears.

    Once in Station Square (in issue #81), she went to the shopping mall. Upon leaving the mall, she encountered Birdy, the little green bird she is always seen with in Sonic Adventure. While trying to defend him from the robot Zero, her Piko Piko hammer magically appeared in her hand (much to her surprise). Since then she's always had it.

    Amy becomes an official Freedom Fighter.
    Amy becomes an official Freedom Fighter.

    In issue #142 she was finally appointed an official Freedom Fighter.

    Sonic the Comic published by Edmont/Fleetway

    She is very deceptive at hiding her abilities to enemies to let their guards down she can be describe as an establish leader of Freedom Fighters. She is well known for having bad luck.


    She can easily persuade others to do her wishes and making them think that was their plan and she is also a great archer


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