Antoine D'Coolette

    Character » Antoine D'Coolette appears in 248 issues.

    Belle D'Coolette's older twin brother, Antoine is an anthropomorphic coyote and military fighter of the Freedom Fighters. Though originally portrayed as a coward, later on in the series antoine becomes a very brave and skilled fighter. He also eventually marries Bunnie Rabbot.

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    He was the only Freedom Fighter who was educated in military combat. He was trained by his father in sword combat.


    Antoine was based on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog aka Sonic Satam


    He was childhood friends with Sally, Rotor, Sonic and Tails. He wore a wig due to experiment accident.

    As the years go by he tried to win Sally’s love but was met with constant failure. Eventually Bunnie revealed her feelings to him and he gave up his pursuit for Sally. He help trained others in combat for guard duty, provide backup, or for worst case scenarios. He also taught them to be marching band to inflate his ego.

    He and Bunnie found the plans of the Ultimate Annihilator and dismantled it, but Snively was able sabotaged. Afterward rebuilt of mobios the king had thought of him to be Sally Acorn fiancé. During Sonic year of absence Anti-sonic aka Scourge kidnapped him, made his evil counterpart Patch take his identity, and forced him to act like his evil counterpart. He learned more about the anti freedom fighters in that year. Sonic rescued him when he found out Patch took his identity and tried to take over the kingdom. after some time had past he finally purposed to Bunnie.


    He took the blast of self destruct from metal sonic in order save Elise, and is now under a coma


    other than being a skilled fighter he is also a great prosecutor and chief.

    Major Story Arcs

    End game

    Antoine and Bunnie were imprisoned by Crocobot in downunda. They along with the Downunda Freedom Fighters manage to defeat Crocobot.

    Tossed in space

    During Sonic’s absence anti sonic aka scourge switched him with his alternate reality version aka patch for a year. When sonic found out that it was patch he rescued him returning him home reuniting him with Bunnie.

    Trouble with Paradise

    When he finally celebrated his honey moon on Tails Secret Island, he was attacked by the Battle Bird Armada. Tricking his death he allied with Tails and sabotaging and destroying their base.


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