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    The King of Congo Bongo Island and the Grandson of the original Donkey Kong.

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    The Grandson of the original Donkey Kong (now known as Cranky Kong) and his late wife Wrinkly, Donkey Kong The 3rd is the ruler of Donkey Kong/Kongo Bongo island.

    DK is a laid back but powerful ruler with an overwhelming love for bananas and his girlfriend Candy Kong. He is often opposed by the evil king K.Rool and his Kremlings who wishes to usurp control of the island (or sometimes just steals his bananas).


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    The Donkey Kong Country series introduced the setting Donkey Kong Island and a backstory for the character. The series also introduced Diddy Kong as DK's sidekick and best friend, and King K. Rool, king of the Kremlings, as his nemesis who steals his and Diddy Kong's banana hoard. While retaining the red necktie he's had since the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong, he also donned a distinct physical appearance featuring heavy brows and a peaked lock of hair on top of his head. This would become the standard look for Donkey Kong still used over two decades later. The modern Donkey Kong is portrayed as a powerful yet laid-back ape, who is interested mainly in his banana hoard and his girlfriend, Candy Kong.

    Outside of the DK games

    Donkey Kong has appeared several times outside of his own games including the Mario Kart franchise, Mario Party, the Super Smash Bros. games and several others.


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