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    Miles 'Tails' Prower, the two tailed fox, is Sonic The Hedgehogs best friend and a genius inventor for the Freedom Fighters.

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    Tails is a young male anthropomorphic humanoid that stands at 80cm and weighs 20kg.


    He first met Sonic on West Side Island. Tails watched sonic as he ran around and span mesmerized he followed the blue hedgehog. At first Sonic ignored him but was impressed the fox had been able to keep up so he let him tag along. After helping Sonic save west Side Island from Dr. Eggman's conquest Tail became a loyal companion and stuck by Sonic on his many adventures.

    Archie's Sonic Hedgehog

    Sonic, Sally, Rotor and Antoine helped his mother Rose Mary to the hospital when was about to give birth. His parents were to be thought dead after the explosion in the royal labortory but were actually taken to another planet by aliens, making him an orphan.

    Fleetway Sonic the Comic

    After being teased in his homeland he ran away tripped and nearly drowned until Sonic rescued him


    Tails is 8 years old in the newest Sonic games. He is 11 years old in the current Archie comics


    Tails has two tails which he can spin like a helicopter blade and fly. Despite his size, tails is strong enough to fly both Sonic and Knuckles at the same time, even know they are heavier than Tails. Tails is able to build machinery that is able to match up to what Dr. Robotnik has built. He is also a highly skilled pilot he and is consider Eggman's biggest threat in the sky. He was taught how to build and work with machinery by Rotor. He learned how to fight from Sonic and Knuckles. he was Sally's protégé, so he learned survival and battle tactics from her.

    Super Forms

    Like Sonic and Knuckles, Tails can tap into the powers of the Chaos Emeralds and have a power up form.

    Turbo Tails

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    Tails' Super form in the comics. He gets a Red Scarf and his fur usually gets a darker tint. He's as powerful and invulnerable as Super Sonic or Hyper Knuckles. He is able to connect with spirits and chaos emeralds

    Super/Hyper Tails

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    In the Games, Tails' Super Form is like Sonic's, but his can only get his with the Super Emeralds. Also, he is accompanied by Super power Flickies, birds in the Sonic universe, that help destroy enemies.

    Titan Tails

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    Unlike the other transformation, Tails doesn't need Emeralds or Rings. In the Archie comic Series, Tails fused with his Multi-Verse counterparts to stop Mammoth Mogul from altering reality.


    Tails is a loyal friend and a technological genius despite his age. His courage has developed more over time, his shyness has diminished and has learned to become more independent since meeting Sonic. He has a tendency to confuse his friends with explaining complex technology. He has a inferiority complex when his technology is insulted.


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