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    Blaze is a cat that can perform pyrokinesis. She is a close friend of Silver the Hedgehog. Her role is similar to both Sonic & Knuckles She saves her world from Dr. Eggman Nega and protect the Sol Emeralds.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Sonic Rush Tie-In

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    Blaze is the princess of another dimension and the guardian of the sol emeralds. One day, they disappeared but her connections with them presented her with visions in her dreams of people she needed to seek out, so she followed their energies which brought her to a crossroads which led her to Mobius. While seeking out the “blue one” from her dreams, she is ambushed by a group of swatbots which then capture her. These events were caught on tape by Rotor, and after seeing them, Sonic rushes off to rescue Blaze. While the robots are examining Blaze, she awakens and unleashes a huge fire from herself and sets herself free as Sonic enters the room. Blaze sees Sonic and starts attacking him. They fight for a while, but Sonic ultimately ends the fight by running around Blaze fast enough to create a vacuum of air around her, putting out her flames and depriving her of oxygen. As Blaze recovers, Sonic introduces himself to her and she tells him that he is definitely the one she has been seeking out. A confused Sonic asks who Blaze who she is but all she tells him is that she’s the one who will haunt his dreams the way he haunted hers and then she teleports away.


    Blaze is 14 years old in the newest Sonic games.


    Height: 3'1"

    Weight: Unknown


    Blaze can move at high speeds but is not close to Mach 1 (Sonic's speed).

    Being a cat, Blaze can leap very high. She can easily jump from the ground to the roof of a 3 story building.

    Blaze has the ability, pyrokinesis. She can generate fire, control fire, and use fire.


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    Buring Blaze: With all seven Sol Emeralds, Blaze is able to transform into Buring Blaze. In this tranformation Blaze becomes very powerful and is able to fly and produce even more fiery attacks. She also becomes more faster and invulnerable.

    • Enhanced Speed: As Burning Blaze her speed becomes enhanced. She is even able to keep up with Super Sonic's speed.

    Enhanced Strength: She is able to send heavy objects like the Egg Wizard flying with a single uppercut.

    Enhanced Pyrokinesis: She is able to charge her fireballs making them more larger and powerful than usual. She can also preform the Buring Fire Boost to give herself increased speed which allows her to bust through solid objects.

    In Other Media

    Video Games

    Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

    Blaze as she appears in the 2006 game, Sonic the Hedgehog.
    Blaze as she appears in the 2006 game, Sonic the Hedgehog.

    In the 2006 game, Sonic the Hedgehog, Blaze comes from the same time period as Silver the Hedgehog - a ruined future caused by the Flames of Disaster, Iblis. As Iblis appears again, Blaze and Silver head through Crisis City and face off with him. Upon defeating him, they ponder how they can destroy Iblis for good when they are greeted by Mephiles, who tells them that to destroy Iblis they have to find the person responsible for Iblis’ origin - the Iblis Trigger. To find him, Iblis tells them they have to travel back in time and he uses a chaos emerald to take them to the past, upon which Blaze and Silver are separated from each other. Blaze heads through the Wave Ocean and finds Silver sitting at the docks at Soleanna. Silver, having encountered Sonic - whom he was told was the Iblis Trigger by Mephiles - asks Blaze if it’s the right thing to kill someone to save the world. Blaze tells him that she can’t say if it’s right or wrong but she knows that the future will remain the same unless they use the chance given to them. They then head to Eggman’s base in the White Acropolis because Sonic is after him and they believe they may learn something new. After arriving at the base and obtaining a chaos emerald after taking down the Egg-Genesis, they head back to Soleanna where they meet Mephiles again. Silver asks him who the Iblis Trigger is and why he wants to destroy the world, and Mephiles tells him it shouldn’t concern him and that unless he completes his task his future will remain the same forever. They then head to the Radical Train and Silver encounters Shadow. After a brief scuffle, Silver and Shadow use chaos control and time travel to the past. Later, Silver returns to the present and encounters Blaze who asks him what he saw in the past. Silver tells her that he learned Sonic isn’t the Iblis Trigger and then as a crowd nearby starts talking, Blaze tells Silver that Princess Elise went after Dr. Eggman in response to his threat. Afterwards, they head to Kingdom Valley and chase after the Egg Carrier, but soon its engines fail and it crashes, causing everyone onboard to perish. Sonic then feels guilt over losing Elise, but Silver tells him they can save her if they return to an earlier point in time, so they use the chaos emeralds to open a portal in time and Sonic heads back in time while Silver and Blaze head back to the future they came from. As Silver now believes they don’t have to change the past, he and Blaze head through Flame Core and then encounter Iblis again. Upon defeating Iblis, Silver tries to use the two chaos emeralds at hand to seal Iblis inside of himself but is rejected, so then Blaze takes the emeralds and successfully seals Iblis in herself, as her soul was already alit with flames. She then tells Silver to use chaos control to seal her and Iblis into a different dimension, but Silver can’t bring himself to do it after all they had been through. Blaze tells him he’s still naïve but that she always liked that about him, and then uses the emeralds to seal herself into another dimension while wishing Silver good luck.


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