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    Daughter of the original Green Lantern and the supervillain Thorn, and fraternal younger twin sister of Obsidian, Jennie-Lynn Hayden became the hero known as Jade. She became the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 for a time when she was temporarily stripped of her powers.

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    Current Events

    With the initial wave of the new 52 at DC Comics it was speculated whether or not the characters associated with Earth 2 would appear and if yes in what capacity. Eventually a new series was launched labeled Earth-2. Jade and the members of Infinity Inc. were all absent and to further complicate matters, even though her father, Alan Scott, was reintroduced it was revealed that he is now homosexual. Although this does not rule out the possibility that he is her father it leaves the role of Jade somewhat ambiguous in the new 52 as well as for her brother.


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    Jade is the daughter of the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott and Rose Canton. After giving birth to Jade and her brother Todd (who would later become Obsidian), the two were given up for adoption as Rose (at times a dangerous vigilante) was afraid she would harm them. It was under these circumstances that Jade became Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, adopted by a couple from. As she grew she came to realize she was different, and upon realizing why she had a star shaped birthmark on her left hand, she was surrounded by the Starheart power, and her hair and skin changed to the colour green (this occurred as a defensive reaction after being sexually abused). She did not know about her twin brother until later in her teenage years, and shortly thereafter the two set out on careers as crimefighters. They quickly surmised they were Alan Scott’s children and thus applied for positions with the Justice Society. They were however rejected but undaunted teamed with other young heroes and formed Infinity Inc.


    The character was created as an attempted reboot of the Justice Society into Infinity, Inc. At the time, younger characters were popular in comics (in Marvel X-Men was the leader in sales, at DC the Teen Titans were the leaders). This led to many titles trying to revitalize themselves, including the Justice Society or the Justice League. Infinity, Inc. proved relatively successful lasting 53 issues, which was long enough that many of its young heroes became established members of the DC Universe.

    Character Evolution

    Jade represents a second generation superhero and in many respects readers how watched her grow up from precocious teenaged hero to experienced veteran. Jade’s history is as convoluted as her father’s is at times. She has no direct ties to the powers of a Green Lantern (except for the brief period when she had a ring). Rather, she channels the powers of the Starheart. However, the similarities and her background have tied her history and development to both the Justice Society and to the Green Lantern Corps. Her relationship with Kyle Rayner is one of the defining aspects of her character, and when Miri Riam confronted both Kyle and Soranik Natu and allowed them to see who they loved, Kyle saw Jade but lied and said he saw Soranik, as he wanted to put his relationship with Jade behind him.

    Major Story Arcs

    Most of her early story arc occurred while a member of Infinity, Inc. and while her background was developed further it was usually done parallel to the team. The most significant relationship of her adult life was with Kyle Rayner, her former boyfriend. After having lost the power of the Starheart, Kyle briefly made her Green Lantern for sector 2814 (including Earth). During his time as Ion he restored her to full power. The two left Earth for some time, upset with humanity’s direction after one of Kyle’s friend, Terry, was the victim of a homophobic assault. After returning to Earth, Jade ended their relationship.

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    Jade joined the Outsiders, and after some time she eventually assumed leadership after she confronted Nightwing over problems with his emotional state. Jade later joined the team that went into space with Donna Troy during Infinite Crisis. She was killed while trying to stop Alexander Luthor Jr. from fracturing the universe into the multiverse. Her powers and consciousness remained until combined with Kyle once more to return him to his Ion persona. Jade would later appear to her father to say goodbye and to grant him part of her power. Jade was resurrected as a Black Lantern during Blackest Night. She appeared on Oa and surprised Kyle Rayner by attacking him. During the final battle of Blackest Night, several heroes became White Lanterns to sever themselves from the Black spectrum. This brought many of those who were dead back to life, one of whom was Jade. Upon her resurrection, she displayed affection for Kyle, although he was now romantically linked with Soranik Natu.

    During Brightest Day she and Soranik discussed her feeling and she acknowledged they were a thing of the past. She was soon after mysteriously attacked. She was later found on Earth as the Starheart was possessing metahumans. She joined the Justice League and Justice Society in battling this threat. Eventually Jade was forced to fuse with her brother to stop this threat, which was revealed to be part of her father’s Starheart. Due to these events, though, she is no longer able to be in close proximity to her brother.

    In the last issue of Doomsday Clock, Jade is among the superheroes who returned to existence thanks to Doctor Manhattan.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jade controls the power of the Starheart. This provides energy manipulation powers such that she can affect the entire spectrum including gravitation, light, heat and radiation. She also has the ability to create solid light constructs in essentially anything she can devise (and thus is limited only by her will.) These abilities have been used for such feats as flight, intangibility, invisibility and force field projection. The Starheart also granted her certain mental abilities such as hypnotism, astral projection (during which she can attack ghosts) and limited telepathy. Later in life, Jade developed chlorokinetic abilities. She can synthesize sunlight as a source of energy (due to the presence of chlorophyll in her system). She has also been shown to cause roses to attack a mugger. She is a gifted photographer and her skills in this regard occasionally prove useful in her superheroics. The Starheart has a weakness against objects made out of wood.


    • Height: 5' 11"
    • Weight: 140 lbs
    • Hair: Green
    • Eyes: Green
    • Skin: Green


    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Place of Birth: Milwaukee
    • Occupation: Actress, Photographer, Model, Green Lantern

    Weapons and Equipment

    For a time Jade was a member of the Green Lantern Corps and thus wielded a green power ring.

    Jade in Alternate Realities

    Ame-Comi Universe

    Jade Yifei
    Jade Yifei

    In the Ame-Comi universe, Jade Yifei is the teenage daughter of a Chinese government official, and is recruited by the Green Lantern Corps after an attempt on her life.

    Awards and Honours

    Jade was ranked 34th in Comics Buyer's Guide Presents: 100 Sexiest Women in Comics.


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