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Infinity, Inc. ran for 53 issues and told the adventures of the children / nephews and nieces of the original Justice Society of America members.

On the other dimensional world of Earth-2, the heroes of the Justice Society of America were gathered together for a rare Christmas Eve meeting when a group of brash young costumed heroes burst through their doors demanding membership in the prestigious team. A collection of the sons and daughters of some of the Society's members, the youths nevertheless failed to impress their mentors. Following their rejection by the majority of the Justice Society, the teens decided to band together and form Infinity Inc, a new generation of Earth-2's crime fighters. The group even gained the support of Justice Society member Star Spangled Kid who sympathized with Infinity Inc's situation so much that he joined their ranks.

Written by DC's Golden Age guru Roy Thomas and drawn by Jerry Ordway, "Infinity Inc" was released in DC's new deluxe format on bright Baxter paper. With the team facing threats like the Ultra-Humanite, Brainwave, Solomon Grundy and even manipulated versions of the Justice Society themselves, Infinity Inc proved so popular that the title prevailed even after Earth-2 was destroyed during 1985's "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

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